I'm just going to continue with my research, I'm not getting any feedback from any of my projects so that's how it goes, I'm calling forth to my daughter.

Herbie Hancock, Rockit, Mixed in with Sickayda Mars Spirit Tech for the best subliminal messages in todays broadcasts, Telepaths, just lay back, put the heads phones on, pump up the bass, and just melt.

In this session I will be using Cheap Sun Glasses from ZZ Top, that little old band from Texas, I Mixed it with some Riddim, Trap, Dubstep, video games, what ever sounded good at the time, the telepaths might actually have some fun with this one, smooth groove for the pro's. Please Like, Subscribe, and Share, I don't make anything from this, I do it because the messages are important.

Stevie Wonder, Isn't she Lovely, here Telepaths, don't get spooked, the messages are getting clearer to help those who are getting curious about what we are doing here, Sickayda Spirit Tech advanced Spirit Music Productions is here to help! Like Subscribe to the subliminal messages and share with others, please!

Information Society, Pure Energy, taken to another dimension and soaked in Sickayda Spirit Tech to create a one of a kind ghost box song, this one is a fast talker, lost of good contact if you know how to roll out the phrases. The messages is clear, Love is Good, Sex is great, neither one pays the bills. like Subscribe and share if you like this new old rock mix Dubstep old meets new.

Roberta Flack, Killing Me Softly, ground up with some true love and lies, passion with an adventure for affairs, build out the spiritual lusts from with in the hearts very desires, Sickayda Mars Paranormal Supernatural, love letter to all of the telepaths, who loves you telepats!!

In this experiment I see if I can get enough of your love, telepaths should feel the power right away, so much fun love here!! Bad Company had it going on back then! mix this awesome song with some riddim and dubstep to produce a great ghost box puzzle! Like Subscribe and share! it's a good solid message for all who might want a good solid song!

In this session I will be using Magic Power by Triumph, mixed it with some dubstep, trap and riddim and presto~! a new Ghost Box puzzle, Telepaths, your messages are in, Defend Earth with your very thoughts. Like, Subscribe and Share! This is an advanced ghost box puzzle, These angels want you to know they are in you. we all have them, it's time to connect, because the broadcast is on.

In this experiment, I give a shout out back to Devon and Bradley on FB. I'm not sure if they are aware that their mind spirit are in contact with me, but their music answered my challenge and are ready to begin the work that is needed in the world, Telepaths, your massages are in, congrats on those who have an ear to hear what the spirit is saying, blessings to those who receive the good light and word of God. Black Magic Woman by Santana mixed into a ghost box using dubstep and riddim to create spirit weapons for God! Please Like, Subscribe and share!!

in this session I worked with the angels that were here and they had a message for the world, The Urantia Book is the key opening up the mind to God, Telepaths, the ,messages is 1st grade level, take a break, paruse the Urantia papers and see if it doesn't ring truth to your inner spirits, that they testify I am alive! Like Subscribe and share if you got the basics of what I'm helping your angels to review.

The Police, Invisible Sun, Sickayda Mars new Mix, settled down here with a lot of Angels working on messages about the suicide problem here in America, Like Subscribe and share and for telepaths, your messages are in!,

In this session I will be using Type O Negatives Summer Breeze, Mashed up with some dubstep and make this baby come alive!! I can hear it talking already, Telepaths check in, the broadcasts are open, the messages are coming in. Like Subscribe and Share.

This video is a response to all the bad influences on FB, I Love all of them, what a freaky ride guys really, being Telepathic with you guys is like being molested on an hourly basis. Now that's friendship! Filter, Take a Picture Mashed up into a ghost box session for your Telepathic pleasure. don't go masturbating, that's not what this is about, the human body is sublime to the inner spirit. if the video stirs your soul, then I have done my job, now think about the power here. Like Subscribe and share if this is offensive to your friends.

In this adventure, we fall down to the bottom of the pit for a quick visit to see how things are going, it's looking like everything is running as planned, the standard ghost box puzzle, but with a twist of death metal. Like Subscribe and share, trust me, I didn't want to have to make this video with anything but this one gif, so enjoy the messages.

