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This is a critically important issue. If you support BGB's mission to fight back against these measures then PLEASE do your bit to make sure that our voices are heard. The lights are fast going out on humanity - only "We the people" can prevent what has, and is happening to our freedoms.
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We are all under the false impression that the State of Israel is the creation of modern day exiled Jews from across the globe. This is a fallacy, the state was created by influential Zionists from the late nineteenth century, working hand in hand with various country rulers and more especially part of the agenda of the British Empire, It became a reality in 1948. Is it welcomed by all Jews? Listen to what Rabbi Dovid Weiss has to say on the matter - you may be astounded - not all things are what they seem.

When you consider how many psychopaths, narcissists and tyrants that make up the controlling force that is in the process of taking over world control - to satisfy their perverted desires - they are, when compared to the billions they want to eradicate and control just a drop in the ocean. Then it makes no sense that we acquiesce and timidly become the vehicle of their success by  willingly going along with their diktats,

Tyrants, due to their makeup, are surprisingly weak. Over the centuries the downfall of tyrants is always wrapped up in their inability to cope with ridicule, because at their core they are unable to deal with the realisation of how ridiculous they appear to those who have seen through their façade (a false appearance that makes someone or something seem more pleasant or better than they really are: He kept his hostility hidden behind a friendly façade ). They're actions are always for the benefit of the population - right? WRONG! As soon as enough of the population wake up to that fact, the sooner the madness is over.

A psychopathic narcist (both mental conditions closely related), just cannot cope with ridicule. See BGB's compilation of clips aimed at the ridiculing of certain known psychopathic,  Nazi based tyrants:

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been treated to a couple of songs, produced by two extremely talented people who have managed to get their songs to go viral on social media. Both have exposed the realities and truths regarding what we are currently going through in this dystopian world that we now inhabit.
The first is ‘Monkey Boy (Doctor Dr McHonk-Honk)s' song "The Sound Of Sirens" this is an extremely talented friend from the North of Ireland. He’s been pumping out satirical content that aims to expose the criminal activity of the global elites and the Cabal that controls them. Satire is one of the potent weapons in the war against tyranny.

Secondly we have Oliver Anthony singing “Rich Men North Of Richmond”

The song “Rich Men North of Richmond” — written and performed by an artist nearly no one had heard of just a few weeks ago — was perched at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. That was even before its creator, Oliver Anthony.

In this BGB reproduced video, you’re treated to the two songs mentioned above. Listen carefully to the heartfelt words. Because they are the truth, they may be a bit depressing for some, but for many others they are the catalyst for hope, because they are triggering peoples’ awareness across the earth.

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It's that time of year again, when Local Authorities (Corporate Entities) are busily chasing living men and women up and down the country for demands for 'Council Tax'. If you allow them to use your legal fiction (your Strawman) to collect those taxes, then you will be liable to recovery through a Magistrates (Statutes) Courts as you will have allowed them to form a tacid acceptance of a contract with them, because you have been enticed to form joiner with them, as your legal fiction is viewed as a corporate entity.

You, the living man or woman, cannot enter into a contract with a corporate entity, but your legal fiction can, It is imperative that you explain this to the authority that is making this demand on you. Pleasde view this video for an explanation of why you are not a person.

Note however that as an honourable person, you do not use Common Law to dodge or get out of paying your Council Tax. If the Council has provided services to you, then you are duty bound to pay for those services (or a portion of it). Under correct procedure within Common Law, the method used by authorities, needs to be properly executed.

Make no mistake the climate change myth is tied in very closely to other things, like scam pandemics, economic collapse, fifteen minute cities, and other fear porn mongering to keep us in a state of constant  anxiety  and fear .  The whole concept of sustainable development sounds so good and is wrapped up in kind words. Who would argue that it's a bad thing? After all, most people, and even politicians involved in governance, would immediately see it as an improvement on  the current state of affairs - the reality is that it's sugar wrapped poison. The kind words that appeal to environmentalists, and good principled and morally inclined people is bait to allow the globalist elites to move forward with their plans, for total control of the 500 million (not a wild assumption, but openly referred to in Agenda 2030, but well buried in the document) that they want the world population to be culled down to.

Various organisations the world over are grouping in their desire to put things right, but many are unknown to us. When you consider that there is almost eight billion of us  (eight thousand million 8,000,000,000,000)  whilst those who want to harm us are a tiny minority of only a few hundred thousand 100.000) , it stands to reason that we have the power, but we need a co-operation of a wide network to achieve our goal.

