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Owen Shroyer tackles the weird subject of geo-engineering and weather manipulation (weather wars) with a special guest
It's not a perfectly smooth ride, but it gets where it needs to go!

Time to find out whether Bennett can live up to the InfoWars presenters, with a special segment on the Yaniv scandal.
(This was before the criminal charges and raids)

Once again we delve into the strange world of InfoWars to find out whether they're as crazy as people say.
This time we're listening to Owen Shroyer make his case against Antifa and its supporters.

What really happens at these news organizations?
Who are they getting their information from, and how do these sources know about terrorist events and details before things even occur?
Almost as if the people responsible for the events are the ones feeding the bullshit spin to the news...
Who knows, it's just a Strange Mystery!

Do modern times reflect the conditions which led to the horrific French Revolution?
Alex Jones wants to help you understand the connection. But good luck following him..

Who could have guessed that reviewing a short clip from the War Room with Owen Shroyer could go this wrong, this fast?
Myself and guest CornStar were stunned by the quality of this one... Let us know if you agree with our rating

Can you believe what you see out there? I'm just taking what I'm told seriously.
It's an amazing world, so who knows what's possible.

Mr. Wolfe and CornStar sit down to do what's never been done before: Watching an Alex Jones InfoWars full show with commentary, fact-checking along the way!
What will we find? Memes? Lies? Fake News? Next-Level Truth? Find out with us.


A continuation of reading one of my oldest articles about Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.
This part focuses much more on the importance of interpretation, how to approach it, and how the community often failed to live up to the message of the game.

Revisiting one of the first major articles I ever wrote about Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, called "The Legacy of Metal Gear Solid 2".
I read the article and comment on what it was trying to accomplish, and what the context of its publication was. I enjoyed doing this, so hopefully you enjoy watching it.
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