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The US Postal Service is talking about drone delivery. Is it too little, too late? Will their monopoly save them? Can we let them go extinct?

*00:04:28 Another person wrongfully arrested over police “field tests”, this time kitty-litter identified as “meth”

*00:13:58 Media is obsessed with Syria & the Kurds, but actual war is going on at our own border as last night’s violent shoot-out and eventual surrender of Mexico forces to the Sinaloa cartel shows

*00:37:48 Biden’s connections to NATO’s Atlantic Council think tank that pushed for internet censorship & joined with Facebook to do it

*00:46:11 NBA tries to do damage control on bowing to China as Lebron is portrayed as “Mickey Mao”

*00:55:47 Eric Peters,, joins to look at the electronic issue that is bricking Tesla’s after 4 yrs, Musk’s lobbying for federal mandates to replace rearview mirrors with complex & expensive cameras, UBI & the GM strike, and the green policies that have blacked out California’s grid

*01:23:44 Will “Mosquito Mail” replace “Snail Mail” or will USPS go the way of the dodo bird?

*01:28:14 Trump in Dallas; the threats, the crowds, the Alex Jones armored vehicle bull horn

*01:37:44: Romney rails against Trump for doing what he advocated with the Kurds, and the Turks were mobilizing to come across the Syrian border weeks before Trump moved out of the way

*01:44:25 Nigel Farage looks at Boris Johnson’s new BREXIT deal and finds taxation without representation and labor/environmental regulation without representation

*01:47:52 Planned Parenthood jury finally sees murder for hire video and is moved to tears

*02:01:57 Poland is pushing back on sex education, banning it altogether as it is radicalized by LGBT

Remember the US border? Remember the violent war that FOX & CNN don’t talk about anymore? For HOURS last night, REAL warfare (not a Ky gun range) broke out between Sinaloa cartel & Mexican govt forces — and the cartel won. It’s part of America’s regime change — the War on Drugs, the War on Terror & the Border War — to overthrow our Constitution

Eric Peters,, joins to look at the electronic issue that is bricking Tesla’s after 4 yrs, Musk’s lobbying for federal mandates to replace rearview mirrors with complex & expensive cameras and the green policies that have blacked out California’s grid

Zuckerberg’s ridiculous “free speech” propaganda & the absurd bot comments worshipping him are just the surface. Go deeper & you’ll find his relationship with NATO’s think tank, Atlantic Council, the alliance to censor internet speech & another money trail to Joe & Hunter Biden.

After 3 weeks of trial, with the Obama judge not allowing jurors to see any undercover videos that are the center of the case, the jury finally saw what Planned Parenthood, Google, Facebook, mainstream media and social media have worked so hard to conceal — and it moved them to tears. And, PP’s star witness committed perjury.

Threats — veiled, direct, & gaffes — preceded Trump’s visit to Dallas. Here’s what he said and what it looked like from Alex Jones bull horning from an armored vehicle to the BETA O’Rourke counter-rally.

*00:08:11 #Biden17Slip - besides the half dozen gaffes, there was another one that trended — why did he say Trump needed to be “removed from office on the 17th”?

*00:13:26 Elon Musk gets $5M to tell his SpaceX employees not to use drugs the federal govt says are illegal (like the marijuana he smoked on-air), but others are locked up for months, nearly years, for having powdered milk (cops said it was cocaine) or honey (cops said it was meth)

*00:30:59 Trump’s Acting Director of Immigration says at least 22M illegals & anchor baby fiction can be ended by executive order

*00:45:35 Twitter followers mock AOC doll

*00:50:20 Venezuela implements Democrat’s economic program

*01:27:53 Gerald Celente,, on war & peace in the middle east, gold & what you can do to prepare for the coming Greater Depression

*01:27:53 UBI — the favorite plan of billionaire tech-plutocrats to control YOU

*01:54:41 Trump just moved to protect the tech tyrants censoring free speech — and extend protection of their censorship internationally

Old media, like USA Today, is dying. But Trump is propping up the cyber-censors of the internet’s public square and extending the protection of censors internationally with trade deals. Does he not realize that social media will be censoring him? Twitter is already rolling out rules & the escalating support for impeachment can be traced to the revival of dying mainstream platforms on cable.

