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Would you like to add text and video overlays to your live streams? This video shows you how to do just that in OBS Studios. Learn to...

Import Image Overlays
Create Still & Scrolling Text Overlays
Import Video Overlays
BONUS: Create & Export Video Overlays for OBS in Adobe Premier Pro

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Musicians, Dancers, and Djs: Are you interested in souping up your live performances with interactive multimedia technology? Interested in getting into interactive installation art? Then check out my lecture. It will help get you started. No, you don't need an engineering background to use my tools. Feel free to send me questions via LIKE. SHARE. SUBSCRIBE. Also, please tip me if you found this content to be useful. Any amount is welcome and helpful. Thanks! -Dr. Liza Seigido, psycheopera founder.

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Created 6 months ago.

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We produce electronic opera and music technology tutorials.
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Psyche Electro-Acoustic Opera Company, LLC is dedicated to the production of new musical dramas powered by interactive multimedia technology. Passionate about creating sophisticated and inspiring experiences for our audiences, we exclusively feature and commission the work of the most innovative electro-acoustic composers, performers, choreographers, & multimedia artists based in Miami, Florida!

Our contemporary instrumentation and compact multimedia systems allow us to convert almost any space into a vibrant performance venue, which serves to keep our high-quality work accessible to all concert goers, and chartering patrons.

Established in 2016 by award-winning composer/multimedia artist, Liza Seigido, our company strives to cultivate a market for electronic opera (and related art forms) in Miami, Florida, and hopes to serve local artists interested in electronic opera through residencies, commissions, internships, sponsorship and employment opportunities in the near future.