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Democrats offer condolences to “Easter worshippers” as media does all it can to hide the clash of religions and cultures they’ve created. Then, Earth Day 2019 and electric vehicles produce more CO2 than diesels as climate researchers admit their models & predictions have failed — they’ll need more grant money. And, Sec State Pompeo, former CIA Director, openly discusses the evil ethos of the CIA and California goes to war against CBD (even though it’s been declared legal at the federal level)

Government is a protection racket to shake you down but the hypocrisy is stunning when we look at California’s escalating war on CBD or the shakedown of kids with lemonade stands, lawn mowing or snow shoveling for pocket change.

Don’t use the term “Christian” — say “Easter worshippers”. Don’t say “suicide bombers”, “Muslim” or “jihadists” — say “terrorists”. It’s an orchestrated clash of religions and no one in western media or government will tell you the truth.

In remarks at Texas A&M, Mike Pompeo admits the institutional ethos of the CIA is “we lie, we cheat, we steal”. Then he describes how the military industrial complex lied to Trump about Syria.

It was always about the meta-data and here’s how they spy on you, recording and anticipating your every movement

FoxConn CEO says a sea goddess told him to run for Taiwanese president and on this Earth Day the growing environmentalist religion tells us “The End is Near”. It’s been 49 years since the first Earth Day and although CO2 levels have risen 27% (“highest in a million years”), why isn’t the sea level 30 ft higher as the paleoclimatoligists tell it was then? Why haven’t the ice caps melted? And, electric vehicles are less green than — DIESELS!

Oh, the shame of being rich for a socialist! As Bernie struggles to explain his wealth, he inadvertently makes the case for capitalism

Good Friday ends a week that began with the Notre Dame fire as Christianity is crumbling in America but winning converts in former ISIS-controlled towns. A Hong Kong pastor, jailed for protests, makes the case that liberty is founded on his faith. Then, Nick Begich joins to look at how Trump’s pivot to war & Bernie’s pivot to peace and border will affect Americans and the 2020 election. And, vaccine mandates are being pushed by both liberals & conservatives, now as a federal mandate. But what about individual freedom and parental rights?

Joe Lieberman & Tom Ridge are joining forces in a bi-partisan push for mandatory vaccination, preemptively and at the national level, in the name of “national security”. What about individual freedom and parental rights?

The LGBT identity poster-child finally unveils a policy — and its authoritarian to the core. And, nearly 100 abortion workers have sought a new job after seeing “Unplanned”.

Was there a Tesla in Notre Dame? And what of the short clip, just before the cathedral fire, that is going viral on social media?

Ending the endless, pointless foreign wars of the military industrial complex was a key issue for many Trump supporters. Now Bernie, in spite of his voting history, is pivoting TO peace as Trump pivoting AWAY. Nick Begich joins to look at the political implications of this moral, constitutional issue.

Why do many on the left who call themselves “pro-choice” reject the freedom to make informed health choice about medicine that is prohibited or about to be mandated with vaccine mandates? Nick Begich joins.

AG Barr live press conference on Mueller Report — will it be used to target Assange? Nick Begich on the vital importance of whistleblowers, Gerald Celente on 5G & 2020 elections and a flashback to 1996 when media pushed FAKE church fires conspiracy to get Clinton re-elected

Gerald Celente joins to talk about the betrayal of BREXIT but also the resistance in the EU capital, Brussels, to 5G as Bernie Sanders pivots and panders to the establishment

Nick Begich joins: the vital importance to liberty of whistleblowers like Assange & WikiLeaks

Police stop an arson attempt at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC. Remember when the Clintons & mainstream media LIED about fires at black churches to get him re-elected? And, secular elites unleash their hatred for Notre Dame as a symbol of Christianity & western civilization — will they remake it as a shrine to their new world secularism?

Live coverage of AG Barr’s press conference — who & why was the decision made that there was no obstruction, Trump may be exonerated but the Mueller report may still be used to come after Assange

UK government says Gatwick drone crisis that kept 140,000 stranded for days may have been “an inside job” or it may not have existed at all. But don’t dare question the Notre Dame fire was anything but an accident. Church attacks, suspicious video, social media taunting by Islamists, and censorship by FOX news. Then, volunteer TJ Morris joins with an eyewitness account of media cover-up of FEMA’s failure as feds prepare to leave Florida’s panhandle months after Hurricane Michael with only 10% of the job done. And, Bernie’s supporters are disillusioned about his silence on Assange. Should they be surprised the Marxist fossil disses free speech after he censored and slandered InfoWars?

TJ Morris joins to talk about FEMA’s bureaucratic failure months after Hurricane Michael with only 10% remediation, squalid conditions and mainstream media refusing to report. Morris and others are stepping up to do what bureaucracy won’t as FEMA prepares to leave. Here’s how you can help at

Is Notre Dame simply “art & architecture” as Ilhan Omar said or a “gift to the human species” as Buttigieg said? There’s more to Notre Dame than that, and there’s more to the attacks on churches than globalist politicians and mainstream media will admit.

It sounds like the phony narrative of the Skripal poisoning. Although the investigation will take dozens of investigators months, CNN & FOX push the French government’s forgone conclusion that Notre Dame fire is “accidental”. Who is the person filmed in the cathedral, after everyone left & before the fire, wearing what looks like a turban & robe?

Another reminder that comrade Bernie is a Marxist.

Al Green throws MLK’s goal of a color-blind society under the bus as he makes committee hearing all about race but the top 4 in the Dem primary are all white males. Buttigieg is horrified but blames his supporters.

The border has totally collapsed with more than 100,000 KNOWN crossings in March — more than the population of Mayor Buttigieg’s city. Trump says he will stuff sanctuary cities with illegal aliens. Will it backfire if he does? Then, Joe Banister, the only IRS criminal investigator to turn whistleblower joins to talk about his experience and his new book. And, why have the establishment of BOTH parties turned on Assange and the free press?


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