Did Jeb get a note like Hillary? I wonder what it said?

Looks as though Hillary got a note at the funeral? Wonder what it said?

Hillary Clinton jokes about all black people looking alike!

Rudy Dreams of Justice while Hillary babbles.

The more you know!

Another twatter gem.

another gem from twatter

Found on twatter.

Found on Twatter.

NPC reminds me of a movie from the 1970's The Stepford Wives. Especially in this scene..."I thought you were my friend..."

This is from a talented Anon from the Meme boards on 8chan.

Matt Damon playing Kavanaugh on SNL. Flashback to a 2017 interview of Damon saying if he was falsely accused he would be "scorched earth because you would not take my name or reputation cause I worked too hard for this... I earned it." Oh, the Hypocrisy! (original source here http://insider.foxnews.com/2018/10/01/greg-gutfeld-rips-matt-damon-kavanaugh-snl-skit-praises-kanye-west)

Talk about Kavanaugh's temperament at the hearings remember HRC's temperament? She could have been POTUS!
Thank you @AMPRo1219 for sharing!


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