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Lauren Salzman just testified about the prisoner she kept locked in a room for 2 YEARS. This brings up some interesting things. In this video I look at Nancy Salzman, DOS slaves, Reincarnated Nazis & some High Weirdness out of Mexico. Also - Q Posts link to the NXIVM trial in a most peculiar way.

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Artvoice NXIVM former Nazis:

Epoch Times Vicente Testimony:

Nancy Bio information cradle:

Frank Report Comments re Nancy maiden name:

Loshin Active in Jewish Community:

Nancy Loshin to Wed Doctor newspaper image:

Salzman Ex Patient Complains of Run Around re Patient Records:

Michael Salzman opens laser clinic:

Advanced Laser Clinic:

Court Listener, US v Salzman 2018:

Lauren Salzman Testimony May 2019:

Clare Legatus:


Is Leftism a Cult and if so, what might their doctrine be?
I tell you what I have determined by listening closely to them for a few years.
I go over the ways in which Leftists are like Scientologists by looking at the concept of "Suppressive People" and how once someone has dared to question Cult Doctrine they are ostracized, smeared and attacked. I also go over a whole bunch of people who have been declared to be in violation of Leftist Cult Doctrine.

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Scientology Suppressive Person:

Conservatives fear:

Tory Christman Scientology Suppressives:

Frank Report NXIVM Suppressive:

Anne Marie Waters:

Cassie Jaye:

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The Verge on losing "basic infrastructure" online:

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Kevin J Johnston 2 million judgment:

Carl ..

.. it's the same way they tried to break Ted Kaczynski. The bad news is it looks like the CIA purposely introduced sadistic, self-hating collectivists into the deepest of the deep state. The good news is that after 75 years of trying they have yet to succeed.

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UNABOMBER, Harvard, CIA, Mind control

Donovan Tribute CIA website:

VIDEO: Andrew Breitbart on the Frankfurt School:

CIA and Universities FINAL DRAFT copy:

Spymaster General, Vanity Fair:

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I talk about what has happened to Roger Scruton and show how:
They ruined art, architecture, culture, science, love, dating, music, relationships, families, children, sex, comedy, education, government, democracy, religion, resilience, beauty, food.... and more. They now take pleasure in ruining individual people one by one like the debauched Roman Emperors did when they threw people to the lions. But realize this: you are now free to turn your backs on them. Their rules do not apply to you. ---- for $$ contributions to my work.

Daily Mail - Scruton's own words:

Spectator - Douglas Murray's defense & commentary on the Scruton Smear:

VIDEO: Why Beauty Matters:

VIDEO: The Glorious Pill:

VIDEO: Richie from Boston: #WeDoNotConsent


Owen's epic rant with music by the talented and generous Wintrell Taylor. (@SOAPBOX77 on Twitter)
I like to have some fun sometimes, too. ♥

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As always the connection to the Cabal is only one degree of separation away. Recently arrested Portland professor Niles Lehman connects to a MAJOR pedo swamp creature billionaire. .. I also talk about a little know aspect of NXIVM - human experimentation. MUSIC at extro: by Wintrell Taylor! thank you, @SOAPBOX77 - love your beats!

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Oregon Live / Niles Lehman arrest:

Portland U Arrest:

Scientist of the Year:

Mj Murdoch Charitable Trust listing Lehman:

Lehman in Albany:


CERN MAG, 2003 (page 8) Epstein Donation to Indian Scientists overseen by Harvard:

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Epstein's Foundation Wiki:

Miami Herald Coverage of Epstein Case:

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Templeton Foundation:

Soros' Theory of Reflexivity:

Templeton Grant Database: htt..

This is another case of a Swamp Creature showing up before a terror attack! I go over who that is in the first half. The second half is really cool if you're into spy vs spy stuff. I speculate that one of the victim stories in the news might actually be a coded message from the White Hats letting the cabal know they are loosing control.

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Sri Lanka

US Embassy speaker:

Asia Foundation originally a product of the executive branch, created as a private foundation
so as to appear arms length:

Power: Clinton is a Monster:

Deeper Dive into the Asia Foundation:

Samantha Power from the Echo Foundation bio:

Power in Sri Lanka March 2019:,_Samantha_Power_tells_Sri_Lanka-3-13588.html

FULL TEXT Power's Speech in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Feb 28, 2019:

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"Conspiracy Theories" Cass Sunstein, Adrien Vermeule:

Bronfman Plea Hearing / Cafritz:

Kieran McCool / Lyra Mckee / Ireland shooting of journalist: https://www..

A definite pattern is emerging.
In this video I go over the latest event - which police are calling terrorism - out of Northern Ireland. The shooting death of journalist Lyra McKee has some red flags - was she murdered as part of a cover up of something even bigger?

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#GreatAwakening #Ireland #qanon


Obama Notre Dame:

NBC news:

Hanrahan video of shots:

Sweden car fires no mention of terrorism:

Podesta in NZ:

NZ incident CNN continuing coverage:

Book Deal:

My thoughts.
Talk about a wake up call.

How is one lawyer connected to so many BIG names in the news?
Russia Collusion, Pee Dossier, Haiti Charities, Depp Divorce AND...
a surprise.

