Holistic Alliance for Real Ecology (HARE)

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Holistic Alliance for Real Ecology (HARE)

Holistic Alliance for Real Ecology (HARE)


On Friday 11 November 2022, journalist Sonia Poulton interviewed Justin Walker and Julian Rose about the Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology, and their recent open letter to the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer regarding the Bradbury Pound, and other matters.

See: https://www.soniapoulton.co.uk/

As global tyranny emerges, rights and freedoms are threatened and the cost-of-living spirals out of control. Are you awake or asleep? Will you join our campaign?

See: https://truth-not-tyranny.org/alerts/foundation-new-society.html

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Empowering the sovereign peoples of the world to stop global totalitarianism, corporate-driven ecocide and unlawful debt-slavery by simply implementing solutions that embrace truth, freedom, justice and prosperity for all whilst engaging the common sense and human-scale values of real ecology to protect our only home, the Earth.


This is essential information that everyone must understand if they want to make sense of what's happening in the world today. Those privately run organisations that can create money completely out of thin air control the world stage & they can only do this because of our ignorance about money creation and money supply. Please act on this information and send this link to your MP.

If we truly want freedom, we the people must take back control of our money.

Essential websites to further your own research:


And please become a part of: https://www.thefreedomnetwork.co.uk/freedom-hubs

On Friday 4th June 2021, the Hardwick Alliance staged a Zoom meeting to discuss the topic of “Waking up the Greens”. The participants were David Icke, Sir Julian Rose, Justin Walker, and Sandi Adams, and the meeting was hosted and produced by Adrian Price. We explored some of the most important issues of modern times: real versus fake ecology, eco-politics, deep state globalist agendas and propaganda, COVID, vaccines, spirituality, individual and collective evolution and much else besides; our panelists contributed many wise and thoughtful insights.

For further information about the participants and the meeting notes, please refer to https://hardwickalliance.org/media/waking-up-the-greens/.

We made several attempts to post this video on YouTube but it was swiftly taken down each time because certain statements evidently violated YouTube Community Guidelines on 'medical misinformation', if you please! By editing the video to suppress 'banned words' we eventually succeeded in posting it to YouTube—see the preceding link for censorship details. This Bitchute video is the full, uncensored version.

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HARE was formed in February 2020 at Hardwick House, Whitchurch-on-Thames in Oxfordshire, with the task of creating a united and purposeful front to expose, challenge and reverse our present deeply oppressive, corrupted and degraded political and economic systems.

Our country’s ancient freedoms are now under threat like never before as corporate megalomaniacs pursue a clear global agenda that’s taking us down a road to a technology-based totalitarian and centralised society, completely at odds with the values of human-scale ecology we all hold dear. Freedom has to prevail over fascism.

To achieve this, HARE is committed to developing a fresh socio-economic model that’s based upon holistic, humanitarian and just practices for the betterment of all humanity.

We also have a YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt1wtjneLTC0JU14pdGIGSw but our videos sometimes get blocked and we have to censor them.