This video shows the sun's electromagnetic spectrum, bending light with prisms, lasers, and magnets for elementary school students
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This video shows Taiwanese teachers and students learning about Newton's 3rd Law of Motion and how to make balloon-powered cars and rockets.

This video students how to figure out the density of liquids, solids with the same mass but different volumes, objects with the same volume but different masses, and irregular objects. Find more educational videos at: [email protected]

Here's how you can help our planet.

This video shows students a fun way to see the ratio of the distances between planets. It also teaches about Newton's 3rd Law of Motion "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction"

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This video shows a science lesson taught for Taiwanese students. For more information and free downloads, go to

Basic ingredients for desktop in a cup:
Distilled water 200 mL
Dish Soap 40 mL
Glycerine 20 mL

For Outside in a tub:
Same as above x 10

Other ingredients to play with:
Baking powder to lower thE pH
A tube of J-Lube or KY Jelly mixed in a part of the above water for supersize bubbles

Filtered or drinking water will work
Tap water can work depending on the minerals and pollutants in the water. The bubbles will burst more easily.

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This lesson teacher 5th-grade Taiwanese students how to use science glassware and follow directions in English to accomplish a task. Materials used: Food coloring (red-yellow-blue), 250 mL beakers (3/group), 6 test tubes & 1 test tube rack/ group, Data and directions sheet available for download at


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