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Daily caller chart:

The Center for Global Development:

Waldman Represents Angelina Jolie, made statements re Haiti & orphans:

Deripaska Allowed into US:

Waldman and Wife do charity coordination for all kinds of ppl:{%22issue_id%22:9968,%22view%22:%22articleBrowser%22,%22article_id%22:%2296536%22}

Joel Helmer Endeavor, Waldman, Gov't connections:

Epoch Times, Waldman Assange:

la tIMES, Wyclef Jean:

Observer, 2009, Yo-Yo- Ma / Waldman Wyclef:

Vox: Democracy Alliance:


The Hill: Comey/Assange:

The debunkers like to call citizen journalists & researchers "conspiracy theorists." Oh yeah? Well chew on THIS, fake news! There really was a pizza-related, code-language heavy, international crime ring! That investigation took a large team several years to put together & resulted in a ground breaking criminal trial.

SocialistMop's Comey/Hillary video:

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Dark Side of the Pie:

FBI Partnership with Falcone:

FBI The Pizza Connection story:

The Pizza Connection Book:

How They Used to Handle Criminals / Mafia:

CIA in cooperation with police & FBI:

FBI Joe Pistone:

Clinton also fired FBI chief:

Marc Rich:

Newsmax Disintegration of the FBI:

Is Counterculture now in Charge:

Guardian, Clinton scandals (not a full listing):


I look at the way the "elites" use disaster and misery to profit and entertain themselves. Are their so called humanitarian missions a front for human trafficking?
I focus on Puerto Rico & Haiti and look at Chef José Andrés, Ireland's Denis O'Brien, Mexico's Carlos Salinas, Jeffrey Epstein, Laura Silsby and of course Bill and Hillary Clinton.

These people are all connected. The Swamp is deep and needs to be drained NOW.

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Dinner With Alice:

Clinton, Andres, State Dept, Sep 2013, Shophouse:

Bill Clinton, Andres, World Central Kitchen in Haiti:

José Andrés Evening with Alice:

VIDEO Bernard Sansaricq talking to Trump about Haiti / Clinton Foundation:

Clintons' Haiti Action Network actually opened in 2009:

Firing of Gemma O'Doherty:

Irish Times O'Brien donates to Clintons:

VIDEO takedown of Denis O'Brien:

Gemma O'Doherty's website:

World Central Kitchen Marketing itself on its website:

Pelosi & World Central Kitchen, Fed Gov Shutdown:

Chefs ..

Clare Bronfman secretly (and illegally) had access to Edgar Bronfman Sr's computer for years. This may have exposed the very dirty dealings he had when working to secure Holocaust Reparations from the Swiss Banks. This story is more interesting & revealing than you might know! Join me as I share some of my research.

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Hacking NXIVM Hollywood / Monastery:

Times Union Hack article:

D'Amato's connections to banking:

1997 Bronfman talking to LA Times about Holocaust restitution:

NXIVM Bronfman accused hacking Edgar's email:

D'Amato the phony opportunist, early article:

Swiss Banks call it extortion:

Institute for Historical Review, Hillberg:

Paul Volker:

New York Sun, Investigations into WJC:

Greta Beer:

Research, Restitution and Remembrance:

National ARchives by Greg Bradsher..

Why would a Special Agent - one of the US's foremost experts on Child Trafficking - be called in to look at the fake hate crime on Jussie Smollett? There were no minors involved? Stay tuned to the last part of the video where I go over a theory of what might be going on in Chicago.

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VIDEO on Human Trafficking ft Greg Wing:

Timeline of Smollett case:

Smollett family history, NYT:

Angela Davis:

Smollett sitcom:

Brock Pierce Scandal:

Foxx S0r0s:

Foxx Soros Breitbart:

R Kelly update, Avenatti reps the accusers:

True Pundit Article Sex TRafficking Smollett:

VULTURE Ari Emanuel:

Smollett Attackers in White face?:

Page Six:

Terry Crews:

Tock, Open Table article from Eater: https://..

Gemma O'Doherty scares the gl0balists so much that Youtube wouldn't allow me to upload this video with her name in the title!

Gemma's career as an investigative journalist was ended by Gl0balist forces close to Hillary Clint0n but she has not let that stop her - in fact that event has empowered her. She is the force behind Anti-corruption Ireland, a new movement which hopes to bring together people from across her country to fight the corruption that seeks to end Irish sovereignty and destroy Irish culture. references below:

VICTORY! Gemma's Occupation of Google:

Gemma's Youtube Channel:

Anti Corruption Ireland web site:

Gemma's Journalism web site:


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I have found two BIG swamp creatures that you may not realize are deeply connected to Avenati, Geragos and many Celebrity deaths.
The Deep State knew people would "follow the stars" ... the question is, WHO is directing the movie??
CORRECTION: It's not Rob Static, the man's name was Wayne Static. I apologize for the error.

This ties in to pedogate & fake news, BIG TIME.

#Qanon #GreatAwakening #Avenatti

I discuss the Brock University attack, the stabbing of a priest during mass at St. Joseph's in Montreal and the accusations against an Ontario man. more...

