very important lesson though

if its serious enough to pull your gun
use that fucking gun

and best if they cant identify you


Maybe now dandy Lindsy graham can come out And say how they "dodged a real bullet" and how they "could have had guns, or bombs" concealed on their person or in their "huge backpacks"

maybe they will get their own FBI wanted page?

the first one was the raw version sorry here is edited final

as of 4-15:
"NEW: Facebook is no longer allowing users to share the NYP story about BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors' recent $3.2 million real estate binge

chief (maris herold):
starts april, 2020
“The bulk of my career has been as a change agent in police departments, doing a lot of big, heavy lifting,” Herold said. “I always think it’s good to look at things with an outsider perspective, especially with my background in police reform.”


DA (Dougherty):
elected in 2018
“I am thrilled to have been elected in 2018 to serve as the Boulder County District Attorney. The opportunity to lead the District Attorney’s Office in this community is an incredible honor and privilege. I will work tirelessly, drawing upon my twenty years of experience as a prosecutor, to ensure public safety and achieve progressive criminal justice reform for Boulder County.” … “As District Attorney, I am continuing the work I have accomplished over many years – standing up against hate crimes, leading a wrongful conviction project, helping pass drug sentencing reform, fighting for public safety and justice, and helping to launch problem-solving courts and diversion programs.”
cop (eric talley):
BPD start 2010
51 y.o. when he died (and in that picture)
has 7 children, youngest is seven years old
joined force at FOURTY
note only a niece said anything, not one of his 7 kids. are they all under 18? how likely is that?
nope just saw his oldest is 20 (https://www.kake.com/story/43536930/the-first-officer-who-responded-to-a-mass-shooting-in-boulder-was-killed-he-leaves-behind-seven-children)
great video here:

“Nearly 30 years have passed since the department last had a line-of-duty death.”

almost 90k a year as a Boulder patrol officer?

*not one other picture of this cop exists
no mention of wife/spouse
no picture of him w children or of any children
his father gave a interview to press but thusfar all we have had is a summary of that interview, no video no pic of father.
no mother mentioned
no kid of his has posted anything on social media
heres his ‘sister’ SM post…all replies read like an anti gun bot attack
somehow this person has a full victim list:

the two little kids that witnessed a gunshot murder yet somehow managed to run to an upstairs closet, w/o their dad
and this random twitter trend, not surprising
(picture of Twitter trending was here, shows top tags are #guncontrol and #columbine)

maybe his IG

no FB acct exists.

breonna taylor 'peace' march , LA
more antifa
go ahead, try to reason with them

"in on your side" and it still don't matter
we call this
'kneeling for nothing & your dicks for free'


peaceful protests are not a real thing

#MN residents

Advice for #Minneapolis cops





see the video that got my YT channel deleted, useless eaters


preserved here
no right implied

how it works giving up free speech and what it feels like to have that right again

and how all video bloggers are actually just street people


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