David Sorenson's work is remarkable. He has compiled a directory of all groups and individuals, the world over who are involved in what is commonly called the 'Freedom Movement'. It is an amazing piece of work, and is now functional.

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In this BGB reproduced video from Dr. Sam Bailey from New Zealand, she exposes the myth that viruses actually exist.

Yes , it came as a shock to me as well, as I took it for granted that viruses in the guise of germ theory was an established fact - nothing could be further from the truth!

Three years later, and with a lot of research and sensible scientific facts from the likes of Sam Bailey - and a host of others, it's incredible that I believed the Ludicrous germ theory for so long.

Dr. Michael Yeadon is an Allergy & Respiratory Therapeutic Area expert with 23 years in the pharmaceutical industry and was Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer (Allergy & Respiratory Research) with Pfizer., Inc. He trained as a biochemist and pharmacologist, obtaining his PhD from the University of Surrey (UK) in 1988. Dr. Yeadon has published over 40 original research articles.
At The Top Of His Game

We are not repeating what we heard from the guy down the pub. This a former Pfizer Vice President (think about that for a minute). When he explains to you what he believes the eugenicists, at the elite globalist cabal's agenda is for the world's population, you should take what he says VERY seriously.

Please copy and spread this video far and wide.

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By now, few people are old enough to remember the times when we were terrified of another nuclear conflict. Time has erased the fear, and that's the problem.  Far from wishing to conjure up fear amongst the population (goodness knows we've been subjected to enough fear porn from our governments over the last three years),  but there's a big difference between unwarranted  fear stoked up by those in power. For me, this is one that we DO need to take heed and be aware of - it is a real fear of depopulation on a massive scale. Amazingly the mass media  in the western hemisphere is totally silent on the subject.

We know by now, through open statements made by the psychopathic elite of eugenicists that control governments, and who are working hard to usher in a One World Government (the NWO) that their goal is to reduce the population of the world by 94% - down from approximately 8 billion to 500 million. It may sound outlandish, but also check out the wording on the Georgia Guidestones. They were put in place by a huge effort and a cost that only the likes of Schwab and his cronies could afford.

In this BGB reproduced video of Dr. Vernon Coleman's 325th broadcast over the last three years the reality that we are facing - a a world war on a scale we've never seen before. The consequence? The ultimate depopulation tool. In Dr. Coleman's view it has actually started and will get ramped up to a full, all out, nuclear war. Unless we the people wake up and stop it.

Goodness knows, our every step and and every action is watched - if we take a step that is out of keeping with official government policy we are jumped upon from a great height.

This begs the question - who watches the behaviour of those who watch us - the ordinary man in the street? The answer is no one, except those in THEIR elite club.

This is a BGB reproduction of a clip that explains it all from Neil Oliver at GBTV. If you didn't know what it's all about, you will after viewing this eye-opening video - a 'must view' for the confused!

Human nature gives us an urge to look for a saviour in a crisis. This is dangerous - if you have not examined who that saviour you are about to follow is, then there's a huge chance that he is actually part of the problem in disguise and will probably drag you over the cliff.

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It's not one lie, but a barrage of lies from our governments and those who control those governments.

Are you prepared to live under the shadow of lies? Pretend they don't exist and try to carry on as normal as possible? That is exactly what props up tyrannical dictatorships. If we live in truth as individuals, tyrants fall - as history proves.

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The story of how Alfred Kinsey's fraudulent sex research from the 1940's threatens to sexualise our young children today through the corrupt United Nations global programme of Comprehensive Sexuality Education now in all schools in the western hemisphere.

This agenda is being promoted worldwide from a central source, which is known to harbour an unproportionate number of paedophiles and sexual perverts, in the upper echelons of the organisations that control our society and the governments that do their bidding.

Please share this video far and wide - because many parents are not aware of how their little children's lives are being destroyed in all manner of ways, including inoculations, and what they are being exposed to in schools.

A quick recap of what was discussed at the World Economic Forum's annual Davos Clique's 2022 meeting - recently held in Davos, Switzerland.

Also an overview of how humanity has woken up - although a high number are still compliant to their elite masters. It is that hypnotised group of Statist people that is a mortal danger for the rest of us.

But good news is on the horizon - the fearmongering propaganda is stalling and wobbling - a good indicator that the Cabal is failing in this latest attempt of theirs to completely control us.

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What 'They' need to succeed is for humanity to be compliant and subservient to 'Them'.

This is a sobering video with an accompanying song written for it - listen carefully to the words . . .

Note: the Q in the top right hand corner bears no association to the contrived Q-Anon group that appears to be a fake organisation and designed to be controlled opposition to cause confusion with purposely misleading information.

