⁣Irving on the Focus:
The Focus was financed by a slush fund set up by some of London's wealthiest businessmen -- principally, businessmen organized by the Board of Jewish Deputies in England, whose chairman was a man called Sir Bernard Waley Cohen. Sir Bernard Waley Cohen held a private dinner party at his apartment on July 29, 1936. This is in Waley Cohen's memoirs ... The 29th of July, 1936, Waley Cohen set up a slush fund of 50,000 pounds for The Focus, the Churchill pressure group. Now, 50,000 pounds in 1936, multiply that by ten, at least, to get today's figures. By another three or four to multiply that into Canadian dollars. So, 40 times 50,000 pounds -- about $2 million in Canadian terms -- was given by Bernard Waley Cohen to this secret pressure group of Churchill in July 1936. The purpose was -- the tune that Churchill had to play was -- fight Germany. Start warning the world about Germany, about Nazi Germany. Churchill, of course, one of our most brilliant orators, a magnificent writer, did precisely that. For two years, The Focus continued to militate, in fact, right through until 1939. And I managed to find the secret files of The Focus, I know the names of all the members. I know all their secrets. I know how much money they were getting, not just from The Focus, but from other governments. I use the word "other governments" advisedly because one of my sources of information for my Churchill biography is, in fact, the Chaim Weizmann Papers in the State of Israel. Israel has made available to me all Churchill's secret correspondence with Chain Weizmann, all his secret conferences.


David Irvings can be downlosded from his website freely here.I have read Hitlers War and Churchills War.

"Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin. The Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take away that power, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear — as they ought to in order to make this a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let them continue to create deposits.”
Sir Josiah Stamp (1880-1941), one time governor of the Bank of England, in his Commencement Address at the University of Texas in 1927. Reportedly he was the second wealthiest individual in Britain.

⁣The French movie “Occult Forces”, or “Forces occultes” inoriginal is one of the most controversial movies of all times. Few movies, andfew directors are bold enough to tell a truth a about a secret society that many believe rules the world. Nowadays, the words Illuminati, Freemasonry, NewWorld Order are associated with the most powerful people in the world, and manyfamous people and celebrities are part of it. Some even believe that USPresident Barack Obama is part of the society and is the Antichrist himself.The movie was released in 1943, and the director Jean Mamy was killed (executedfor collaborating with the enemy) just 6 years later. The producer Robert Muzard and the screenwriter Jean Marquès-Rivière was condemned to prison time,but Muzard was killed in suspicious manner just few years later. Riviere died
in 2000.

Goyim are mentally inferior to Jews and can’t run their nations properly. For their sake and ours, we need to abolish their governments and replace them with a single government. This will take a long time and involve much bloodshed, but it’s for a good cause. Here’s what we’ll need to do:

Place our agents and helpers everywhere.
Take control of the media and use it in propaganda for our plans.
Start fights between different races, classes and religions.
Use bribery, threats and blackmail to get our way.
Use Freemasonic Lodges to attract potential public officials.
Appeal to successful people’s egos.
Appoint puppet leaders who can be controlled by blackmail.
Replace royal rule with socialist rule, then communism, then despotism.
Abolish all rights and freedoms, except the right of force by us.
Sacrifice people (including Jews sometimes) when necessary.
Eliminate religion; replace it with science and materialism.
Control the education system to spread deception and destroy intellect.
Rewrite history to our benefit.
Create entertaining distractions.
Corrupt minds with filth and perversion.
Encourage people to spy on one another.
Keep the masses in poverty and perpetual labor.
Take possession of all wealth, property and (especially) gold.
Use gold to manipulate the markets, cause depressions etc.
Introduce a progressive tax on wealth.
Replace sound investment with speculation.
Make long-term interest-bearing loans to governments.
Give bad advice to governments and everyone else.

Eventually the goyim will be so angry with their governments (because we’ll blame them for the resulting mess) that they’ll gladly have us take over. We will then appoint a descendant of David to be king of the world, and the remaining goyim will bow down and sing his praises. Everyone will live in peace and obedient order under his glorious rule.