In this session I took an adventure with some friends on a group chat, as an experiment it came to be a part of our time spent together, I feel they really influence me on this. Hearts, Barracuda and Said Nya remix, mashed up with some tasty Anime to make your taste buds water, with telepathic delight! let the heart pound, feel what it's like to be alive! PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE if you like this, I'm going in a new direction, show me you like it.

Peter Gabriel games without frontiers, and Sickayda Spirit Tech, make a great match, lot's of great information about how the future will roll out, Telepaths pay attention. Solve my Ghost Box Puzzles. Please Share, Like and Subscribe to my channel so you can keep up to date on new releases.

What a great song, how could we resist. bringing this into the future was a great idea! Karn Evil 9 by ELP, masterpiece, Mashed up with some great anime and dumbstepped for your listening telepathic pleasure, the new age is here, let's resonate together, Like Subscribe and share!

This video is currently being removed from other platforms due to copyright laws,
War, Lowrider, Spirit Tech mash up ghost box puzzle, can you solve the message? telepathic friends, just reaching out to the future that's already here.

For some odd reason, they won't let the song run, so I posted a sister view from You Tube, Def Leopard, Desert Song, Revised into a ghost box puzzle with Sickayda Spirit tech, Tomb Raider, Ecco, and DUBSTEP drops and riddem, I Had a lot of help from the Holy Ghost on this one, I had a little help from other spirits that are experienced in this science. The message is clear, do you like Sickayda? Like, Subscribe and share!! This video is being shadow banned, watch while it's still legal.

MAGA!! there is an inside spirit world and these are the messages, these are spirit communications to the mind, subliminal and healing signals, let the medicine work, Red pill USA!! This is a DubStep Mashup with the Old Adams Family Theme song, It turned into a very nice short sweet message! MAGA!! "S" Like, Subscribe and Share, Stay notified for new releases.

this is an original piece I created last year as an intro, this all started when I started making intro's for my ghost box sessions, but, it's been great, I've been having lots of fun with these spirits helping to recreate great revisions and movements. A shout out to the Telepaths and subliminal receivers, I hope it's coming through!!!! Like, Subscribe and Share!!

All these spirits are fed up about how man can't seem to hear them and their pleads for help in the mind, this ghost box session is just a little venting... Telepathics don't be offended, it's not about you...It's about what man thinks in his mind that they see that hurts them at every turn. Like, Subscribe and Share! I am the Wolf,

The Perry Mason Theme song, Mashed up with Spirit Tech and ghost box acclimated for telepathic pleasure! feel the mind vibrate to the sound, can you catch the story line, I dropped the gifs for clues, but I also purposely misplaced some to throw you off, but the story line will help you solve the puzzle, can you solve the message in the music melody? These sound are strange, but it works, if you rhyme as you listen to what does it sound like they would be saying? Please Like, Subscribe and Share!!

This session is just flat out fun, I raised all of the tones brought the true sounds of the music to life so we can hear the values of the new frequencies being broadcast from this masterpiece, The classic Pink Panther! I did mashup a few cartoon sound clips and effects for some harmony and slapstick! Please Like Share and Subscribe!!

Totos Hold the Line, Mashed up into a ghost box puzzle for your listening and viewing pleasure, all the subliminal messages have been tested the A.I. is safe here, strange how with headphones is sounds great, but at low volume is sounds off key, I listen to everything with power like I glorify God! Telepaths can you hear me yet? do you want spirit truth? Share with your friends and give me a like, if you don't want to miss an upload them subscribe! I don't need nothing else from you, I do this because i love you. Like, Subscribe and Share!!


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Sickayda Paranormal is a group of Christian Paranormal Researchers who deal with the repair of the fighting mind and those who become possessed with "Devils" we take a different approach that the church that is in the world today, it takes real faith in gods words that we speak. Know that the word is with God and the God is in the word, we shouldn't think that we are alone when we think, In our research we have discovered that we are indwelt with spirit beings, We've made contact and have incoming information in contexts on a regular basis, we see it as natural, but the world sees it a supernatural and Paranormal, It's our job to take the risk and move forward into the next level of mind spirit "Doctors" all that's needed is information, they want to know the truth about who they are, are they real, and what is their purpose. They want love and eternal life, God is moving in his people, he's creating a nation.