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A BGB reproduction of an original Amazing Polly video.
So, they fooled you once, took away your interest in the Covid-19 scam, had a distraction war in Ukraine, whilst drawing back on all the mandates in most countries - then out of the blue, here comes yet another 'scamdemic', neat eh?
However this video goes far deeper into what has been going on behind the scenes - proving it's absolutely planned.

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The fight goes on, even if people are not talking about it. It's NOT the time to sit on our haunches and draw in a big gasp of relief that the Covid mandates have been rolled back. This video is an excerpt from the excellent UK Column News broadcast of Wednesday the 27th of this month. Many of you will probably have seen it, if not - pay attention to this excerpt.

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BGB always takes every precaution to make sure that everything published at is proven facts and information, based on thorough research (that is why the challenge to disprove anything published there is put out at the foot of every post/ article written). However, occasionally, information received cannot be fully verified. At the time of compiling and publishing an article about Lira's disappearance it was assumed that given the extended period that Gonzalo Lira went missing (April 15th 2022), and also the declaration that he previously made that if he was off-line for more than 12 hours, then it could be assumed that he had fallen foul of an Ukrainian SBU snatch squad. It was therefore generally assumed that he was probably dead.

Thankfully, it has now emerged that he is actually alive and well, which serves as a great relief to us all. This video is proof that he is unharmed. Consequently BGB retracts the implication that he had been captured and killed.

A real eye opener of an interview with Gonzalo Lira. The interview was before Gonzalo went missing on April 15th 2022. Since then there have been reports that he was taken away by the Ukrainian SBU (Ukrainian Security Services). Nothing more has been heard of him and reports now coming in suggest he has been killed and possibly tortured before that.

Lira also publicly broadcast how the American mainstream publication, the Daily Beast and its ‘journalist’ Mark Hay had gone out of their way to publish an elaborate smear piece on Lira, and even go so far as to contact the SBU in order to alert them that he was broadcasting reports critical of the Ukrainian government from the city Kharkov, Ukraine. This shameful and dangerous operation by the Daily Beast was complimented by other partisan US ‘journalists’ seemed to suggest that Lira was working as a ‘Russia spy,’ an accusation which was certainly designed to bring harm to him. Before he went missing,

Gonzalo had stated repeatedly on social media and YouTube, that should he go missing for more than 12 hours online, that people should assume he has been abducted and detained (or worse) by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU).

It's becoming increasingly vile how the propaganda war is panning out in the west - especially as we observe the consequences as we lose reporters on the ground who expose what is going on out there.

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Western propaganda would have us believe that poor, innocent little Ukraine is the victim of a big bully state, that has attacked it for no reason, apart from augmenting an expansionist agenda. Nothing is revealed about the events that have led up to this war, even less is divulged about events leading up to the flashpoint, and the average ‘Joe Normie’ is totally devoid of any knowledge about the history of the two countries involved.

This war is not straightforward, much is hidden from view. This video attempts to redress the propaganda and simply gives a more balanced view of the characters involved.

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Gwilym and Owen team up once again to discuss world events, how they are being manipulated, and how the players in this stage show are lining up.

Also how should we - the awakened - react and at what point do we establish communities to survive and live through the end of this system?

Finding a statutes court that isn't compromised and a judge that isn't biased in the jurisdiction of what now passes as a justice based legal system is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Will Dr. David Martin, with his cartload of evidence succeed in getting the president of the US into the dock? It seems unlikely, but he's giving it his best shot, as this video demonstrates.

When it comes to restoring justice, it is more likely that a Common Law court - a court of the people - would be more likely to succeed, but we'll see.

One thing is for sure, there is enough evidence to commit the evil doers, the problem is our dependence on a judicial system that has been bought and paid for by the Cabal in advance of this crisis. However we wish Dr. Martin every success. One thing is for sure, the net is closing from all angles on those who have attempted to wipe out the majority of mankind.

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Having decided to pool our resources Big Gee's Blog and Teifi Common Law Assembly will from now on be working together as a team on joint projects.

One such project is the production of conversation videocasts. Where we will be discussing various subjects to do with all things associated with the 'Covid Tragedy' and the remedy through Common Law - hopefully publishing them every two weeks or so.

Here is Episode - 1 which will be a taster for the format we will use. We hope you'll enjoy the contents. Whilst a lot of the information provided in this first episode mostly revolves around what we hope to achieve in a practical way in our own 'community jurisdiction'; the template for our project can be used wherever you live.

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