Democrats want you to believe they will rob billionaires to get you free money, free healthcare, etc. But billionaires love UBI (Universal Basic Income) and the IRS admits they audit the poor more than the rich (hint: they’re easy targets). David Knight exposes the govt-corporate partnership to rob YOU.

Venezuela takes a page from the Democrats’ preferred economic policy, raising minimum wage. The Central America socialists just raised the minimum wage by 275% so everything’s going to be fine now, right? Just ask Target employees how the minimum wage increase is working for them

Little guys get months in prison when falsely accused of drug possession (powdered milk called “cocaine”, honey called “meth” by cops) but Elon Musk flaunts smoking pot & gets $5M from NASA to educate his SpaceX employees not to use drugs (like marijuana) that are prohibited (illegally) by feds

Gerald Celente,, on Syria — who lit the fire in the Middle East & the prospects for peace and an America-First policy

Are markets being moved by BREXIT & China Trade deals? Gerald Celente,, says there are MUCH BIGGER problems and explains what you better be doing to protect yourself & your family

*00:00:00 California’s Gov Newsom goes where Gov Moonbeam refuses — signs bill to allow foreign citizens criminally trespassing, to be put on governing boards of the state

*00:13:50 Hooligan Castro flips narrative, claims protecting Kurds is national security but an open American border is terrorism as ISIS terrorists rat line thru border is documented

*00:22:38 Pat Buchanan & Rand Paul make the case that Trump’s Syrian policy is a turning point for peace & stability, ending regime change

*00:47:52 AC action figure on Kickstarter; get the whole Social Justice League

*00:50:08 Supreme Court says its OK for teacher to fail Christian for not parroting Islamic conversion prayer

*00:56:00 Fauxcahontas’ radical LGBT agenda

*01:46:08 CNN & NYT smear Tulsi, she eviscerates them on endless wars & regime change

From the CNN LGBT Townhall, where Warren was given a setup question by one of her max donors (not disclosed by CNN) to the debate where she said transgender surgery is a right to by paid for by taxpayers, Warren tramples on the rights of everyone else — including women

Tulsi Gabbard took on the fake news sponsors of the debate, CNN & NYT, and other candidates over endless wars & regime change

Castro sucks up to the military industrial complex in the 4th Dem Debate, whining about ISIS & talking about kids in cages at the US border. But ISIS is coming across the US border.

The Supreme Court refused to hear a case where a teacher bullied students to say a conversion prayer to Islam and pushed other pro-Islam, anti-Christian material. Apparently there’s no “separation of Mosque & State” in their minds

How did we get to the point where 69% of college students (80% of Ivy Leaguers) think Christopher Columbus is a symbol of genocide & slavery? Propaganda in progressive “history” textbooks. David Knight deconstructs the deconstruction.

*0:09:34 Media lies about “nukes held hostage”, “chaos” in Syria, “betrayal of allies, Kurds”; Who put the nukes in Turkey and why, who decided to keep them there?

*00:16:56 ABC’s fake video clip of Turks attacking Kurd civilians exposed

*00:36:18 Rand Paul: we’ve been arming all sides & won’t kill Americans to make Turks & Kurds love each other

*00:46:40 Trump has destroyed “Regime Change in Syria”;

*01:02:02 The only border the Pentagon won’t defend — OURS with Mexican Cartels

*01:08:40 FOX’s Chris Wallace — tool of military industrial complex

*01:27:55 The progressive lies about genocide & slavery that brainwashed college students to hate Columbus

*01:45:39 Epidemic of body part trafficking & murder

*01:54:57 “Consent modules” for sex robots, but psychological manipulation & physical mutilation for kindergarteners

Body parts are so valuable that the rush to profit from them is shutting down dozens of murder investigations in LA. But of course nothing like that is happening with babies.

It’s now seriously proposed by multiple researchers that sex robots should have “consent modules”. Meanwhile our society psychologically manipulates kindergarten kids into gender confusion & physically mutilates them. And, media melts down over a disgusting, violent mass murder scene only when the victims are changed from Christian church members (in the original Hollywood film) to CNN (in a meme video)

Chaos, calamity, US troops trapped in Syria by Turks and US nuclear weapons “held hostage”. All lies from CNN, FOX & corporate media just like the Kentucky gun event shown as an attack on “Kurd civilians”.

It may be checkmate for regime change — here’s why


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