War Room

Will Johnson takes calls, then has in studio a guest that has a story of a miraculous recovery from serious health issues. Then Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies comes in studio to discuss topics from censorship to the tech giants ever growing thirst for power through suppression.

Travis Graham once faced liver disease, but thanks to the supplements offered at InfowarsStore.com he was able to regain his health! Travis joins Will Johnson in-studio to discuss the path to health by using natural remedies and how they helped his liver transplant!

MSM is now trying to accuse President Trump of elevating himself when he referred to himself as "the chosen one" while talking to reporters about dealing with China. Alex Jones joins Zach Vorhies and Will Johnson to reveal who chose Trump!

Rashida Tlaib claims she is being persecuted by the state of Israel and President Trump because she Israel chose to cancel her state visit. Will Johnson breaks down the left's plot to defeat the President.

ANTIFA is now using political violence to push their leftist agenda. Will Johnson explains why America is now at war with the left.

Big Tech promotes leftist ideas on their platforms in an attempt to indoctrinate young minds. Harrison takes your calls on how patriots can expose this and save the next generation.

Harrison Smith explains why patriots in 2019 now face "humanity's crucible" and must do whatever it takes to stand against the anti-human agenda of the elite.

A photo showing Ghislaine Maxwell eating at an In-and-out burger has now been exposed for being photoshopped. Harrison breaks down possible motives for this faked image.

Infowars has promoted water filtration for decades and now studies prove how important it is for all people to have knowledge about their water supply.

Harrison Smith exposes how liberal policies have actually widened the economic gap between the very rich and very poor.

Kris Blough calls in to discuss with Harrison how the rally in Portland went and how the patriotic network is growing by leaps and bounds!

The "King of YouTube" Felix Kjellberg, a.k.a. PewDiePie, has officially tied the knot and Harrison Smith has a message for him and his beautiful bride on their big day!

Harrison Smith attended the rally in Portland over the weekend and was able to get undercover video that exposes the true motives of patriots that were there.

A new report reveals the effects of fluoride on the IQ of adolescents. Harrison Smith breaks down the report and explains why Infowars is tomorrow's news today.

Harrison Smith covers the origins of water fluoridation in America. Don't miss this vital information that will help you protect your loved ones from poison in the water supply.

Will Johnson guest hosts for Owen Shroyer and discusses how Christianity has become the biggest enemy of the left. He takes calls and discusses the Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib Israel stuff. Alan Keyes joins him in the third hour to discuss abortion and how it doesn't matter what the "Death-o-crats" say, stick to your message not theirs.

The left spreads a false narrative about Christianity in order to gain political power in the name of "social justice". Will Johnson takes your calls on what can be done to combat these lies that target patriots.

The "Death-o-crats" continue to push an agenda of death for those they don't consider to be "human". Dr. Alan Keyes joins Will Johnson in studio to discuss the best ways to get the truth out to those that need it and much more!

Congressmen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib held a press conference in which they criticized President Trump and Israel. Will Johnson exposes the lies by these radical leftists.

A feminist protester sucker punched a news reporter while he was reporting on their march. Will Johnson breaks down this shocking attack on freedom of the press.

Mayor Ted Wheeler held a press conference in which he portrayed conservatives as "white nationalists". Will Johnson was at the event this past weekend and sets the record straight!

Now that Jeffrey Epstein is dead many inconsistencies have come to light in his alleged suicide. Rebecca Wright & Savanah Hernandez break down those discrepancies as the globalist narrative unravels.

On August 17th there will be a rally against political violence in Portland Oregon with ANTIFA now promising to disrupt the event... with violence. Joe Biggs & Enrique Tarrio join the Will to expose the radical left's hypocrisy.

John Michael Chambers joins Will to discuss the complex sex trafficking rings operating worldwide and how H.R. 1865 may help defeat the globalist agenda.

The leftists in the MSM continue to celebrate the decline of white people in America. John Michael Chambers joins Will to break down this racist narrative.


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The War Room is the latest extension of Infowars live programming. The War Room is hosted by Owen Shroyer and features Roger Stone and Mike Cernovich as well as many other powerful guests. The War Room is broadcast out of the Infowars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas, from 3pm-6pm central standard time.