On January 13, 2010, Kiev Appellate Court posthumously found the Jewish Cheka guard Lazar Kaganovich guilty of genocide against Ukrainians for his participation in the 1932-33 Holodomor. The importance of the case is its historical aspect that legally explains the particularity of that historical event. By New Year’s Day, the Security Service of Ukraine had finished pre-court investigation and transferred its materials to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. The materials consist of over 250 volumes of archive documents (from within Ukraine as well as from abroad), interviews with witnesses, and expert analysis of several institutes of National Academies of Sciences. Oleksandr Medvedko, the Prosecutor General, confirmed that the material gives clear evidence of this particular genocide occurring in Ukraine. Though Kaganovich was pronounced guilty as a criminal, the case was ended immediately following sentence without fanfare or any significant media attention indicating either Jewish appeasement or more likely Jewish interference.

‘Putin’s brain’ Aleksandr Dugin calls for the end to white civilisation.

Cromwell re-admits Jews
Just as the Spaniards and Portuguese had done before them, the Dutch paid with their work, skill and blood for their supremacy as a maritime power in the 17th century.
The development of England’s sea power and spirit of enterprise under Queen Elizabeth, the founding of the East India Company in 1600 coincided with Dutch expansion. As Jews were not then openly admitted into England it meant that independent British trade, if allowed to develop unchecked, might shatter Jewish monopoly [the same threat as Hitler, three centuries later].
Ceaseless efforts were therefore made to obtain the repeal of the laws of expulsion and, as is known, they were crowned with success when Cromwell granted the petition for their return, presented to him by Manasseh ben Israel in 1655. This same ‘protector’ of Jews remained insensible to the anger displayed by English merchants when they learned of his concessions to the ‘returning’ aliens [as one might reflect on the benefits now being given to illegal immigrants today in the U.S.].
William of Orange
The importance of Britain to the schemers for a World Empire can be measured by the fact that two Jews, Ferdinand Carvajal of London and Isaac Suasso of Amsterdam, financed the invasion of England by William of Orange. Suasso alone contributed two million pounds for this undertaking (1689).
The Dutch not having been found by the Jews as tractable as had been anticipated, their doom was sealed; and in the secret councils of the Elders of Zion of those days, Britain was elected to replace The Netherlands.

Benjamin H. Freedman was one of the most intriguing and amazing individuals of the 20th century. Mr. Freedman, born in 1890, was a successful Jewish businessman of New York City who was at one time the principal owner of the Woodbury Soap Company. He broke with organized Jewry after the Judeo-Communist victory of 1945, and spent the remainder of his life and the great preponderance of his considerable fortune, at least 2.5 million dollars, exposing the Jewish tyranny which has enveloped the United States.

Mr. Freedman knew what he was talking about because he had been an insider at the highest levels of Jewish organizations and Jewish machinations to gain power over our nation. Mr. Freedman was personally acquainted with Bernard Baruch, Samuel Untermyer, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy, and many more movers and shakers of our times.

Singapore has had 27 total deaths,enough to bring in DRACONIAN Laws that will never be lifted!This is about bringing us into a World Wide Gulag Prison.If we all said NO tomorrow it would stop.
"Do not go gently into that Good Night."

Torture and Testicle Crushing at Nuremberg.
Confessions at Nuremberg were obtained under torture.The grimmest of these tortures, practiced mostly by Jewish operatives on their German prisoners of war,was testicle crushing.
"⁣Sometimes the Americans would relax by hearing Nuremberg’s sym-phony orchestra. Once the judges had a private showing of the Soviet movie of their show trials in Kharkov, where the three German officers been tried for atrocities. ‘They are horrible,’ wrote Biddle after watch-ing the newsreels, ‘ – tortured, naked skeletons, the Kharkov defend-ants being hung in front of the crowds.The Russians also publicly hanged in Leningrad several German
officers whom their judges found guilty of the murders in the Katynforest."
The Katyn Forest atrocities were committed by the Soviets.

