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The Democrat elite tried to take away our freedom to choose who we want to serve as our next President. Today’s SCOTUS ruling of 9-0 was an outright rejection of their efforts and a huge victory for our democracy.

Trump raises an important question to all NATO nations: What is the value of membership to you? Is it worth the cost in money and possibly lives of your loved ones? Other countries should not expect the United States to sacrifice our treasure and potentially the lives of our loved ones to protect countries who are not ready to make similar sacrifices. Hillary Clinton and warmongering elite refuse to face this question, and instead resort to fearmongering and mudslinging.

Biden and Dem Elite are afraid of letting the people have a choice at the ballot box for the same reason all dictators are afraid of democracy: they’re afraid that the people will not choose the “correct” person. They don’t want to take that gamble.

Democrats absurdly claim that they’re trying to stop illegal immigration and that it’s Trump’s fault. It's the old playbook of them working with mainstream propaganda media, to repeat things that are not true over and over again, hoping it sticks. This shows their complete disdain for us and our intelligence. We have to keep speaking the truth so that they’re not successful.

It’s not just Anheuser-Busch’s “woke” positions that bother me, it’s the fact that they, like many companies, are intertwining their business with politics/social issues. This politicization of every facet of our society is disintegrating the fabric that unites us as Americans. Businesses should stick to providing great service/product and leave out all the politics.

During President Biden's inauguration, he promised to bring our country together, to be a president for all Americans, no matter who they voted for, and he promised to get us closer to peace. Instead he is tearing our country apart, pouring fuel on the fire of divisiveness, and leading us to the brink of World War and nuclear annihilation.

By claiming ‘Trump will be like Hitler,’ neocons & Dem establishment rationalize their weaponizing of govt agencies, embolden those in power to further abuse their power, and may encourage a lone wolf to do what people say should have been done to Hitler before he took power. We must send a very direct & clear message at the voting booth that we completely reject these anti-Americans.

More and more so-called "progressive" white women in the US are converting to Islam in an attempt to shed their “white privilege” guilt. Sad. Deluded.

Islamism remains the greatest threat to the United States and the world. Until Islamists are defeated both ideologically and militarily, we will not have the peace, security, and freedom that the American, Israeli, and Palestinian people deserve.

If you could remove one thing from the earth for the sake of all its inhabitants, what would it be?

Those opposed to homeschooling argue that public schools are needed to develop social skills or communicate with others. So, why do college students need “small talk” courses to teach kids how to communicate with each other?

Instead of reporting the facts, "reporters" are acting as propagandists pushing a particular viewpoint. Because of this propaganda media and lack of education, most people don’t know what Islamism is, or the connection between Hamas, ISIS, al-Qaeda, IRGC, how they differ, and what their goals are.

Biden promised to unite our country and bring about more peace. Instead, he’s led us to brink of a World War and nuclear annihilation, torn our country apart, and compares those who disagree with him to racists, traitors and enemies. Now he has the audacity to try run the same campaign again. Unfit to lead.

I joined over 290,000 Americans at the historic March for Israel yesterday in Washington DC to take a stand against anti-semitism, against Islamist terrorists, and to stand in solidarity with the Jewish people who face unprecedented threats and attacks. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were a no show. One reason I left the Dem Party is because it is led by and rife with Islamist apologists and protectors who label anyone who opposes Islamist terrorists like Hamas as “Islamophobes.”

Zelensky has already taken control of the media, outlawed opposition political parties & Ukraine's Orthodox Christian church. Now he has just declared the cancellation of the March presidential elections. Even South Vietnam and Iraq held elections during wars. Biden claims his mission is to defend democracies and defeat autocracies. Yet he continues to take money from our pockets to underwrite a war of one corrupt autocracy (Ukraine) against another (Russia).

The attack by Islamist terrorist group Hamas should be a wake-up call to our leaders. Unfortunately, many Dem elite hate our country and the principles enshrined in our Constitution, so they sympathize with and romanticize Islamist jihadists who also hate our country.

Three years ago, Biden/Harris canceled Trump's wall and opened our borders, while claiming "our border is secure!" Now, in a desperate attempt to fool us they care about border security, they admit "we have no choice" but to waive 26 federal laws to start construction in Southern Texas. Too little, too late.

The fact it’s controversial for the English Prime Minister to say “a man is a man, a woman is a woman. It’s just common sense.”  shows how crazy society has become. Without objective truth, we remove all the guardrails of our society, and the truth becomes whatever someone believes it is.

Big Tech “social media” companies make huge $$ while they destroy the social fabric of our society. It’s no surprise the lack of compassion, empathy, and respect on “social media” carries over to real life. If we ignore this erosion of spiritual values, it will only lead to more unhappiness and despair.

President Biden, instead of telling us you're committed to democracy, show us:
1. End your efforts to get Trump off the ballot and let the American people decide who they want to be our next president
2. Stop demonizing half of the American people as extremists just because they're supporting your political opponent.
3. Apologize to the American people and stop all efforts to censor those who say things you don't want to hear.

When we recognize each other as children of God -- as our founding fathers did when they formed this nation -- we recognize that every one of us belongs to God and no one else. And as such, no government or no individual has any right or authority to try to take away our God-given freedoms.

Biden Admin’s “accomplishment” is that America has gone to hell in a handbasket since he took office:
- Successfully gotten our country into a new cold war and hot proxy war with Russia.
- Succeeded in driving Russia and North Korea into each other’s arms.
- Handed over control of our border to the cartels and human traffickers
- Handed over our cities to criminals.
- Undermined our democracy.
- Divided our country.
- And the list goes on…

The Democrat elite don’t want to lose their power. If they need to replace Joe Biden, they will.

I don’t care what people do in their bedrooms or personal lives, but it is very relevant when a candidate is working for the pornography industry—an industry that has an extremely corrosive effect on our society. It's evidence that this candidate does not care about the negative affect her actions have on society, and therefore has no business being in public office.

Why are our communities now tasked with defending themselves against undocumented violent criminals? In August, we saw the highest number of illegal border crossings ever in this country. By failing to secure our borders, Biden and dem establishment is allied with the cartels and human traffickers.

Hearing Biden lecture us about OUR responsibility to defend democracy as he and his admin do everything they can to undermine it is insulting beyond words. From the politicized prosecution of Trump, altering DNC rules to ice out RFK Jr, directing FBI & Big Tech to censor dissenting voices, to labeling concerned parents as terrorists - do they think we're too stupid to notice their hypocrisy?


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