WHO drove us here?

ALL christians are SLAVES (and cowards)

I ask the questions--you have to answer them.

Funny how quiet the christians are...

I just report the COLD HARD BIBLE FACTS.
Find me here too:

Can't wait to hear the christinsane justifications for this one.

If you are still alive to understand this...

We are divine, sovereign, free.

Hey, I just report the news.

25-year minister breaks it down.

Virgin birth or jewish fib?

25 year minister lays down the facts. If you haven't read it in the original language don't even comment.

Tell me that again, Roman Protestants...

World's greatest living bible scholar brings COLD HARD FACTS.

25 year minister breaks down first two verses of bible.

Christianity blows up 4 words into the bible.

And THIS is the christian plan of SALVATION???

Open and shut case.


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Under Attack Because We're White; Because We're Right. Whites are under attack around the world today just for being white. We have no hate for any other race, just love for our own.
We are also under attack because we are right about the central cause of all the world's problems today: the International jewish Kabal--and even more so because we dare speak the truth that christianity is a jewish Trojan Horse--a Fear and Guilt, Blood-Magick, jewish Mind Control Virus. In order to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children, we must remove all Abrahamists (jews, muslims, christians) from any positions of power or authority in our land.