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The fight goes on, even if people are not talking about it. It's NOT the time to sit on our haunches and draw in a big gasp of relief that the Covid mandates have been rolled back. This video is an excerpt from the excellent UK Column News broadcast of Wednesday the 27th of this month. Many of you will probably have seen it, if not - pay attention to this excerpt.

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BGB always takes every precaution to make sure that everything published at is proven facts and information, based on thorough research (that is why the challenge to disprove anything published there is put out at the foot of every post/ article written). However, occasionally, information received cannot be fully verified. At the time of compiling and publishing an article about Lira's disappearance it was assumed that given the extended period that Gonzalo Lira went missing (April 15th 2022), and also the declaration that he previously made that if he was off-line for more than 12 hours, then it could be assumed that he had fallen foul of an Ukrainian SBU snatch squad. It was therefore generally assumed that he was probably dead.

Thankfully, it has now emerged that he is actually alive and well, which serves as a great relief to us all. This video is proof that he is unharmed. Consequently BGB retracts the implication that he had been captured and killed.

A real eye opener of an interview with Gonzalo Lira. The interview was before Gonzalo went missing on April 15th 2022. Since then there have been reports that he was taken away by the Ukrainian SBU (Ukrainian Security Services). Nothing more has been heard of him and reports now coming in suggest he has been killed and possibly tortured before that.

Lira also publicly broadcast how the American mainstream publication, the Daily Beast and its ‘journalist’ Mark Hay had gone out of their way to publish an elaborate smear piece on Lira, and even go so far as to contact the SBU in order to alert them that he was broadcasting reports critical of the Ukrainian government from the city Kharkov, Ukraine. This shameful and dangerous operation by the Daily Beast was complimented by other partisan US ‘journalists’ seemed to suggest that Lira was working as a ‘Russia spy,’ an accusation which was certainly designed to bring harm to him. Before he went missing,

Gonzalo had stated repeatedly on social media and YouTube, that should he go missing for more than 12 hours online, that people should assume he has been abducted and detained (or worse) by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU).

It's becoming increasingly vile how the propaganda war is panning out in the west - especially as we observe the consequences as we lose reporters on the ground who expose what is going on out there.

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Western propaganda would have us believe that poor, innocent little Ukraine is the victim of a big bully state, that has attacked it for no reason, apart from augmenting an expansionist agenda. Nothing is revealed about the events that have led up to this war, even less is divulged about events leading up to the flashpoint, and the average ‘Joe Normie’ is totally devoid of any knowledge about the history of the two countries involved.

This war is not straightforward, much is hidden from view. This video attempts to redress the propaganda and simply gives a more balanced view of the characters involved.

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Gwilym and Owen team up once again to discuss world events, how they are being manipulated, and how the players in this stage show are lining up.

Also how should we - the awakened - react and at what point do we establish communities to survive and live through the end of this system?

Finding a statutes court that isn't compromised and a judge that isn't biased in the jurisdiction of what now passes as a justice based legal system is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Will Dr. David Martin, with his cartload of evidence succeed in getting the president of the US into the dock? It seems unlikely, but he's giving it his best shot, as this video demonstrates.

When it comes to restoring justice, it is more likely that a Common Law court - a court of the people - would be more likely to succeed, but we'll see.

One thing is for sure, there is enough evidence to commit the evil doers, the problem is our dependence on a judicial system that has been bought and paid for by the Cabal in advance of this crisis. However we wish Dr. Martin every success. One thing is for sure, the net is closing from all angles on those who have attempted to wipe out the majority of mankind.

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Having decided to pool our resources Big Gee's Blog and Teifi Common Law Assembly will from now on be working together as a team on joint projects.

One such project is the production of conversation videocasts. Where we will be discussing various subjects to do with all things associated with the 'Covid Tragedy' and the remedy through Common Law - hopefully publishing them every two weeks or so.

Here is Episode - 1 which will be a taster for the format we will use. We hope you'll enjoy the contents. Whilst a lot of the information provided in this first episode mostly revolves around what we hope to achieve in a practical way in our own 'community jurisdiction'; the template for our project can be used wherever you live.

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Klaus Schwab is bringing you the great reset. And not only will it be great, it’ll be a fantastic reset! The folks at the World Economic Forum are busy helping protect you from climate change and disease. Yet some people still ask, is Klaus Schwab the most dangerous man in the World? Get the full picture along with everything they DIDN’T want you to know, but are now declaring openly - because they now believe they are unstoppable at this stage of their war against humanity - see it all in this satirical video!

