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In this fun-filled conversation, Gemini Brett, Daniel Giamario and Eric Francis decode the “flat Earth,” digital conditions, and the true nature of our moment. We consider the implications of Eris and Chiron in the eclipse chart, and pay a visit to the astrology of the 1960s.

Today I've got a re-reading of the March 13, 2020 chart of the lockdown of the United States, ordered by Pres. Trump that Friday afternoon. Chiron, the holistic influence, is in the crosshairs.

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Astrologers Eric Francis and Daniel Giamario cover the waterfront in a rambling conversation that leads to the April 8, 2024 total eclipse of the Sun. They cover many facets of eclipses and how they influence society. Included is discussion of 1960s astrology, Chiron, Eris and eyewitnessing celestial phenomena.

Mark Bailey and Eric Francis of Planet Waves talk about the brand new book by Team Bailey, The Final Pandemic. This is a suitable-for-beginniers, medium-short length eBook about what virology is and is not. In the conversation we break down the basic points.

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Most discussions of Sept. 11 focus on the technical, mechanical and political issues. However, the documentary "Explosive Evidence," directed by Richard Gage, ends with a discussion by psychologists about the impact of being confronted by a reality you don’t like and never considered.

Here is the audio from that section of the documentary.

This interview with Uwe Alschner in Germany gets us closer to the core issues in the Reiner Fuellmich situation. I spoke forth the journalist and historian, who has been following the situation closely for more than 18 months. We discuss Fuellmich’s history back to the late 1990s. And there are several different scenarios unfolding in the Corona Committee scenario, including the potential misappropriation of a vast sum of money collected from members of the public hoping to be part of a class-action lawsuit.

In this extraordinary presentation, Eric Francis interviews Richard Gage, the founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Gage is a professional architect who has devoted his life to understanding and teaching about what happened to the World Trade Center skyscrapers on Sept. 11, 2001. We look at the spiritual issues as well as the technical and historical ones.

Ani Black and I talk about the life of one of her closest friends, Erin Sullivan. She was a maestro among editors, who produced the Arkana series of astrology books in the 1990s. These include introducing the world to Melanie Reinhart (Chiron and the Healing Journey) and Geoffrey Cornelius (The Moment of Astrology), among many other authors who are, were (still should be) household names in astrology. This conversation begins with a soft-open, the small talk included, then we get serious.

Here is the GoFundMe for Erin’s after life care:

In this exciting episode of Planet Waves, two “covid” truth titans discuss the tender issue of the shape of the planet. Why does everyone care so much? What was the Venus transit of the Sun, really? Eric Francis, an astrologer and solar system occupant, interviews Amandha Vollmer, a naturopathic doctor who is a thought leader in the globeless community.

Jesse Zurawell, host of Perspective on TNT Radio, discusses journalistic ethics with Eric Francis Coppolino, host of Planet Waves FM and Executive Director of Chiron Return.

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Italian toxicologist Stefano Scoglio discusses his new scientific paper that challenges the existence of graphene. Titled, “Graphene Does Not Exist,” the paper is published exclusively by Chiron Return, the nonprofit producer of Planet Waves FM.

The substance is described as a one-atom thick (therefore, two dimensional) substance made of carbon. (Said in scientific terms, that would be “an atomic scale hexagonal lattice made of carbon atoms.” The chemical formula would simply be C.)

Here is the original paper allegedly documenting its existence, from the journal Science: Electrical Field Effect on Atomically Thin Carbon Fields.

Its existence is taken as an article of faith by the “health freedom” movement, which blames everything for it (including vaccine injury and death).

This is my finally-done video introducing about 15 basic astrology reference books, essential in the library (and the mind) of students. It’s part of Astrology Student Union from Planet Waves. Please enter any questions you may have in the comments field; we will be tracking them.

In this episode, I debrief Alec Zeck of The Way Forward about his epic production of 95 videos dedicated to understanding all facets of truth and lies about the 2020 crisis, the test and the alleged virus.

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In this episode, I debrief Alec Zeck of The Way Forward about his epic production of 95 videos dedicated to understanding all facets of truth and lies about the 2020 crisis, the test and the alleged virus.

For more information or to sign up free go to:

This is an unused conversation between Alec Zeck, myself, Mark Bailey and Michael Bryant introducing the topic of “covid” to a new audience. It’s an out-take from the forthcoming The End of Covid series of videos produced by The Way Forward. Watch this space for additional details.

Lecture: CHIRON AND THE MINOR PLANETS: THEN AND NOW — Eric FrancisAstrological consideration of minor planets is different than at its origin decades ago. Astrology went from four asteroids in the ‘60s to about a million minor bodies orbiting our Sun in 2023. We are nearly one Chiron cycle (50-ish years) into the minor planet era. How does astrology work with this? Astrological author and podcaster Eric Francis will provide a framework of ideas and a basic approach in this discussion. For pre-reading, see his article “Beyond the Veil” in The Mountain Astrologer

British funeral director John O’Looney got his earliest glimpse at the forthcoming “covid” problem the first week of December 2019, when an ordinary “rest chapel” in a hospital — a place where a family can be with its recently deceased loved one — was set up for biohazard protection. This was before there was even a claimed issue in China and more than a month ahead of any concerns in the UK.

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On the new Planet Waves TV, Eric Coppolino interviews FOIA grand mater Christine Massey, and investigative reporter Michale Bryant. We discuss the ongoing revelation that Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is concealing from its supporters its knowledge that governments of the world admit SARS-CoV-2 does not exist.

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Dr Jay Couey is Robert F. Kennedy’s science advisor. While Kennedy takes politically convenient and socially popular positions, he usually defers to scientists on the technical issues. Here, I interview one of them and we find out what he really knows.

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Meredith Miller, a trauma healing coach, speaks candidly about the abuse people have been through, which was called a “pandemic.” She explains the ways that society functions as a family system, and now tyranny was pushed to the dinner table.

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Listen to a conversation between medical doctor and researcher Mark Bailey in a conversation with investigative reporter Eric Coppolino. We start the conversation in Wuhan in December 2019 and take it step by step from one sick 41-year-old man in China to locking down the entire world three months later. We discuss medical paranoia, the medical system and most of all, the fraud that is virology itself.


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