Alex Jones has been banned from Youtube and Facebook, and this is only the beginning. Big tech monopolies should be broken up like AT&T was in the 1980's, and we must move to alternative sites.

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Railroading is on it's way towards automation and driverless trains, as the first fully-autonomous freight train completed its initial run in Australia. Rio Tinto has been testing fully autonomous trains, and getting results. There are many articles on this subject.

Executives from at least one North American Class I railroad Norfolk Southern (which has established an autonomous technology facility in Atlanta), have visited Australia to inspect the Rio Tinto operation.

The only issues are repairing the trains in a timely manner if they break down in the middle of nowhere, and cleaning up accidents if they occur in the middle of nowhere.

Another video about the education system in America, and why it is the number one cause of the decline of our culture. Most teachers, professors and administrators don't care about helping others, and are focused on making big money and selling left wing political nonsense. These huge scams of misleading young people are similar to what crooked car salespeople do. This is a huge problem in our culture, and I have discussed solutions in my previous education videos.

Another alternative energy known as artificial photosynthesis, is currently undergoing development in several different laboratories.

My response to all the articles about the shortages of truck drivers in 2018. If the industry treated and paid it's employees better, they would get better results. But they are going to self driving anyway within 10-20 years, so driver shortages won't be a problem in the future.

SP 4449 blasting uphill near the Deschutes River Recreation Area in Eastern Oregon, with great sound!

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My ideas on what should be done to improve healthcare in the United States. If you enjoy my videos, feel free to like and share! Thanks for watching!

It's not just the left, the media, academia and the entertainment industry that we have to worry about. Establishment Republicans and NeverTrumpers are the enemy within, usually helping the leftist agenda, then whining that they stand for morals, god, and what's right. They absolutely do not stand for anything other then themselves. They can grow a pair, and take a stronger stance on illegal immigration, constitutional rights, healthcare, getting the US out of foreign wars, getting spending under control, the economy, and the rest. Or they can get lost, and find something else to do.

A restored WWII FW 190 airplane, with a rare rebuilt BMW 801 radial engine! Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum in Everett, WA

Robotics will soon be commonplace in our society, due to the push in some areas for 15$ an hour minimum wage. Robots are more efficient, more focused, and can work longer then humans, even if they cost more in the short run.

The number one cause of decline in western civilization is the fact that the left controls academia in the United States. It was a mistake to allow this to happen, starting in the 1960's.

First I briefly cover the baobab tree fruit and it's health benefits, then veganism. I don't mind other people's dietary choices, as long as they aren't hurting anyone, or forcing anyone to conform. The human species was never meant to subsist on plant food alone.

Some repairs on my car that I did with my own tools. Learning how to work on cars can help save a lot of money, plus carrying extra supplies with you just in case of an emergency. The internet is full of places to find information about automotive repair.

Quantum internet technology, which promises better security and privacy, similar to the other technology known as the Blockchain.

The internet is taking over everything, and will be the main method of business and communication for the majority of the world population very soon. Here are some good alternative sites to the big tech monopolies:

https://brave.com/ - Alternative to google chrome
https://onstellar.com/signin - Facebook alternative
https://wrongthink.net/ - Facebook alternative
https://www.startpage.com/ - Google alternative
https://duckduckgo.com/ - Google alternative
https://oneway.com/ - Facebook/Twitter alternative
https://www.real.video/ - Youtube alternative
https://mail.protonmail.com/login - Gmail alternative

And many more.

All of the big steam trains I have visited in North America. These iconic machines from a forgotten era in American history, represent the strength and power of the American economy.

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Another alternative to fossil fuels, and this time it's Direct Air Capture technology, undergoing development by Carbon Engineering.

Battlebots is one of my favorite TV shows! Tombstone, Ice Wave, Minotaur, Yeti and Bite Force are the best designs. Someone MUST figure out how to beat the reigning Battlebots champion Tombstone. Heavy spinners are the most effective weapons. Durability, turning radius and skill of the bot driver are the most important factors.

The Roadside America night pageant, in Shartlesville, PA. A very American patriotic night time scene, with the national anthem and "God Bless America" playing!

The Lockheed Martin compact fusion reactor, which could revolutionize the way fusion reactors are manufactured.

Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor Technology, another alternative energy that would be much better for the environment.

Alex Jones gets upset with Shaprio, and Kanye West voices support for Trump and Candice Owens!

I find it rather odd that Shapiro doesn't have the same massive problems with censorship, that others do.

Around the time I published this video, an intolerant leftist woman threw water on Tomi while she was at a restaurant in Minnesota. Similar to when Alex Jones had coffee thrown on him while he was in Seattle.

The once proud organization known as the Boy Scouts, will now be known as "Scouts" and boys and girls will be mixed together in the same troops. Not a good idea, just more of the left wing political agenda being shoved down everyone's throats. Girl Scouts should have been reformed instead, and had opportunities to do all the fun things the Boy troops got to do. Boy and Girl scout troops should remain separate.

Another alternative energy source known as cold fusion. This one in my opinion has great potential, if provided with proper funding. And when oil prices increase, more effort can be used to develop alternative energies like this.

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Quick video on some Art Forms that should be reintroduced into western civilization. Art Deco, Traditional architecture and Neoclassical architecture. Post modernism is ugly, depressing and has been pushed by globalists for a long time.

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Welcome to my BitChute channel! Here I share my political and educational videos where the subject matter usually doesn't involve trains. I originally started my old youtube channel back in 2007, for railroad videos. I could never fully transition into doing political videos on that channel, seeing that most of my audience expected train videos only. The main problem however, was that Youtube went down the road of political censorship, making it difficult for people like myself. They refused to monetize my "WWII Veteran's War Story" video, because it "may not be advertiser friendly". Imagine that.