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This video was originally posted to YouTube on June 10th 2017. In the latter half of 2017 was when I initially saw the lengths this company will go to, to censor all things 9/11 related,therefore I was astonished this video I produced slipped through their very strict 'algorithm net. I have had many videos deleted and banned which I intend to show here on some for the very first time. My channel on YouTube The 9/11 Blacklist still has over 200 videos and over 8,800 Subscribers, yet I do not know how many of them see my content in its totality... I was advised by viewers/subscribers to set a channel here and it's to them I thank. Below is the original video description...

This video is the most popular left on the YouTube channel garnering to date over a quarter of a million views.

Hi Ladies & Gents and welcome to Episode 28 of The 9/11 Blacklist: Chasing Shadows. In this episode we expose the main 9/11 Blacklisters for what they are, although there are several others i could mention...for the purposes of keeping the episode condensed i will be concentrating on;
1.George Bush
2.Condoleezza Rice
3.Donald Rumsfeld
4.Dick Cheney
5.Colin Powell

This episode will not deal with how they pulled the greatest deception of the century off...but will show how they deal with the cameras and the 'Politician Speak'.....and how incredibly they'll bare face lie even being told what they'd said verbatim on a previous occasion.

Please Note~The Introduction from Richard D Hall was specific to demonstrate how politicians are nothing but puppets.....but well-trained particular attention to this example of Ed Miliband and watch Condoleezza Rice when being questioned and you'll notice a strong parallel response.

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It's been a crazy week guys and it's not over yet....tomorrow sees the Official 18th Anniversary of 9/11.
I wonder how this will be reported through the mainstream media?

I know I should have posted this yesterday but hey whatcha gonna do?!

The mainstream media was the place where this 'catastrophic and catalyzing event'...took place...on the television on the radio on the social media and it was all done to ensure you believed their story no matter how ludicrous it was in reality...

***FOR ALL YOUTUBE FANS***This platform is severely censoring this channel from reaching all around the world. The reason it remains is that it tells nothing but the TRUTH and for some reason
YouTube still wants to project the 9/11 Commission Report even though it has been proven to be a pile of sh** from a multitude of sources that have more veracity than any mainstream news's time to wake YouTube up...spread my channels videos...make them viral...make YOUTUBE PAY ATTENTION!

***I am very well aware of The YouTubers Union's plans and what YouTube is also doing. If they think by demonetizing the channel for the third time and by not recommending the channel is going to put me off making videos that will expose the truth...they are way off because this unjust and unfair treatment of this channel I will make a video all on its own and post it right here just to prove a point!... Right now YouTube/Google is near the top of my personal Blacklist.

***This series, indeed my channel as a whole I have produced well over 200 videos that have asked probing questions about that fateful September channel produces videos that are pursuant of the TRUTH and is not a conspiracy channel. In light of recent events this year YouTube should acknowledge FACTS and not continue to censor them***

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Any Theory That Has More Veracity Than The 9/11 Commission Report Is A Plausible One.
Leigh j Apted 2017

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My name is leigh apted, and I live and work in Wales. My inspiration for The 9/11 Blacklist came from a TV drama. Thi raised the first and most obvious question, 'Who would be on your 9/11 blacklist?'
In 2012 I embarked on producing my first documentary. Called '96 Hours' tit follows the real-time events surrounding the JFK Assassination. This took me a year to complete. During my research, I noticed 9/11 and links to it were regularly popping up.
In 2015 I produced a three and a half-hour documentary following the official narrative of 9/11 which YouTube subsequently banned. I then posted the documentary in bite-size chunks which YouTube still had issues with.
In March of 2017, 'Chasing Shadows' as my primary genre began on The 9/11 Blacklist on my YouTube channel. In a short space of time, I realised that viewers were turning into subscribers as I was producing videos that were not full-length films but were 15mins to 30mins on average. People worldwide were engaging and hopefully learning about this catastrophic event in history that maybe they wouldn't otherwise.
Then, late 2017, YouTube changed its algorithms and the CEO of YouTube deliberately began targeting channels that dealt with 'the September 11 attacks'. Even the YouTube Creator videos spouted this party line. In essence, what YouTube/Google are doing is continuing with the mainstream narrative of the fateful days' events. Eighteen years on the official version of this day in history has more holes in it than the North and South Tower after impact.
Therefore, my channel is under attack from the very platform itself. Never has the truth been more relevant and important to spread.
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If you would like to show financial support click on my Paypal link as shown in all video descriptions. It is 2019 and the work must continue to expose the lies and get justice for anyone affected from the events of 9/11.