Some of the things I'm wearing now that I'm 25 weeks pregnant.
I hope to make a winter maternity look-book (she's due in December) if I have the energy.

Rambling about how being politically correct has nothing to do with Goth. We are individuals and at its core only have similar taste in music in common and are darkly inclined (as well as sometimes similar fashion, literary interest, etc.).

We're very excited and want to spread the joy! Hope you're all doing well!

Rambling about things I've been thinking about.

An idea I had of how to make gothic wrist gauntlets out of old boots.
Boots I used were $10 combat boots from Walmart (last approx. 2 years before needing to be replaced).

Just my way to find peace in all this craziness.
Hope you're all doing alright out there.

Happy Easter!

Thank you rob_sycamore for requesting this tutorial! Hopefully there will be more parts to come.

You want to be goth, but you're living under your parents rules? Your child is interested in becoming goth and you don't know how to handle it? Here's my take on things - communication is everything. Plus a coronavirus update from NJ.

Today people started caring and they were pissed at work. Sorry if this is all a bit ranty, but this is what I've seen first hand in a state that's just been infected by the Coronavirus.
Stay healthy, safe, and informed.

I'm taking this very seriously, regardless of the people around me.

I cut my purple wig (this is the last wig cutting video for now).
p.s. no I'm not a feminist

I cut my wig...

My room 2 years or more ago. Wow I feel old...Enjoy :)

Some of the things I wear to look professional at work without losing my gothiness.

I recorded this a year ago and have footage as of recently which I will upload soon enough. This situation is so much more messed up than I originally thought. I would have uploaded sooner, but I'm glad I didn't, I didn't want anyone to get in trouble and wanted to come back. This mall is evicting all of it's tenants and gave them notice on 12/24/19 (what assholes that's Christmas eve!) This situation is out of control now. I have to wait a bit to upload more recent content on this situation. but my god is it fucked up. Seriously if Namdar owns anything around you get ready for them to let it rot. Fuck Namdar!

Happy New Year! Here are my top 15 songs as of 12/31/19 - Thank you for your request rob_sycamore!
Hope you enjoy!

A super easy, cheap, and quick tutorial on how to cut a stocking into a top. Perfect for any goth beginner! Hope you enjoy!

Just my thoughts on something that actually really bothers me.

Merry Christmas!
Here is a fun Christmas craft to decorate your tree with! An art long forgotten - I only learned of it this year from a coworker.
Enjoy and please share your creations with us all!

As requested (kindof) here is my Death Collection! Some creatures were bought and some were found by yours truly and made into art. Also I play the keyboard for you all as requested by Tjdraws1 and HitlerIsGod - Song is the theme from Dead Silence.

Happy Halloween everybody!

Just some quick ramblings about the label we give those who entertain us online. Remember, don't be influenced - be inspired. Enjoy!

This is such an old video, but I wanted to upload it anyways.
Hopefully someone will find it useful :)

If you like the background music I can upload it - I might upload it anyways, but I have the memory of a squirrel so it might never happen if I'm not reminded.



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I'm here to voice my views on many topics, show off some DIY and goth stuff, as well as maybe one day game, and more! Kind of a mish-mosh really. Look forward to discussion and meeting you all!