Short presentation of the Patriot Action Plan with a Heart Warming Motivational Treat at the End.

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2 Minutes that everyone can use.
You are Amazing!
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A heart wrenching short film with a touching ending.

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This EPIC short film featuring Trump, JFK jr., Tesla, McAfee, Sidney Powell, Julian Assange, Juan O Savin and JESUS will BLOW YOUR MIND!

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Could we be living in the NEW Great Generation? What are we?

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This an EPIC updated version that will blow your mind.

Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Justin Trudeau and the Royals with a special appearance of Donald Trump and Nikoli Tesla.

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Is this a Disclosure or is she just a Poser?

Trumps Journey and New Beginning to Lead America

Featuring Dominion, Smartmatic, MSM and The Democrat Cabal
Easy to understand breakdown of the Mike Lindell Lawsuit
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Evidence that the Cabal may have changed the definition of MEEK. Blessed are the Meek: For they shall inherit the earth...
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A massive disclosure of the hidden DIRTY secret in our global water supply. Trump and Q must have known what the Global Elites were up to. This short video may wake up the world!

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Find out why "Q" is and is NOT a PSYOP!

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For the latest disclosures, Hottest takes on today's events and premiere releases go to our Telegram Channel


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An Original Screw Big Gov Short in Collaboration with

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Collectively “We The People” Win!

YouTube DELETED my account for this video. FOR REAL!

I have all the proof... You gotta laugh!

I appealed and I am back up. We are living in an incredible and weird time. Historians will look back at us with googly eyes.

British Anchor Loses It and Dismantles PC Culture in less than 3 minutes... EPIC!

WARNING: Foul Language.

Charlie Ward, Robert David Steele, Simon Parkes, Michael Jaco, Nino Rodriquez, Pryme Minister, Scott Mckay, Mel K, Charlie Freak, Jason Q… and Juan O Savin are Given a STRONG message and asked a few Pressing questions. Will they answer the call?

WE are talking trump, masks, vaccines, election fraud, Nashville Direct Energy Weapon and of course Aliens!

7 Minutes you must see

Can you find the verbal Easter egg?

Wow! They always tell you the truth.

Possible arrest and circumstantial reasoning… THIS IS POWERFUL!

#MAGA #ClintonCabal #ClintonArrest #Qanon #Pizzagate


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What and Why Screw Big Gov?

We at Screw Big Gov have reached our limit when it comes to the BIG CONTROL and sinister actions of the Deep State, Cabal, Illuminati or whatever you’d like to call them. We are no longer hiding in the shadows and will NOT take their SHIT any longer.

The definition of Big Gov:
Tech Tyrants, Big Pharma, Big Food, Globalists, Mainstream Media and Controlled Education.

GOOD will challenge you to think. EVIL will tell you what to think!