What Will Be

I just wanted to be able to watch an edit of this episode
without the flashbacks and in chronological order.
I couldn't figure out what was wrong with the editor that I got black borders.

Which look do you like better? I'm leaning toward the white one being used most, but perhaps the black for a darker story.

I love color temperature to fix a bad white balance and wish that I knew about Hitfilm Express back when I did this, but then again it would have been too overwhelming for me then.

She liked Winnie the Pooh

Question: are people who are wearing the mask more concerned with the virus or government?

This was a survey turned interview. If you're interested in me
going around conducting an actual survey with this particular question let me know.

The audio was actually better than expected, but the guy speaks a little quietly at some points.
Since I was planning on shorter conversations I had expected to be able to check the cameras
more often, but one of them quit halfway through. Luckily, the whole conversation is still here unlike last time.

I've got a microphone on the way that will hopefully resolve these problems in the future.

A semi Sci-Fi all-dystopian story that got a little too close to home for me since it was written before the riots and lockdown

Question: are people inhernetly good? Nah.

This is still the equipment testing phase and I found the DSLR stops too often.
I've since gotten a couple of camcorders that I think can work better together.

This won't go the way they think.
2020 is a great year to put the Star Wars back in the sequel trilogy.

This is a slightly modified version of my May 4th upload where most important
to me the red background behind Snoke has been removed.

At first I wasn't sure how Rey was going to leave the planet in the re-edit.
So once again here's something I tested out and didn't use.

So at least you can see that I removed Rey complaining about her hand being held.

This scene didn't make it into the final edit because I have Rey and Fin meet in a different way. But early on I edited this for a scene in which they were already friends and liked each other, but it doesn't look like it's going to get used in Hindsight. So here it is.

Sneak peek at what is in store.

We never really got an explanation for the demonic technology in this Scooby-Doo Movie.

I learned there was a 2019 sequel to Scooby-Doo Zombie Island
I think it's rotten, so I don't care about spoilers. You've been warned.

I talk about the edit here: https://steemit.com/hive-106158/@whatwillbe/hindsight-prologue

This is the prologue to my proposed "fan" edit of
Disney Star Wars where maybe there's a better story here in the edit.

Calling it, "Hindsight."

Please imagine this was the first thing you saw in the theater
back in 2015. What do you think of this as the beginning?

This handling of Luke isn't my first choice, but at least opens up a new possibility.

It turns out there was a half-decent story here that they kept interrupting with strange crap.

The video quality isn't mine, but it's a good edit.

Merry Christmas.

Hear what is happening to Ivan Ortega.

I want to say Bitchute has been good to me in terms of views. So I want to apologize for not posting the serials more regularly, but I was getting copyrights on music where I thought I would be in the clear, but honestly I was in the wrong and needed to find another source. I think I can go back into production soon. Stay tuned.

Last Jedi: re-edit

Ivan's Announcement: https://youtu.be/_K6TT0FygzY

BJ - Episode 5

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A dark side retelling of the Star Wars original trilogy.

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