"Rain" (I believe the edited version) of
"Garden of Words"

"I'll Be Seeing You" - Jimmy Durante

Adventure Time


ASM just became much better...
...cause everything is better with...

Wow... just... just WOW!
not a complete waste of your time at ALL.

Joseph Campbell on Following Family and Societal Expectations vs the Individuals Heroic Journey

Hmm... powerful stuff

Alan Watts rather heavy exploration into the lie we are all born into, and how to free ourselves from it. Starts with being aware.

Jessica Jones of "Growth After Abuse"
original: https://youtu.be/eGda9vdi3X8
Lays out brilliant examples of Modern Double Binds
and how ABUSIVE narcissistic control freaks try to cage us up
and often succeed...

Free yourselves, my friends...

...don't erase the line.

...also good on a bagel!

thanks Daxii. I love it.

An attempt to illustrate the scale of our Universe.

USDA Prime Choice

Carl Sagan - Speech about humanity and our tiny pale blue bubble of everything

Roy Beck's speech bringing perspective into the debate on US immigration

Comp of the end credits of Stephen Universe seasons 1-3


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