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Most people don't have a clue as to the context of the verse which says, 'Judge Not' is.

The context will give you the people he was speaking of who couldn't Judge.

Krishna Devotees use Christ as their example because Krishna is really Satan.

'Don't Judge me because I sin differently' Ever heard that one? How bout the half truth, 'Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged'?. These are catchphrases that lead to sad and tragic results as demonstrated in this parody.

How Family and Relatives often Major on the minors and minor on the Majors at CHRISTmiss.

If any awards should be given to Liberals and Hollowwood, it should be the Degenerate Golden Calf Award:

"...Where the comic is the scholar and truth more true by the dollar...Hilarious, Denarius..."

There is a difference between Biblical Ministry where every believer plays A PART in the body ministering to each other in the body (Eph. 4:15,16), and The Church/Lurch Unleashed where the members of the body are APART from the body as a whole and APART from each other, i.e., Modern Ministry. ...A PART is not APART.....

We need to stop listening to and worshiping the creation and start listening to the Creator. (Genesis 3; Romans 1:25)

Not against Jews, against those believers that think they become Jews rather than NEW when they believe. (Ephesians 2)

Silence of the lambs (Christians) only leads to the sequel, Violence of the Hams

How to thwart the efforts of the Church organized to segregate folks and create cliques.

How ridiculous it can be to say, 'Don't Judge me because I sin differently than you and Judge not.

It's not enough to believe in God. A specific name is what saves. (John 3:18)

You have exalted the words of men to the level of scripture or even surpassing scripture If:

Some people think they are nicer than God but Love tells the truth to try and prevent worse things from happening.

Keeping Life simple and genuine.

Twelve things I saw and hated about Christ Miss as a boy, that took away from its true meaning.

All the things I saw that distracted from the true meaning of Christmas.

The New World Odor has both Republicans and Democrats in its grip.

Mormonism has you focused on the Family not on the God of the Bible.

Jesus didn't focus on the family, He focused on the family of God.

The Devils Best Tips on how to replace scripture with his 'better' sense.

Israel has Christian Roots. Many go back to Exodus but not Genesis.

Eight's a new beginning and the number of Insous/Jesus 888 and the day He rose from the dead. Sung by the fifth Beatle.

Tebow Knows what's most important and it's not Football.


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