Infowars reporters Harrison Smith and Owen Shroyer breakdown the final debate between BETO O'Rourke and Ted Cruz 2018 Banned Midterm Coverage Referendum on Trump 10-16-18

Trump told the President of Honduras that he will “immediately” withdraw funding and aid from Honduras if the large caravan of migrants heading to the US is not stopped. The people in the “March of the Migrant” caravan plan to seek refugee status and pass into America; it has doubled its size to 3,000 since Saturday. Moreover, the caravan has already reached Guatemala. Also, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has reached Saudi Arabia’s king to discuss the missing Saudi journalist as Turkish police widen their investigation. Joining the show is conservative trailblazer Faith Goldy explaining her historic bid for Mayor of Toronto. Paul Joseph Watson hosts the final hour.

Alex Jones reveals why Elizabeth Warren's DNA results prove her to be the whitest white person in the entire North American, possibly South American, continent.

MSM is aggressively pushing a breakdown of relations with Saudi Arabia due to the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Alex explains this event actually goes against the interests of Saudi Arabia and most likely was a rogue element within the Saudi government.

Democrats and the establishment media descended into hysterics after President Trump referred to porn star Stormy Daniels as “Horseface” in a tweet celebrating the dismissal of her lawsuit against him.

U.N gain more power as U.S bound migrant trains double amount of passengers. Many countries are choosing not to be ruled by a one world government.

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Facebook has fully embraced “big brother” tactics as they ban certain users ahead of the midterms. Facebook touts this authoritarian purge as needed to “prevent Facebook’s service from being abused during elections”.

Faith Goldy joins Alex Jones live via Skype to describe her battle against leftist, authoritarian censorship across the internet as she fights to run for mayor in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Twitter is actively banning accounts that post the N.P.C. meme. Paul Joseph Watson exposes the hypocrisy of the left that’s freaking out over being accused of “group think” while mass censoring conservative ideas as “hate speech”.

New video release! Hillary Clinton crashes her own ambulance in parking garage. Proof of Hillary's bad health and mental sickness keeps piling on.

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I guess you may be wondering how Elizabeth Warren got the idea to become a victim

Real election meddling is being done in the open as social media sites purge alternative media weeks before the midterms. Correspondingly, hundreds of Facebook pages have been removed simply for being anti-establishment. Also, in a move that hints at a presidential bid, Sen. Warren (D-Mass.) provided her DNA test results to “prove” she is Native American. The results conclude she is either 1/32 or 1/1024 American Indian. Joining today’s show is Dr. Steve Pieczenik sharing his powerful insight into the Deep State, Trump's foreign policy, and mystery of the missing Saudi journalist. Matt Bracken hosts the final hour.

Dr. Steve Pieczinik joins Alex Jones live via Skype to break down how China gained control of big tech's internet platforms for censorship by aligning themselves with America's political left.

Steve Pieczinik and Alex Jones break down possible false flag tactics being used by globalist rogue elements in the Saudi Government. MSM is hammering this story similar to false flag collaboration attempts of the past.

Founder Of Patriot Prayer Group Joey Gibson joins Alex Jones to talk about latest Patriot rally. Antifa rioting continues as The Mayor of Portland allows and defends the ‘stand down’ of police.

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Watch President Donald Trump destroy Lesley Stahl in 60 Minutes Interview. Mocks CBS anchor and refuses to play by her rules.

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Alex Jones breaks down the latest political losses of the left in elections worldwide, including Angela Merkel who struggles to remain Chancellor of Germany as nationalist candidates rise worldwide.

Matt Bracken takes calls on the top story of the day regarding the journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, killed in the Saudi Arabian Embassy.

Matt Bracken discusses the different elements in the Saudi government that may benefit from the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Matt reveals possible motivations that even American MSM are ignoring

A new report claims the Saudi government is preparing to admit that Mr. Khashoggi was killed in an interrogation gone wrong. Alex breaks down the multiple angles the MSM will use to try to spin this against President Trump.

Are we as Americans slowly and softly being ripped apart from our heritage, rights, and freedom? The globalists are pushing their agenda of complete domination into overdrive. Will we sit idly by as sheep and let it happen? Or will we implore our elected officials do their jobs and begin prosecuting those threatening our Constitution?

The Boston Globe has retracted the reported results of a DNA test for Senator Elizabeth Warren. She tweeted at President Trump calling on him to donate to the charity of her choice now that she has “evidence” to back up her claim. Alex reveals the math behind her DNA results!

Independent media is being purged by the Orwellian platforms of Silicon Valley. Platforms that once aided in its rise and availability to what was once a free American discourse. Now, after years of growing their subscription numbers, any publication straying from the left's plantation of media control is purged. It doesn't get anymore un-American than this.

The liberal media and others are sending out the message that it is the conservatives being funded and driven by the Elites. But the Democrat Party has always received more donations and support from their base than Republicans. And today, these billionaires are spending big money to help their party candidates and the liberal agenda so they can win back the majority in the House and/or Senate.

When science goes wrong.


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