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Kia ora!

FONNZA signing off for reasons in this video.

Come what may next...

I'm not going away, nor will I quit the fight; I am acknowledging the end of a season.

I hope to see you all around.

I will continue on my Ministry Channel: YouTube - 'Carl Bromley'.

I will also probably post on 'isitjustmenz' - YouTube...

Or I might do something new.

Definitely looking at the possibility of standing as an independent MP or for the local Council.

Come what may next...

Thank you to all those who have supported FONNZA, and me personally.

I can't express how much that has meant and continues to mean.

Much love.

Stay safe, stay sane, be happy, have fun!


We need more businesses like Lotus Heart to stand up and stand out for freedom of choice.

No individual should expect others to DO SOMETHING so the person wanting them to do it 'Feels better'

Lets support these freedom friendly businesses all we can!

Im getting Biblical here...

If you are not interested, feel free to scroll by.

If you want an insight to what is happening in NZ and Globally from a Biblical world view, then listen in.

Fantastic Video by YouTuber PHD Mr Ian Froggat.

Share, share share!

Takes the figures and simply breakdowns the Infection fatality rates by age for Covid 19, with real-life comparisons.

Very well done, with good humour too.

NZ and many Kiwi's live in persistent, shameless violation of the Nuremberg code with the unpreceded, violent coercion, and duress placed upon other Kiwis to receive the experimental MRNA Covid therapy jab.

People are threatened with loss of job, relationships, income, mortgage house, status and freedom if they do not comply, bow down against their convictions and get jabbed with a chemical that has clear, documented serious VAERS outcome for a disturbing number of people, including permanent injury and possible fatality.

Not to mention the FACT that this MRNA experimental jab is still in its TIRAL phase, and will be until around 2023.

This, in my view, represents the most atrocious crimes against humanity to date, given the global scale.

Wicked, evil, and utterly unethical on so many levels.

May God have mercy on us all.
(Special thanks to @QuirousKiwi on Telegram for excellent video input.)

How many 'once in a life time' sacred and special moments are this woman and her cohorts responsible for raping from peoples lives by their mandates, legislation, and sanctions?

And yet this!

The vilest piece of virtue signalling perhaps from Jacinda Ardern playing the martyr and victim card.

Vomit worthy I feel.

Mandatory Vaccines "unlikely," says Deputy PM...

Interview with golden boy Marxist media propagandist Marc Daalder and Gestapo Director of Health, the idolised Ashley Bloomfield talking about summer not to look forward to. Scum bags!

My Hearts Appeal re the MRNA Experimental Jab:

Please share if you agree and care.

Accomplished Trans Tasman Musician, Singer Song Writer, and Patriot Freedom advocate, 'Aly Cook' joins me in an interview promoting 'The Eyes Open' Collectives New Release 'Hello, Hello' and a playlist of '2021 Songs of Freedom', findable on both 'Spotify' and 'YouTube'

Or search: '2021 songs of Freedom' on Spotify or Youtube

SHARE SHARE SHARE the playlist.

Kylie is a public figure, public speaker, Business entrepreneur and coach who is putting it all on the line for her nation Australia.

Melbourne based, and protesting; Kylie is on the front line, literally dodging bullets, pepper spray and witnessing first-hand the atrocities of a totalitarian Police State under the POWER of an Evil Daniel Andrews.

You'll be gobbed smacked and inspired by what Kylie shares.

Please SHARE THIS VIDEO EVERYWHERE YOU CAN to expose the tyranny of the UN agenda engulfing and destroying our nations, both in New Zealand, Australia and all around the world.

Ivor is a very smart guy, a great statistician and researcher who used Govt data and simple presentations of the data to debunk the madness.

Please share, and subscribe to Ivors YouTube Channel.

He is gold and a wealth of information to debunk the insanity,

Links below.



Twitter: @fatemperor

Masks: the madness, the material and the motivation.


Why Don't Kiwi's see What Those Who Have Fled From Totalitarian Dictators And States Can?

Talk to people who fled Totalitarian despot, dictatorship states and asked them why they are concerned about New Zealand?

They see what Kiwis don't see; because they fled for freedoms from countries who were at where we are now heading...and maybe where we have arrived.

A sad and grievous day when true patriots are arrested for peacefully protesting against draconian legislation and enforcement of a Level 4 Lockdown.

A grievous day to see NZ Police act as the foot soldiers for Jacinda Aderns Totalitarian UN driven globalist State, progressing the agenda of the Globalist through such politicised causes like Covid and man-made climate change etc.

This is a dangerous Govt no longer representing the best interests of Kiwis.

Many Kiwis are suffering and more have died and will die due to this Marxist Govt hell-bent trajectory of aiding the establishment of a centralised UN globalist Govt.

And most Kiwi's sit by asleep, to cowardice to say or do anything.

What about you?

Hows your day been?

Hope you are coping ok.

Some reflection on Day one in Jacinda-stad New Zealand's Totalitarian State.

NZ will go into full lockdown level 4 at midnight tonight as Prime minister Jacinda Adern, the destroyer of this Nation, shuts the country down forget this....ONE case in Auckland she quote "Assumes" is a delta variant case (Whatever!).

Evil, wicked. She does not care.

This Government does not represent New Zealand.

I do not concur, I do not consent, I will not be complicit, and I will not comply.

The fundamental issue: Gagging, censorship & cancel culture.

See for yourself.

Are adult juveniles running a muck in the Behive, making a mockery of NZ Govt?

Are there not any Adult MP's willing to call out this immaturity tantamount to the behaviour of the teenage bully you'd see in ya high school?

You decide.

Exciting to announce our first FONNZA RALLY (MEETING)

14th of August - 7pm


Venue to be advised


This will help determine the venue.

Excited. looking forward to meeting together.



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