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This BGB reproduction of an original Ivor Cummins recording - using data from the 7th of December 2020 proves beyond statistical or scientific doubt that the so called 'pandemic' was nothing more than a seasonal winter flu virus, that, like all other Coronaviruses ever diagnosed was seasonal, and follows exactly the same path as other SARS Cov-2 viruses.

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There was nothing spectacularly different about this virus, and in fact it was less deadly than your average seasonal virus outbreak.
This is further damning evidence that the global lockdown was a cruel and heartless attack on humanity under the guise of a deadly pandemic that never was.

A BGB reproduction of a sobering recording by James Corbett, asking those who try to occupy the moral high ground by supporting lockdowns - how will the history books judge you in your complicity in allowing people all over the world to be MURDERED as a consequence of lockdowns?

Those in the public, who selfishly support these measures that are part of an evil plan to control humans have to search their soul, and if they find no compassion or empathy their compliancy now will not be forgiven later. Saying you just did as you were told, or were ignorant of the facts will not be an acceptable defence in your complicity in murder and genocide.

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A hugely inspiring conversation, as activist Michael O’Bernicia of, breaks down the private criminal prosecutions for “Pandemic” Fraud that he is bringing, under Common Law, against all British MPs who voted to extend The Coronavirus Act 2020. These treasonous MPs were served notice at the end of September, and offered an opportunity to escape prosecution by renouncing their position and leaving their posts.

The constitutional powers of the Magna Carta still stand in England and wales, he points out, and offer the best opportunity for the people to hold accountable the criminals in Government for Treason, Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide, all of which the current Tory government can be seen to be guilty of. It’s not unreasonable to assume, Michael asserts, that the likes of Johnson, Hancock and Whitty could find themselves in jail if the case progresses well.

From a 'Pandemic' to a 'Scamdemic' or 'Plandemic' to the latest 'Casedemic'.

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In their attempt to keep the fear-mongering going, they are now duping people into believing that a not fit for purpose RT-PCR test is producing 'cases' of the fake Covid-19 'pandemic'. A 'case' is a person who is suffering from the Covid-19 disease and are infectious or hospitalised. The test - which can be up to 80% inaccurate - is now being used to falsely imply that the disease is on the increase. Death rates are virtually at rock bottom in all statistics charts, along with hospitalisation of supposed Covid-19 related admissions. This is a bare faced manipulation of a confusing lie, to imply that every positive (mostly fake positive results) are 'cases'. This is how it's falsely portrayed by the mainstream media.

In this excerpt from a discussion with Dr. Coleman on the Richie Allen Show (5/10/2020) Dr. Coleman lays out the facts and exposes the latest 'Casedemic' scam.

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PCR testing is an useless tool when used to test for a specific virus. In this excellent, Spiro Skouras recorded video, reproduced by BGB, there are various clips - including what Kary Mullis (the inventor of the PCR test) has to say about the accuracy of tests. The bottom line is that RT-PCR testing is wholly for research and laboratory use - it was NEVER designed to be a diagnostic tool.

However, in their desperation, the medical fraternity who act for the governments, and ultimately the WHO (bought and paid for by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) have hijacked the PCR test to try and hoodwink people into believing that a positive (more often than not false positive outcomes) do NOT indicate that someone who tests positive is either ill, contagious or a 'case'. They have caused confusion via the media, that positive test results = cases. This id a HUGE lie and totally misleading. It is designed to keep people in fear that there's a 'second wave' about to break out.

This video reveals all!

The supposedly 'new' virus first got labelled a 'pandemic' then we realised what the game was and names like 'plandemic' & 'scamdemic' popped up. Now we have a full blown 'CASEDEMIC' on our hands!

Not sure what this means? This video will explain it for you.

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Professor Carl James Heneghan is a British general practitioner physician, director of the University of Oxford's Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, and a Fellow of Kellogg College. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) Evidence-Based Medicine.

Carl Heneghan is also Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine and a practising GP. A clinical epidemiologist, he studies patients receiving care from clinicians, especially those with common problems, with the aim of improving the evidence base used in clinical practice.

His research interests include non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, and he currently chairs the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on self-care and cardiovascular disease risk. He is also interested in the treatment of communicable diseases in primary care.

Professor Heneghan also investigates the evidence base for publication bias and drug and device regulation, and he is an international expert, advising governments, on the regulatory and evidence requirements for devices and drugs as well as evidence-based projects in the public interest. He is also a founder of the alltrials campaign.

