Big tech can control public discourse unlike a smaller private company. Paul Joseph Watson explains that they can even swing elections.

Paul Joseph Watson lays out how the MSM and the left are actually similar to witch hunt mobs going after Alex Jones and Infowars unjustly. is currently under cyber attack. Paul Joseph Watson breaks down how censorship against Alex Jones is being ignored.

Alex Jones takes your calls. Duke from Tennessee reports he was censored for trying to upload content with Alex Jones in it to Apple.

The deep state is laughing at the fact that Americans seem so willing to give up their God given right to free speech.

Big tech has become even more brazen with their attacks on the first amendment as they appear to be proud of the censoring of Alex Jones.

Alex Jones experienced the hate of the MSM in person when he was in court last week. Joel Skousen breaks down the pitfalls that may lay ahead for President Trump.

Roger Stone joins Alex to break down how Omarosa is actually a “Benedict Arnold” style traitor to President Trump and America. She also helped the Clintons with the exploitation of the Haitian people.

The plan to ban Alex Jones’ free speech has been activated. Democrats are afraid the “blue wave” will be more like a “blue puddle” come the November midterms.

Right on time the MSM and Democrats claim to have a tape with President Trump using the “N-word”. President Trump claims the tape is heavily edited like the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape.

Alex breaks down the unprecedented attacks not only by MSM and big tech, but also how is experiencing a hack attack.

The MSM continues to spread fake news to set the precedent of deplatforming those they disagree with.

The globalists are cooperating with big tech to ratchet up the censorship of patriots. Time to wake up America!

America is losing the values that once made it great. Although patriots are rising up, most Americans are still zombies swayed by propaganda like the movie “The Purge” where patriotism is seen as weakness.

The total purge of Alex Jones signals that something big is on the horizon. The globalists are holding nothing back as censorship of patriots has emboldened them.

Laura Loomer, an independent journalist, confronted socialist Muslim women candidates about their support for Hamas and Linda Sarsour. After posting the clip she was banned from Facebook.

Because they have chosen now to censor Alex Jones and other patriots, callers believe the globalists may be planning mass shooting false flags.

Omarosa was given a great opportunity to serve her country, but instead chose to act traitorously by recording private conversations between her and President Trump. Her true colors are showing so the Democrats are now calling her out.

Wikileaks exposed that George Soros and other globalists have plans to bring down Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu supports president Trump making him a target by leftists.

Globalists forces have infiltrated Fox News and the next targets in the purge of patriots appear to be Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham.

Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg have created a monopoly of control and are using it to allow leftists free reign online, but conservatives are being banned for “hate speech” violations.

Censorship has become the main goal for big tech to ban ideas from conservatives that would go against their agenda. Alex Jones breaks down the electronic persecution of patriots.

Criteo, a well known ad agency, has now submitted to the orders of big tech and banned Infowars from using their platform and participating in the public sphere.


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