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People Just don't know .... ....... I just got a call. What is the DEEP STATE? I was floored & thought to myself, "God give me the way to start all over & explain to friends & people who I love. Lord give me the way to let them know I know without hindering their understanding,"

Do you see it? #TheTime is Upon US .... ....... that we begin to fight the deepest & darkest enemies in the world. The war between good vs, e is real. [Y]ou n[e]d to resolve to pray. [P]rayer is the key & the answer. Ask Jesus to help U see. To hear then understand. #2Tim215 #YeP

Dire warning that #PeopleKnow
It's coming!
The news is really something to day!
Prepare people for rejoicing.
Trump is right, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Let God minster to you today! #AskHimIn #JesusIs

Tell all your friends I am "NOT THE CROP!" #DeepState Tell them instead, "#WeAre #BornFree!" WE #StayFree -Share the knowledge & have no fear in telling or asking people if they kNOw! .... ....... about the times & days in which we live, then get back up on that horse. #Ride!

In case you missed it? #LearnOurComs

Learn our Comms! #WhoIsQ?
In case you missed it? #LearnOurComs
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If you have not yet (#learnOurComms), learned the comms, You should. You will love it. There is always something to learn.

Why is it so important answered here!
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In case you missed it? #LearnOurComs
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American Reviews - Your Host Coffee Crew On FB
Daily Podcast and Shows of all ki..

Coffee Crew Show (Videos As Built), Daily Podcast(s) (daily) and Video Blog vets and clears 100(s) of Alternative News Sources for The Republic. #EnjoyTheShow
11.17.19 - Watching the clock is fun. Since the pattern is easily seen, the tic toc is loud. Periscope depth! #RedOctober ... #EnjoyTheShow #HeQdHimself

Coffee Crew Show celebrates the Freedom We have and here is a 4th of July tribute with little or No sound. Use it as a teaching too. Cut the fly over and whatever you many needs. Thanks for all you to to preserve our Republic. #Coffee (1) #BornFree


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Coffee Crew Show on Bit Chute is a special show series from the shows present on AMERICAN Reviews. Featuring The Coffee Crew Show and Podcast Team. This is a special news and information awareness group of PEOPLE who are FREE, Thinkers, Analysts, Friends, Researchers, Patriots, and Their Guests as well as Hosts [WeAre][MoreCovfefe]. USA. Join us for Mornin'Coffee.