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3 stories for you today.
Operation Varsity Blues dragnet catches big fish including CAA exec,
9:05 - Ghoulish Gould asks Google to censor negative stories about SNC Lavalin and the Liberal government,
14:15 - Scumbags in the Liberal Party of Canada drive people to suicide

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Hill Times:

Buffalo Chronicle:

List of Arrested in Operation Varsity Blues:

Brookfield energy Huge player in 'green' energy pipeline. linked to Bronfmans but "invisible" Ottawa:

Brascan / Brookfield / Bronfman:

SNV Lav is in competition with Brookfield, 2014 CBC:

Bloomberg, Mar 2019, Oaktree Capital, Johnson Controls:

Cloud Hanging over Trudeau:

SNC sells facility management to Brookfield, 2017:

REBEL Wernick's son:

Paul Wern..

Buckle up.
I'm going to show you exactly why no one should listen to these freaks at Media Matters or any of their sick, depraved billionaire donors and associates. These swamp creatures are perverted goons whose crimes are not only covered up but whitewashed by the media! ... more...

They call us names?? They DARE to lecture us about 'tolarance' and 'inclusion?" Are you kidding me? In this video I show the history of David Brock, John & Tony Podesta, George Soros and other mega donors to Media Matters. I also go over the links they have to pe-do-ph-il-ia and how the Clintons help the worst scum of the Earth to avoid jail time.

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Brock young w Frank:

Smearing Anita Hill, TIME:,8599,167355,00.html

Brock Legal Battle:

Daily Beast Crying Article:

Politico, David Brock, War on Fox:

Unreal DAvid Brock 2002:

Wiki Net Worth, Brock, 2017:

TIME, Podesta:

Politico Democracy Alliance Family:

Mother Jones, Brock:

Slate Apologetics for Comet:

Be warned - I was a little upset when I made this. It was dawning on my how close these psychos are to bringing their Technocratic new World into being - they want to turn people into robots and waste into food. In this video I show you parts of a documentary put out by the World Economic Forum..


4th Industrial REvoltuion, WEC:

Crazy Waste to Food Lady's video seems to have been removed! I searched everywhere for it. Her name is Ellen MacArthur in case you want to try and find it yourself.

Freeform! Trigger Warning: Smoking and Beer.
This whole thing with "my truth" is a dangerous new turn of phrase that should be excommunicated from official discourse.

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What do you expect to see when media corruption is exposed? Will the media cover the story fairly? Ummm.. no. They won't. I go over what it looks like when Pundits defend each other, and I show connections between government and PR firms. Sick.
And guys - there is SO much more that I didn't cover. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. References, paypal, bitchute etc below:

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Music by the Incredible Wintrell Taylor.


My last video on the entire scandal re Jody Wilson Raybould and Katie Telford:


Giles Kenningham PR week article:

Broadbent Institute announces PressProgress:

Press Progress:

Alvarro website:

Alvarro Telford Relationship:

Criminal Code:


Jody Wilson-Raybould's most jaw dropping testimony is not being covered by the mainstream press. Why not? Because it was about them and their role in covering up for the government's wrongdoing.

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Bribing Media with Tax Breaks:

Government Panel against "Fake News" CBC:

CBC Fake News Mar 2018:

National Post 2019:

Transcript, Nat Post:

Gov of Canada Election Interference:

Rob Silver 2010 bio:

Archived Copy of Document from Energy Ontario, 2018, showing R0b Silver is still a partner at Crestview:

Greenwald's Piece on Clinton Using Haberman:

Silver's current LinkedIn:

Crestview Strategy Website:

Rob Silver and Carleton:

Disruptive Economy:

Disruptive Economy is about the internet and sustainability:


What does it mean? MORE revelations about modern day journalism as seen through recent @[email protected] posts.
Also - facebook monitors are going through big personal changes, and it's a funny story.

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Extro Music by Wintrell Taylor!

References: Reid Hoffman:

Deep Fake AI too dangerous to release:

How AI is affecting Journalism:

Digiday, Washington Post has published ...

Guardian, 2016:

4 examples of .. Mediashift:

BBC News Labs 2014:

Wordsmith, Wired, 2015:

dAILY cALLER Facebo-k:

#Qanon #GreatAwakening #wwg1wga

Make sure you don't miss the last part!
Good Canadian men and women are basically under attack by politicians and the media for trying to hold the government to account. In this video I go over their tactics with examples from the Yellow Vest and pro-pipeline, oil & gas #UnitedWeRoll Convoy protests that just wrapped up in Ottawa.

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Allegations by CJ Clayton against Convoy's Carritt:

Stay on Message, Experts:

CITY local: Completely Jealous:

Almost a Perfect Protest:

The Post Millennial:

pro pipelines boo nenshi:

Chris Clayton Kelowna is a scammer:

Chris Clayton facebook scam 2:

Chris J Clayton IMdB:

Legaljunkies page:

Calgary Herald about the Split, Jan article:

#WWG1WGA #AntiGlobalism #Ottawa #FakeNews #SmearCampaign


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