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Biden has campaign event & no one shows up to Biden campaign events or MoveOn’s 130 impeachment rallies yet media polls tell us Trump is behind? Are they preparing the public for a cyberhacked election? Did Argentina’s grid get hacked? Is the Pentagon hacking Russia’s grid or is it fake news? And, Facebook is pushing a cryptocurrency to be the global currency and they already have alliances with governments and big players.

Another attack on the First Amendment, this time on the free exercise of religion. NY state has just outlawed religious exemptions for vaccines. Can you trust the FDA, CDC, BigPharma & NY state to protect you from harmful drugs? What are people’s concerns about liberty and health?

With one USB drive, Iran’s nuclear program was shut down with the Stuxnet worm. How vulnerable is our power grid where every “smart” appliance and “smart meter” is a point of entry for either attack or failure?

Is the NYT lying about escalating cyberattacks on Russia’s power grid? Trump says it’s fake news. But why are Bolton & the head of US Cyber Command bragging about it?

Nothing demonstrates the ruthless cruelly of the corporate fascist government —China, Inc— like the eyewitness report of organ harvesting from LIVE dissidents. But don’t expect Hollywood to do a movie about Tiananmen or the Hong Kong freedom movement. The biggest film producer has become China, Inc.

Facebook is about to announce a global cryptocurrency in a bid to become the world’s central bank. Promising “know your customer” intel on steroids, they have government signing on to the scheme and wealthy individuals buying in as controllers. Meanwhile, BitCoin is surging. Are they creating volatility?

As large corporations did with the “Dark Act”, sweeping aside state & local regulation of glyphosate & GMOs by “regulating” from Washington, there’s a push to “regulate” driverless cars from Washington to eliminate all safety regulation.

A caller from Minnesota calls to talk about a pride event and a corresponding straight event. Is pride a good thing? What does God say about pride? Does everyone else have to shamed if they don’t celebrate your sexual activity?

David responds to a Twitter question, a mother insecure about her ability to homeschool

What do today’s attacks in the Strait of Hormuz portend for the desired war with Iran? Gerald Celente joins to talk about war, peace and economic future shocks. As Assange’s extradition order is signed by UK bureaucrat, Trump says he would absolutely take information about his opponents from a foreign source and there’s nothing wrong with it. Then, MORE collusion of internet oligarchs as Project Veritas exposes Pinterest blacklisting of individuals and Christian terms in general, Twitter suspends them and Google takes down the video.

Gillibrand equates being pro-life with being racist and Democrat called those defending the lives of babies “sex-starved males”.

Assange’s extradition order was signed today as Trump said he’d have no problem taking information from a foreign source about an opponent and there’s nothing wrong with doing that. So why is Assange being extradited? Oil stocks were down yesterday by nearly 4% just before 2 ships were attacked in the Strait of Hormuz. Oil stocks immediately jumped 4%. What would war with Iran and mean for the global economy? Gerald Celente,, joins

Is it a culture war or a religious war? Do Christians and churches know they’ve been blacklisted and censored by Google, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook? Do they understand the goals of the movement?

Does Trump know how his base is silenced and purged on social media?

In 1974, Biden bragged about being the youngest senator and “whether you like it or not, young lady, us cruddy politicians can take away that First Amendment of yours if we want to”. It wasn’t a gaffe but a consistent position of Biden in opposition to natural rights, God-given rights, that he later attacked in the Clarence Thomas hearings.

After decades of leading the fifth column in the GOP, George Will has flown his flag.

Biden’s campaign promise to cure cancer is absurd. But it’s a thinly veiled sympathy signal while ignoring the cancer of government regulation that protects corporate interests at the expense of public health

Phony promises and virtue signaling as Biden promises to cure cancer if elected President but he leads Trump and may win if the president doesn’t act on his wall promise. Then, is TX Gov Abbott the man who could break global tyranny by acting at the state level? And, Eric Peters,, censored by YouTube for questioning federal safety mandates, tells you the one thing you must have in your car to protect yourself.

It’s not clear that Americans value or want liberty anymore. But the people of Hong Kong are used to living in a free society and they’re not going quietly into communist control. More riots

The crowdfunded border wall built by “We Build The Wall” international has been forced open by an “international agency” — the International Boundary & Water Commission. David Knight points out the problem with that. It’s the same problem with NAFTA and USMCA — sovereignty.

As Biden & other Democrat candidates sign on to compelling taxpayers to fund abortions against their consciences, the left has just sued to stop President Trump protecting the choice of doctors and nurses who choose NOT to perform abortions. Only ONE choice is allowed by the left.

Eric Peters,, joins as his video talking about the merits/demerits of safety equipment has been deemed too dangerous by YouTube. Then, Eric tells you the ONE thing you MUST have in your car to protect yourself. And, the days of Smokey & the Bandit may be long gone & too “dangerous, hateful” for Hollywood to contemplate, but someone just pulled it off with a high speed pursuit of a Hellcat. But the future looks more like mandatory breathalyzers for ALL cars and perhaps a robotic extension to cop cars to protect cops (and drivers) from human interaction

The callous disregard for public health in the 5G rollout, in the life sentence for a cancer patient for medical cannabis 1 day before it was legalized should tell you the govt has no regard for your safety, merely how they can control you. But they’re not content to manipulate the hive mind. Both DARPA & China openly admit they’re in a race to wirelessly control minds. Then, the absurd “climate change” narrative gets sillier as Romney pushes “carbon taxes” & Bloomberg looks to kill coal — again. And, the Kim Dotcom case tells us the govt endgame for internet control and David Knight explains how it can be stopped at the local level.

Outsourcing our industry to China has worked so well that Trump is now outsourcing protection of the US border to Mexico. Yet they are already stonewalling (on information). And George Will & globalists resort to the lie that we need foreigners to replace our collapsing population while at the same time180 corporations tell us we must step up abortions.

Efforts to punish Kim Dotcom as the feds have punished Ross Ulbricht of Silk Road for content published on their sites by users is not only a violation of 1996 Communications Decency Act sec 230, but a move to intimidate all public square sites into government directed censorship


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