Communist China was created by the Jews and serves their interests.
October 1 1949, Mao Tse Tsung declared the founding of the People's Republic of China in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. He was funded by Rothschild created Communism in Russia and also the following Rothschild agents: Solomon Adler, a former United States Treasury official who was a Soviet Spy; Israel Epstein, the son of a Jewish Bolshevik imprisoned by the Tsar in Russia for trying to ferment a revolution there; and Frank Coe, a leading official of the Rothschild owned IMF. Jews were behind the rise to power of Mao Tse Tung, the communist dictator of China, who tortured and murdered tens of millions of Chinese (mostly Christians) during his brutal reign. Sidney Shapiro, an American Jew, was in charge of China’s propaganda organ. Another Jew, Israel Epstein, was Mao’s Minister of Appropriations (Finance).

⁣ENGDAHL: “The word sustainable is the keyword. If we dig deeper it is clear it is code-word for a reorganization of world wealth via means such as punitive carbon taxes that will dramatically reduce air and vehicle travel. The less-developed world will not rise to the developed, rather the other way, the advanced civilizations must go down in their living standards to become ‘sustainable.'”



In May of 1945, the architects of postwar strategy, or, as they liked to call themselves, the "Masters of the Universe", gathered in San Francisco at the plush Palace Hotel to write the Charter for the United Nations. Several of the principals retired for a private meeting in the exclusive Garden Room. The head of the United States delegation had called this secret meeting with his top aide, Alger Hiss, representing the president of the United States and the Soviet KGB; John Foster Dulles, of the Wall Street law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell, whose mentor, William Nelson Cromwell, had been called a "professional revolutionary" on the floor of Congress; and W. Averill Harriman, plenipotentiary extraordinary, who had spent the last two years in Moscow directing Stalin's war for survival. These four men represented the awesome power of the American Republic in world affairs, yet of the four, only Secretary of State Edward Stettinius Jr., had a position authorized by the Constitution. Stettinius called the meeting to order to discuss an urgent matter; the Japanese were already privately suing for peace, which presented a grave crisis. The atomic bomb would not be ready for several more months. "We have already lost Germany," Stettinius said. "If Japan bows out, we will not have a live population on which to test the bomb."

"But, Mr. Secretary," said Alger Hiss, "no one can ignore the terrible power of this weapon." "Nevertheless," said Stettinius, "our entire postwar program depends on terrifying the world with the atomic bomb." "To accomplish that goal," said John Foster Dulles, "you will need a very good tally. I should say a million." "Yes," replied Stettinius, "we are hoping for a million tally in Japan. But if they surrender, we won't have anything." "Then you have to keep them in the war until the bomb is ready," said John Foster Dulles. "That is no problem. Unconditional surrender." "They won't agree to that," said Stettinius. "They are sworn to protect the Emperor." "Exactly," said John Foster Dulles. "Keep Japan in the war another three months, and we can use the bomb on their cities; we will end this war with the naked fear of all the peoples of the world, who will then bow to our will."

Ted Gunderson: Former FBI Chief Exposes 'Illuminati' (disturbing content)
This video is not for the timid. Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson exposes the horror that has been inflicted upon so many men, women, and children.
Ted Gunderson was born in Colorado Springs. He graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1950. Gunderson joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation in December 1951 under J. Edgar Hoover. He served in the Mobile, Knoxville, New York City, and Albuquerque offices. He held posts as an Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge in New Haven and Philadelphia. In 1973 he became the head of the Memphis FBI and then the head of the Dallas FBI in 1975. Ted Gunderson was appointed the head of the Los Angeles FBI in 1977. In 1979 he was one of a handful interviewed for the job of FBI director, which ultimately went to William H. Webster.

After retiring from the FBI, Gunderson set up a private investigation firm, Ted L. Gunderson and Associates, in Santa Monica. In 1980, he became a defense investigator for Green Beret doctor Jeffrey R. MacDonald, who had been convicted of the 1970 murders of his pregnant wife and two daughters. Gunderson obtained affidavits from Helena Stoeckley confessing to her involvement in the murders.
He also investigated a child molestation trial in Manhattan Beach, California. In a 1995 conference in Dallas, Gunderson warned about the supposed proliferation of secret Satanic groups, and the danger posed by the New World Order, an alleged shadow government that would be controlling the US government. He also claimed that a "slave auction" in which children were sold to men in turbans had been held in Las Vegas, that four thousand ritual human sacrifices are performed in New York City every year, and that the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was carried out by the US government. Gunderson believed that in the US there is a secret widespread network of groups who kidnap children and infants, and subject them to Satanic ritual abuse and subsequent human sacrifice.