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To throw further light on the phoney Ukrainian 'war', please take the time to watch this Corbett Report on this very subject. As always James Corbett is a tremendously astute researcher, and his interview with Riley Waggaman - who lives and works as a journalist in Moscow - is quite an eye opener.

Not what you might first expect. This is not a war between Russia and Ukraine/NATO, It's not a war between good and bad. It's a war between US and THEM - Russia is on the side of THEM. We need to stop being divided on this issue - which is exactly what 'THEY' want right now as the Covid narrative collapses.

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The president - Klaus Schwab - boasts of the number of governments and cabinets that the World Economic Forum organization has "penetrated" through its global leaders program. Almost 100 personalities recruited by the organization work for the globalist agenda.

Quote: "I must say that I mention names like Mrs. Merkel, even Vladimir Putin, etc. All of them have been Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum. But what we are really proud of now with the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, the President of Argentina, etc., is that we penetrate cabinets… It is true in Argentina and it is true now in France . . . " - Klaus schwab

The enemy is the Cabal controlled leaders (including Putin) directed by the WEF. The ones under attack is US - the divided peoples of the world. A nice convenient little war that serves as the distraction from the failing Covid narrative. It's all part of the greater plan - confusion and chaos are the psychological tools used.

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A Humorous Video - With a DEADLY Message. Please don't concentrate too much on the humorous antics of the star of the video, but listen carefully to the message.

A hoax pandemic that forces injections on all people of the earth, the AI agenda, the toxicity of the injections and of course the multi level capabilities of 5G  forms the complete package. Keep awake and don't get distracted from what is going on at all levels in this war against humanity.

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In this BGB reproduced video, Patrick Henningsen of the Sunday Wire interviews Dr. (at law) Reiner Fuellmich about his Grand Jury model proceedings and why he has decided to go down this route, rather than get a hearing through the more conventional Statute Jurisdiction system.

It seems that finding uncompromised Judges is rarer than finding hens teeth!

A very revealing video about the state of the judicial system and how the less conventional Common Law route may be the safest option to bring these extremely wealthy and powerful global elites to answer for their crimes.

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Do you know the difference between 'legal' and LAWFUL?
Did you know that Statute Law - as practiced in most lands - is a deceit based on the Law of The Sea and is the jurisdiction for corporate services?
Do you know that you are converted to a corporate entity (a legal fiction) at birth, with the creation of a birth certificate that registers you as a 'person' (a corporate entity and classified as cargo)?
Then you need to watch this video - it's an eye opener. It is also a glimpse into how we may recover from the mess we are in by employing COMMON LAW to bring the fake Corona virus crises and the killer injection pushers to book for their crimes against humanity.

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We've done the protesting, we've done the letter writing and Freedom of Information requests.
At BGB we have three volumes of correspondence to governments and their corporate bedfellows; each volume contains 100 individual items of correspondence on-line, which you can view here:
We've exposed the very real conspiracy, tied into eugenics and genocide and control by the elites - especially the big pharma companies and their connections.

All of this has been a relatively quick process - as witnessed by the huge push back worldwide, as people wake up to the truth.

Preparing judicial material is a slower process, but there's about to be an explosion of court cases against the criminals behind the crimes against humanity. This BGB reproduced video throws light on what's happening in America, thanks to the tireless work of Dr. David Martin.

Who better that the wonderful warrior in this war against evil intent than 'The Old Man In a Chair' - the amazing Dr. Vernon Coleman - despite the tag of 'old man' he fights on with the zeal and strengths of a twenty year old, but the wisdom of a man his actual age.

In this BGB reproduced video, listen to him give a condensed version of events over the last two years - in an accurate review. Also his always accurate predictions, as we enter the third year of this madness over a non existent 'pandemic'.

The bottom line ? "We are winning this war"!
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This video is a spoof, based on the highly popular TV series "Line Of Duty".
Whilst the imaginary LBD-12 police investigation branch in this video is hypothetical, the contents are extremely serious and should form the basis for a real investigation into the conduct of the Metropolitan Police Force.

Civilizations around the world have been celebrating the winter solstice and the start of each new year for at least four millennia. Today, most Christmas and New Year’s festivities begin between the 18th and the 31st of December (New Year’s Eve). Common traditions include:  eating special festive season foods, making resolutions for the new year, watching fireworks displays and attending CHRISTMAS PARTIES. But are the rules the same for all during the Covid-19 lunacy regulation period?

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Some may possibly have seen it before - apparently it was doing the rounds at the end of 2020, not a lot has changed - and won't change until enough of the sleeping public wake up to their eventual fate.

