Millie Weaver was on the ground in Charlottesville during the infamous clash between protesters over the removal of historical statues. Mille joins Alex to reveal which side actually came armed and ready to initiate violence.

Ex-Vice President Joe Biden has formally announced his bid for presidency and is now the front-runner among the enormous pool of Dem hopefuls competing to face Trump in the 2020 general election. Trump welcomed “Sleepy Joe” to the race while reminding Americans that the country suffered a net loss of almost 200K manufacturing jobs under Biden’s VP years despite him currently running as a middle class champion.

A tidal wave of illegal immigration has now crippled America's southern border. Matt Bracken hosts to break down this critical topic and takes your calls.

"Creepy Uncle Joe" has released his first campaign video accusing President Trump of supporting neo-Nazi's. Alex breaks down this fake news narrative in epic style.

Alex Jones sits down with One America News Reporter Jack Posobiec ( @JackPosobiec ) to discuss the publics obsession with Game Of Thrones, the brainwashing zombification of the masses and why cargo shorts are the latest conspiracy promoted by the left.

"Creepy Uncle Joe" has thrown his hat in the ring and now fake polls boost Biden over President Trump. Alex reveals why patriots should be aware of the fake news agenda.

On his way to bullhorn the White House, Alex Jones bumped into Max Keiser ( This is the full uncut 22 minute interview.

Now that the Deep State coup has been exposed, insiders say President Trump is ready to use every tool he has to finally defeat the Deep State. Alex explains how more than ever now is the time for patriots to support the president's America First agenda.

Evelyn Farkus has now admitted that the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign. Alex Jones exposes the Deep State actors that seek to abuse their authority to gain power.

What Democrats are now supporting will make you sick, and it's all thanks to Bernie Sanders.

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Liberal academics claim to be champions for social equity when they convince white, straight students that they are terrible, hateful humans. But if the next generation begins to fully believe this, then that is how they will behave.

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New York City boasted a proposed 47 total skyscrapers to loom over Manhattan in the coming decade. These spires of steel and glass representing the success of a free market industrial society are too much for New York’s Mayor and potential 2020 Presidential candidate Bill De Blasio. A self avowed socialist who aims to take the baton From Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and plunge the failed Green New Deal into the heart of America’s financial hub.

New York City, much like San Francisco, California, has become yet another mad scientist's laboratory for socialism. A dangerous creeping disease that could take the U.S. financial system down with it.

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All around the world people have now become obsessed with smart technology. Owen reveals how this will affect mankind in the future.

President Trump slammed the Democrats’ latest efforts to probe his finances as ridiculous while adding he plans to fight all the subpoenas. Joining today’s show is Vatican insider Leo Zagami breaking down globalist intrigue and the future of Notre Dame. Also, the president of Patrick Casey breaks down his special report exposing the absurdity of ‘Drag Queen Story Hour.’

2020 appears to be a history making election. Owen Shroyer breaks down the corrupt plans of the Democrats for the coming 2020 election.

Brian Stelter was not happy about Owen's opinions about him so Brian called in to the show to get some things off his chest. Don't miss this amazing exclusive interview!

President Trump has now tweeted about the outrageous situation involving Mexican troops disarming of American troops at the southern border. Owen breaks down why you too should be outraged at America's porous borders.

A liberal's programming shut down when Kaitlin Bennett asked if he supports Bernie Sanders' crazy new plan to allow convicted terrorists and rapists to vote. Horrifyingly, the man had to think about whether he'd let a rapist babysit his daughter.

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The Democrats are crying foul on the citizen question that will be on the 2020 census. Owen explains this is a tactic by the left to gain power and influence over minority voters.

Patrick Casey, head of the American Identity Movement, joins Owen Shroyer live via Skype to discuss how his team planned and executed their infiltration into a drag queen story time event in New Orleans, LA dressed as 'Honkler' inspired clowns to expose the pedophiles beneath the surface.

It's been announced that the Notre Dame spire will be replaces by a new design after being burned down. Leo Zagami joins Owen to expose those that want to replace Christian symbols with symbols inspired by the illuminati.

Leo Zagami lays out the facts about how the globalists have been planning to use Joe Biden as a presidential candidate. Leo joins Owen via Skype to expose those that seek to control the world from the shadows.

Alex Jones is on a mission to reach President Trump directly in the DC swamp! Alex breaks down the facts for the President loud and clear from his famous bullhorn!

Laura Loomer is fighting back against the tech industry's blatant discrimination.

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During Earth Day, Infowars reporter Millie Weaver ventures out onto Kent State University campus to discuss climate change, alternative energy, and progressive 'Green New Deal' policies with students.

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