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Short on time, but still want to stay informed? Today's War Room Highlights covers clips from all 3 hours of the broadcast with your host, Owen Shroyer, along with special guests Alex Rosen and Jesse Lee Peterson!

Jesse Lee Peterson joins Owen in a conversation about the severe obesity problem American are having and what is causing it.

Alex Rosen joins Owen to discuss his recent undercover reporting and what he sees happening ahead of the midterms.

Jesse Lee Peterson joins Owen to talk about the attacks on Herschel Walker and other conservatives for having made poor choices many years ago.

Owen finally agrees with the left for the first time after they admit what conservatives knew all along.

As the Biden Administration is reeling after the OPEC disaster, Joe now turns his attention to Venezuela where sanctions might be lifted in order to stop pumping oil to the United States. Anything to help them in the midterms, even working with oppressive communists. As Democrats ramp up their attacks on Herschel Walker they make an incredible admission... abortion is murder. Owen Shroyer has other breaking news when it comes to the midterms as well. Alex Rosen went undercover in the Beto campaign and captured them taking advantage of elderly voters, he joined the show to discuss. Jesse Lee Peterson joins the show for a few laughs, lamenting on the fat girls in high school trying to take him to prom, after we review the declining health of Americans.

Owen breaks down why Joe Biden is being treated like a nobody on the world stage and why that's not good for America.

Short on time, but still want to stay informed? Today's War Room Highlights covers clips from all 3 hours of the broadcast with your host, Owen Shroyer, along with special guest Darren Beattie!

Darren Beattie joins Owen to break down why Elon Musk has the left running scared now that he's about to own and run twitter.

Darren Beattie joins Owen to discuss the justice system that is being weaponized against Trump supporters.

Owen previews shocking undercover footage of senior citizens being taken advantage of by Democrats yet again.

Owen explains why the coming energy crisis with OPEC may be worse than once thought thanks to Joe Biden.

Owen calls out the lying former vice President as he embarrasses himself by telling a made up story to victims of Hurricane Ian.

The American energy and oil crisis is about to become one of the greatest disasters in American history thanks to Joe Biden. Not only have Russia and Saudi Arabia balked at Biden’s request to save him ahead of midterms, instead they cut even more oil production which will certainly hurt America. In response, Biden releases more of the strategic oil reserves which are now almost at nothing and won’t help the issue. Biden had a chance to redeem himself as he finally made it down to Florida after Hurricane Ian, but decided to lie to Floridians and politicize the Hurricane as well. Dr. Darren Beattie joins to show to discuss the latest revelations in FBI involvement in riots, plus a big new story on the D.C. pipe bomber. Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has liberals panicked. Alex Jones gives an epic press conference outside the Connecticut court room.

Owen talks to a few callers that have some interesting opinions about topics rarely talked about.

A very powerful message about the importance of standing your ground in life.

Owen comments on the latest tragic update about the consequences of taking the covid vaccine.

MSM is shocked that the concerns of American citizens do not align with the communist values so common on the left.

Stacy Abrahams and Cory Bush are fully exposed in this montage of truth and wen is not surprised.

Owen explains why hate truly has a home on the left side of the isle.

It’s not been more obvious that Democrats are just blatantly lying to the American people, but also that their policies are authoritarian and totalitarian by definition. How much longer can the American people put up with or service such leadership? Poll results show Americans understand the issues, the question is can the media convince them these problems are caused by Republicans. More bad news for vaccinated individuals as 9 in 10 deaths in the UK are vaccinated individuals and now the FDA is hiding the vaccine status of deceased individuals in the United States. The situation at the border might be worse than ever, with unaccompanied minors being trafficked in and now military aged men crossing in army gear with guns.

Short on time, but still want to stay informed? Today's War Room Highlights covers clips from all 3 hours of the broadcast with your host, Owen Shroyer, along with special guest Anthony Aguero!

Owen calls out the MSM as they attempt to cast Vladimir Putin as using the rhetoric of a Republican.

Anthony Aguero joins Owen to discuss the shocking footage Anthony filmed of children that appear to be drugged at America's southern border.

Owen exposes the dark side of plastic surgery as they exploit minors to promote transgender surgery in children.


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