you can't say you were not warned because you were, explicity, so don't cry "she spoiled it for me" later.

The stepfather from Finland and the boy from Nowhere, in other words New Orleans

Going back in order to know myself better and to proceed forward with better clarity

Weird times, people afraid but unable to explain why

Made on Monday, 22 July 2019

The Ace of Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the cards say....

Immediate past: The Ego. Archangel Jophial. Too much focus on material matters, a false sense of entrapment, negative and fear based thoughts

Present: The Wheel. Archangel Michael. Positive change! A situation suddenly moves forward! Fortune is on your side!

Future: Unity. The Archangel Sandalphon. Come together. Question limited beliefs. Draw wisdom from tradition, but also question outmoded beliefs.

Not an expert, either on tarot or politics. Just a woman who works a regular job and writes silly fiction in her spare time.

my superchat to Hard Bastard/Hard News Network
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the night of President Trump's emergency at the border speech
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My very unsatisfactory attempt to play Spoons.... I tried to YouTube like the cool people. I even had my sidekick cat and a trio of sidekick (stuffed) bears wearing berets. The Spoon gods still said “nope, keep your day job, honey.” About cover image: https://www.oldbookillustrations.com/illustrations/feeding-cat/

Randon was born on June 30th, 1976. Having lived most of her life in Lafayette, she was a graduate of Lafayette High School and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She was a parishioner of Our Lady of Fatima Church. She worked for Leading Health Care of Louisiana, Inc. for 17 years. She married her loving husband and best friend, Tim Costello, on July 6, 2001. Their greatest pride is their three children, Catherine, Ella, and Jack.
Many will remember Randon as a loving mother, a dedicated wife, a loving daughter and a genuine friend. She was a beautiful person with a true heart of gold. She was a creative and talented artist. She loved to paint and create art with her children, much of which decorate the walls of her home today. She enjoyed traveling with her family around the United States and beyond. She was a strong woman of great faith who always kept a positive attitude and never gave up the fight. She lived, loved, and laughed often inspiring many along the way.
Throughout Randon’s battle, her husband loved and served her and their children tirelessly. Her mother, Josette, remained by her side, serving her and praying the rosary with her daily. Her friends lovingly supported her family by lending a helping hand, praying rosaries for Randon’s healing, and creating a support group called Randon’s Warriors.


About my mother rescuing a horse in 2011

Recorded by a crappy camera phone in February 2011


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