You decide who you would prefer to listen to, Professor Heneghan or the talking heads of the fear-mongering propaganda machine we call the mainstream media, who take their orders from those who have engineered this hoax pandemic in order to set-up a global control system, they call the reset and has as part of it's agenda the collapse of the current global system.

It really is a 'no brainer'.

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Symptom free? Then you can't infect others. There's a testing obsession going around and each 'positive' result is being recorded as a 'CASE'. The test kits are up to 80% inaccurate. If you have debris in your system from a previous Corona Virus cold/ flu infection or a flu vaccine you run the risk of being labelled a 'case'. This is absurd and false.

Professor Beda Stadler former Director of the University Institute of Immunology at the Insel Hospital in Bern explains the true facts in this fascinating interview.

It highlights the utter stupidity of advice by governments compelling the public to wear facemasks. There is absolutely no scientific evidence for this. The clueless and medically ignorant politicians are making up regulations based on inappropriate advice from 'experts', who in turn are simply the mouthpieces of the WHO.

Anyone who has been panicked into facemask wearing to protect them from COVID-19 should make a point of viewing this revealing video, if only for their own psychological and physiological safety.

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Clips from various videos - highlighting the bare faced lies we've been exposed to, mainly thanks to political lobbying and bribery by the WHO

Many rely on what they are told about this so called 'pandemic'. from the mainstream media and press outlets. In this video the facts are laid bare. You decide if what you've seen and heard up until now is truthful and accurate. The true and accurate information has been withheld, grossly exaggerated and often amounts to nothing more than fabricated lies.

Debate has been stifled and a policy of censorship has been deployed. Is this the action of a free and accountable democracy?
Dr. Vernon Coleman is almost an institution in the UK. He's a medical doctor of over 50 years experience. He's a prolific writer with over 100 books published in his name - many are best sellers. He's also a tireless campaigner - a 'workaholic'  - and a huge advocate for the truth, that he pursues without let-up. He bows to no one, least of all the cowering cretins at You Tube, a key censor of truth and the guardian of the 'official' line on the hoax plandemic we have been subjected to. They are a huge global, corporate company, owned by Google, and are one of the stalwarts of the Cabal. They are key censors in the propaganda battle that is currently being waged against the public - free speech is an anathema to them and their cronies. They will not win.

YouTube have mercilessly removed Dr. Coleman's videos from their platform, simply for speaking out the truth. It seems they are scared stiff that 'An Old Man In a Chair' will scupper their plans single-handedly,  the plans of the evil entities that wish us harm. Those who are part of the implementation of the New World Order.

BGB will ensure that help is provided to Dr. Coleman to carry on his priceless work. Starting with an archive of his recordings on this channel.

This is NOT the over active conspiracy theorists narrative (of those who are mocked as being tin foil hat wearers or conspiracy theorists). But, as the above video makes clear, the term ‘New World Order’ was not coined by those who have been warning about it for years, but from the mouths of many, many influential and powerful figures for many decades.

They have openly announced it, and clearly explained it. However, for the majority of the masses who don’t pay attention, and who live in a perceived reality, formed by exposure to the brainwashing received from birth to grave - from the governments and their mouthpieces – the mainstream media, most people’s perception of reality is totally corrupted – nurtured by the box in the corner, Hollywood films and the promotion of distractions, like sports pastimes, celebrity idol worship, slavery to fashion, addiction to non reality. The Ignoring of world events, or conversely, addiction to the flow of false news and the picture painted of what the world is about, but not the reality. We are groomed to think that what we perceive around us is reality. The true reality is something quite different. Only about 20% of the population are aware that we have been lulled into a mindset that accepts everything the institutions and the establishment tell us. To the point where they will aggressively attack those who try to dissuade them from their servile actions. The Covid-19 scare is a classic example.
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This short speech was supposed to be displayed on a large screen at the protest rally in Trafalgar Square, London. However it never made it.

With police helicopters spending time overhead trying to drown out the sound system, sirens going up and down the nearby streets, the streamed audio link speech by American Senator Dr. Scott Jensen suddenly being cut off in mid sentence before he started properly, followed by a mysterious power cut and the van that was supposed to have the big screen displayed to the audience also mysteriously failing to turn up (surprise, surprise), we never got the chance to see and hear the 'Old Man In a Chair'.

However, not to be defeated, here is the recording Dr. Coleman made in preparation for his presence at the rally.

Another BGB reproduction of an original recording by Dr. Vernon Coleman.
His dry humoured, satirical musings hit the nail on the head, and reflects the experiences and thoughts of those of us who still have a grip on reality.