The video is tongue in cheek, but highlights this ridiculous hoax 'virus' situation that has been dumped on us, with masses of people swallowing the nonsense in their naivety and ignorance. After being completely duped, they then - in their fearful and ignorant state of panic -  have gone and rolled up their sleeves to be jabbed. Often landing in hospital or dead shortly afterwards.

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The words to the Manic Street Preachers song says it all. It's starting in Australia and spreading across Europe, with Austria, Germany and France about to implement the same tactics.


It's spreading across the globe, and the children are now getting special attention - it's YOUR responsibility to save them and all their future generations.

If You Have Any Compassion This Will Break Your Heart.

I am not given to emotional outbursts, but this disturbing and shocking video, originally recorded by June Mills, an Aborigine Elder from the Northern Territories in Australia rendered me to tears.

The army has been deployed to forcibly round up the indigenous people, drag them out of their communities, forcibly vaccinating their children carting them and the adults off to purpose built 'quarantine centres' (concentration camps in other words).

They are picking on the most vulnerable and defenceless people who make up only 3% of the inhabitants of Australia. This is an old story of attempted genocide, an attempt to wipe out the people whose land they have occupied for 233 years. These indigenous peoples have lived on this continent for at least 40,000 years, they are the oldest surviving culture in the world today. When the colonisers started, they hunted them down like animals, on the ridiculous pretext that they were not humans but a form of monkey. The ones that were not killed, or ran away into the bush were enslaved and starved. In 2021, they are completing the task under the pretext that they are protecting them from a phantom new virus that does not exist.

If you are not moved by this video, then you have no heart and you have lost all traces of humane conscience.

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Up to the minute information on how the Berlin Corona Investigative Committee are progressing with their legal challenge to the hoax pandemic, fraud and liability of those involved in this genocidal attack on humanity.

Also news about a development before the end of the year.

In this BGB reproduced video which contains an excerpt from the Monday (22/11/21) broadcast by UK Column News, we see a compilation of videos from across the globe, showing millions of people out protesting against injection mandates and general opposition to the hoax Covid-19 'plandemic'.

It's a spirit riser. These protests are getting stronger by the day - soon they will overwhelm the governments acting on behalf of the evil Cabal that has started culling our numbers.

Once awakened, these people don't go back to sleep!

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It started with a hoax pandemic fraud. It escalated to lockdowns and daily scary directives from governments, then came the Emergency Coronavirus Act 2020 and finally the waving through of the gene altering, experimental injections - which was the goal in the first place.

However they moved too fast and too early. Some eighteen months down the line they've stalled and the people have woken up in great numbers to the scam.

Squeaky bum time for the perpetrators! They are now panicking in abject fear of what's coming. The outward signs? Just listen to the panic stricken speeches the world over from politicians. Some like Boris Johnson are scared stiff and are showing clinical signs of mental breakdowns.

The wheels are coming off the cart and the consequences of what they've attempted have to be faced.

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In this BGB reproduction of a spread sheet presentation by Craig Paardekooper, you will see concrete proof gleaned from the US VAERS database, that 80% of the death jabs are benign. The other 20% in-dispersed in the total number of jabs delivered are from batch numbers that are deadly.

Why is this? To hide the process of genocide. It's Russian Roulette. Sooner or later, you will hit a deadly batch if you continue to be 'vaccinated'. Each time there is a roll-out another 20% are affected.

Also bear in mind that only between 1 & 10% of deaths and 'adverse effects' are actually reported VAERS. So this is a conservative analysis based on official figures, that do not reflect the real situation, which could be between one and one hundred worse than officially shown.

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Dr. Robert Moynihan recently interviewed outspoken Italian Archbishop Carlos Maria Viganò on the current developments in the Catholic Church, the New World Order, the Cabal (and their control agenda), Freemasonry, the Covid-19 hoax, attempted genocide and the infiltration of henchmen of the Cabal into key positions over millennia.

Whether you are religious or not, a catholic or a Protestant worshipper; this video will shake you down to the ground. Practising Catholics - who believe that the Pope is God's representative on earth - may need some smelling salts after hearing this interview!

It is also confirmation from someone who was once only a few rungs down from the Pope, that what the awakened have been saying is absolutely right. Not only from secular sources but from an 80 year old Archbishop who is wide awake and shoots from the hip. He is amazingly up to the minute in his knowledge of what is going on at all levels.

FASCINATING and COMPELLING - they are not ALL bad . . .

The face of of the vacuum that passes as democracy in our world.
See this BGB production of the exposure of how they work in devious little ways to get what they want.
Fuelled by personal ignorance, and fired up by lies and propaganda surrounding a hoax pandemic that has not only stolen our freedoms, but decimated our society.
Well done! Enjoy it whilst you can, because the day of reckoning is fast approaching.

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