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The FDA may be able to strike down on states that don't start requiring more children to be vaccinated. The measles "outbreak" has people going crazy and the media is jumping on it. David Knight breaks down what is currently happening with the FDA and their soon to be mandatory vaccine bill.

Like Northam, Smollett is just another distraction to keep us from seeing the agendas of infanticide, forced vaccinations by Trump’s FDA commissioner and its all possible because of weaponized censorship used against both Dem Tulsi Gabbard on the left & Rep. Roy Moore on the right. But the source is the military industrial complex. Then, after the ISIS bride’s 2 jihadi husbands left her for 72 virgins, she files a lawsuit to come to America because she claims “anchor baby” status.

24 year old Hoda Muthana joined the Islamic State and has been begging to come back to the United States. She has been denied re-entry and her father is trying to sue to get her back in.

Tulsi Gabbard & Roy Moore have both been in the media and David Knight gets into a Zerohedge article showing how media has tried to bash the both of them.

Supreme Court weighs in unanimously on “civil forfeiture”. Coast Guard officer accused of plotting to “kill every last person on earth” with a biological attack and/or civil war so mainstream media focuses on the threat to liberal politicians & reporters. Then Gerald Celente looks at whether Trump will be able to reign in the Fed Reserve before the election. And the health threat from 5G while mandatory vaccinations are being pushed in 100 bills in 30 states.

Youtube is currently under fire because companies have been pulling their ad campaigns from the platform because there are reports that indicate pedophiles are commenting on videos of young children. David Knight also gets into David Gergen saying that if Roger Stone goes to jail he may be raped...

A coast guard officer has been suspected of coming up with a hit list of top Democrats and mainstream media journalists. He was recently arrested and is currently held without bond, David Knight gives his take on how the MSM is reporting on this issue.

Gerald Celente joins David to discuss topics regarding the increase in interest rates and why the military should not intervene in South America.

David Knight covers how the court has unanimously ruled that states have to comply to the constitution's ban on excessive fines, which will likely limit the states ability to levy certain fees and seize property.

Bernie Sanders loves to promote socialism and campaigned on the idea. David Knight brings to light a video from 1985 when he was praising Nicaragua and Cuba. He has announced he will run for President AGAIN...

Measles have been a trending topic in the mainstream media and has been called an outbreak. David reviews a video showing measles over time and how people reacted to it then.

Bernie Sanders thinks America wants socialism but Americans think our biggest problem is government itself — unable to even keep its massive bureaucracy funded. After attacking Columbus, the Democrats move on to John Wayne. Then, why didn’t people take measles seriously in the 50s, 60s, 70s? A look at measles on TV and new health risks posed by 5G

David Knight brings back a classic video when John Wayne stormed Harvard University after being challenged by the school newspaper.

Pope Francis has come out and said "too many Christians shy away from the social gospel because they are afraid the church will end up looking like the communist party" David Knight gives his take on the matter.

A convoy of angry Albertans and other westerners rolls into Ottawa Tuesday for a mass protest against federal energy and environmental policies that has also become a magnet for extremist, anti-immigrant elements. Sen. Elizabeth Warren's proposal to extend affordable childcare to everybody relies on dishonest accounting to create the impression that it is more fiscally sound than it may actually be in reality. Marc Morano joins David to discuss the Green New Deal and his recent article.

Marc Morano joins David Knight to discuss the Green New Deal and to describe how ridiculous it is.

Democrats who have announced that they will run for President, show their true colors by saying they would take the border wall down. Near the Texas border an ambush by gunmen from a faction of Los Zetas killed one Mexican soldier and injured two others in Nuevo Laredo. Three attackers working for a convicted terrorist also died in the incident just south of Laredo, Texas. Democrats love to believe that there is no issue among the border...

20th Century Fox’s Alita: Battle Angel led the box office for the weekend, making its expected earnings even as the overall results found it to be the slowest Presidents Day weekend for Hollywood in fifteen years.

Tom Brady has revealed some details about his wife and how she has been helping him win throughout his career. David Knight explains...

“Is there any good reason, other than political correctness, why abortion is not defined as & declared immoral & illegal, as THE hate crime of our era?” tweeted Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier.

David Knight exposes globalist shill Chris Wallace and breaks down why Donald Trump using executive orders is nothing like what Obama did with Obamacare.

IBM's Project Debater, an artificially-intelligent robot designed to debate humans, recently squared off against Harish Natarajan, a grand finalist in the 2016 World Debating Championships.

Today's broadcast covers the trending topics with McCabe and Smollett. David gives his take on how the mainstream media has been portraying Jussie Smollett and now the narrative has changed. Then Huffington Post has an article trying to justify late term abortions. Fox News has Rush Limbaugh on to say whether Trump is justified in taking executive action to secure funding for his border wall. David Knight is then joined by callers to get their take on what is currently going on in the news.

David Knight analyzes a clip of Rush Limbaugh on whether Trump is justified in taking executive action to secure funding for his border wall.

David Knight and a caller get into a discussion about censorship and what is right or wrong for them to do.


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