The more awake have realised a long time ago that there is no 'NEW' disease called COVID-19, brought about by a Corona virus. It is just the usual cyclical outbreak of a typical flu virus that has killed less people than previous flu viruses.

However, it has brought into focus another viral problem - a disease of the human mind, brought about by perpetual brainwashing.

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Most people are NOT stupid - most of the time. They pretty much (as a group) act in a reasonably rational way - without the fear inducing FALSE FACTS they have been fed, many of which are based on blatant lies, spoon fed to them via the establishment's education system. That is then fortified by the governments and their propaganda mouthpieces - the corrupted mainstream mass media (owned and managed by a handful of Cabal henchmen). But they DO need to wake up out of their programmed hypnotic state.

This is a reproduction of a Max Igan recording.

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This video (original recorded by Dave Cullen and reproduced by BGB) gives an up to date account of where we currently are at, regarding the Cov-19 SCAMDEMIC!

More importantly it exposes what happened in Wu Han, China, just prior to the declaration of an outbreak of a 'new' corona virus - that never was. It is no coincidence that the official launching of the NWO took place right under our noses, with NO reports by the collaborative mainstream (false news) mass media. If we had been alerted to this before the hoax pandemic news broke, many would have been less compliant in this scam, and would not have fallen into the trap - through fear and panic.

Make no mistake, the NWO has arrived - as we warned it would - over a very long period of time - decades in fact.

Welcome to the 'New Normal' and the 'Reset' of the world's economic and political structure.

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Our greatest enemy is our fellow man. Not directly, but because they empower the evil Cabal, by slavishly being subservient, by listening and believing what their governments tell them - through ridiculous diktats that change from one day to the next. So why are there so many compliant Zombies, who are facilitating this war against humanity?

The answer is the bulk of humanity is woefully ignorant of anything outside their personal sphere of reality. In a word they are brain dead Zombies, who have never thought anything out for themselves, choosing instead to take the lazy way out of every situation, by waiting for someone else to tell them what to do. If the ones giving the advice are corrupt and evil, then we witness what the Sheeple do in ignorant fear and a state of panic. They meekly comply - even if it means a deadly outcome for them and their future generations.

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This BGB reproduced (very old) '60 Minutes' programme excerpt, highlights the stunning similarities of how the establishment conned the public in 1976. It is eerily staggering in similarity when compared to what has happened in 2019-20.

The biggest similarity is the way that Big Pharma are pushing an untested and untried vaccine as the solution to this latest pandemic scam. After watching this video, ask yourself how wise it will be to roll up your sleeve - even if it is made mandatory to be given a jab, thereby contravening your personal sovereign rights. And when you may become paralysed - or worse - the governments have indemnified everyone involved from responsibility for what happens - convenient. You die, or get crippled for life, and no one is responsible!

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Madness leaps beyond the pale. This is TRULY mind blowing! If you're a man & want to be safeguarded against Covid-19 take . . . . wait for it . . . . female contraceptives or use HRT treatment! You heard it here first!

They really are taking the piss now aren't they?

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Something most of us don't even think about - our tap water. In this video Dr. Vernon Coleman draws attention to the levels of oestrogen, antibiotics and a host of other chemical and hormonal medicines that find their way into our bodies via the water we drink.

A BGB reproduction of a Dr. Vernon Coleman video where International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, describes how governments have now given themselves the right to kidnap us if they think we might be infected. He discusses the dangers of masks, the demonisation of cash and explains how and why social distancing is a war crime. He gives vital advice to anyone who is confronted by a public health official.
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This video is a fantastic explanation of how outdated the Germ Theory is and how diseases like COVID-19 fit the bill for the Terrain Theory - and how natural occurring Exosomes - produced within our own bodies - can cause symptoms, whilst cleaning up the toxins in our cells. We need to look at what's happened from more than just one angle - projected through the eyes of the Establishment, who we know are sowing propaganda everywhere, and scaring everyone into a panic to accomplish their global plans..

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A classic example of a garish attempt by the BBC (British Bullshit Corporation) to shock the public into further fear and panic in March 2020. Raw propaganda at it's sinister worst. "if our prime minister isn't safe from this deadly pandemic, what hope is there for the rest of us?".

Bo-Jo then miraculously gets resurrected and a full four months later - after the virus has disappeared - decides to romp around the UK with a silly mask on his face for the first time! Obviously clearing the decks for Act II of this stage managed scamdemic drama - PANIC EVERYONE - the SECOND WAVE is coming, along with mandatory vaccination of 7 billion people. Which of course is what this whole hoax was about in the first place.

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