Gunderson had an association with music producer and conspiracy theorist Anthony J. Hilder and was interviewed by him on various occasions. The two men appeared at numerous conferences together. They both said that the 1993 World Trade Center bombing was a result of FBI agent provocateurs.
Gunderson was a member of the Constitution Party.

This video was made because of the need for the majority of people to understand the truth and to get the word out about what is really happening, feel free to reupload, share, comment,.Ted Gunderson(former Senior Special Agent in Charge FBI in Los Angeles,
Los Angeles FBI.

R.I.P Ted Gunderson 7, 1928 - 31, 2017) was a retired United States Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent In Charge and

Pawns in the Game -Speech by William Guy Carr

It was 1950 before I penetrated the secret that the wars and revolutions which scourge our lives, and the chaotic conditions that prevail, are nothing more or less than the effects of the continuing Luciferian conspiracy. It started in that part of the universe we call heaven when Lucifer challenged The Right of God to exercise supreme authority.

Captain Archibald Maule Ramsey-The Nameless War-Captain Ramsey mentioned in the speech

Domvile Barry Edward From Admiral To Cabin Boy.-(Also mentioned)

⁣Former Russian deputy PM says country in hands of Jewish masonic B’nai Brith.
⁣“The Perestroika deception is Soviet Russia’s faking of its own death in the 1990s as a way of lulling the West to sleep over the communist threat, thus advancing its world communist agenda unhindered.”—Timothy Fitzpatrick

Eventually the goyim will be so angry with their governments (because we’ll blame them for the resulting mess) that they’ll gladly have us take over. We will then appoint a descendant of David to be king of the world, and the remaining goyim will bow down and sing his praises. Everyone will live in peace and obedient order under his glorious rule.

⁣IMPORTANT: The clearest explanation of why the PCR test is not suitable for diagnosis in the words of its inventor the 1993 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry Kary Banks Mullis.
The polymerase chain reaction, known as PCR for its acronym in English (polymerase chain reaction) or as PCR, is a technique of molecular biology developed in 1986 by Kary Mullis. Its objective is to obtain a large number of copies of a particular DNA fragment, starting from a minimum.
It is what is being used as the basic tool of this plandemic to determine the number of "infections", "infected", "asymptomatic" etc. and based on that, all the measures that threaten our freedom and our rights are being applied.
The video is self-explanatory: Its inventor Kary Banks Mullis explains that it is not a diagnostic tool, that the information they provide is not relevant in order to determine if someone is sick and that anything can be found in anyone based on expand those samples.sick and that you can find anything in anyone based on expanding those samples.

Horrors Of Vaccination Exposed And Illustrated [ Petition To The President To Abolish Compulsory Vaccination In The Army And Navy] published 1920.
Cover photo of Hector L Bueso USMC. vaccine injury.I have taken the liberty of displaying his photo,I hope I can help him receive recognition for his debilitating injuries.
Maybe Trump should come and tell these victims face to face of course he wouldn't none of them would they are all the same!!

Jenny McCarthy has written books and spoken out about Vaccine Injury and has suffered abuse and lost work through her stance
revealing her experiences with her own son.Kudos to her and the others that have taken a stand.


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“A slave is one who waits for someone to come and free him.” – Ezra Pound
Captain Archibald Maule Ramsey .
The Nameless War by Archibald Henry Maule Ramsay is a short book on revolutions in Europe caused by Jews and Jewish international bankers. It also explains the hidden events and causes of World War 2 and international hositility to Hitler. "A side of history not seen in history books". Because of attempting to tell people the truth and stop World War 2 from happening, Ramsay (who was a member of the British Parliament) was arrested and imprisoned unjustly by an extension of Regulation 18B.