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I finally figure out how to use my gopro, now you get to experience our messy house and pajama pants as we share with you the magical baby monsters we found in our back yard!

This is an experimental brainwashing file using multiple audio files and visual elements, it is designed to create an "Us vs them" mentality with the vanilla world, which in turn presses forth that being mine is what is best for everyone, it includes heavy cult conditioning, arousing images, and multiple tracks

If you liked this, tell me, Its easier putting work into something like this than it is just recording a file and I'd like the feedback

This is a transformative work under fair use

Credits -
First backing track - Yume Nikki forest soundtrack
Image credits -
(To be filled when I figure out my stuff, if your images are here feel free to request I credit you)

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This was a commission that makes the subject want to be used so badly, that they'll agree with anything I say, even rediculous things, and has their mind turn to mush the more they agree, until their body also liquefies into an orgasm, it includes suggestions to want to be used by me, and the belief that ever being around me would make you so horny it would drive you insane

im pretty happy with it though it could have come out better, I did the final move while mid- recording and then couldnt do anything else until internet was installed yesterday, but its such a fun, silly file and it was fun recording it, so I hope you all enjoy it!

if you want to join my discord channel, follow this link: https://discord.gg/Y77Xd6s

Hey everyone, I finally decided to make a vlog (and yes I know its an audioblog) after a good year or so of wanting to do it, I didnt really know what to talk about so I just rambled with amelia for a while, I havent really done something like this before, other than a story, where I upset a few people because I did evil things to someones brain

tell me what you think of this one, Im going to upload more but I need ideas on what to talk about specifically

Sorry its been a while, we had some issues with a shitty realtor not doing her job, this commission has been on the backburner for so long I refunded it because I just felt too bad about it, but its basically a file where a tendril made of my cum fucks your mind and melts it down into emptyness, with a lingering sense of blankness and a command to pleasure yourself, the request was pretty vague so I took some artistic liberties, I hope you all enjoy it!

as for when new files are coming, im going to try and return to somewhat of a schedule but I've said that so many times at this point we'll just see what happens, we bought our house a few days ago and we still have to set it up, but lets hope we can return to a file every three days, because thats a perfect world

This file came from suggestions to in my discord server and is basically a harmless catgirl transformation trigger, there's no brainwashing in this file though I'm sure it would be fun to use the trigger before listening to others

Includes themes of inhibition loss, transformation, and deep arousal, it is specifically worded to be safe for both dominants and submissives of either gender to listen to, it ramps up arousal and lowers inhibition towards doing things that you already enjoy

As always, thankyou for giving your mind to Wizard Hypnosis

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This is a followup to the first inner world brainwashing file, it involves a lot of latex and pleasure as the inner world is further expanded on, it took a lot of time but im really happy with how it turned out

Basically the listener is taken down into the ocean shown in the first file as inhibitions are melted away, and the mind is conditioned further, using pleasure and repeated mantras

it should be fun for all to listen to, and fairly safe compared to some other files, tell me what you think in the comments, and as always, thankyou for giving your mind to Wizard Hypnosis


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This is a test of some peoples suggestions (IE: making a more slow paced file) and using repetition and continuing deepeners to bring the subject deeper, it focuses a lot on orgasm control and mantras, in fact originally I was planning this to be a loop where people repeated mantras that took them deeper into trance, but this is how it turned out

I also had my slave amelia voice some sections to act as a repeat for the subjects inner voice, I think it all turned out amazingly and I cant wait to hear what you all think, this is what the inevitable flash file will be like most likely, because trying to do conversational inductions over hours of looping content would be quite hard to do

So anyways I hope you enjoy it, its been very fun to record, and as always, thankyou for giving your mind to Wizard Hypnosis~

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This file essentially takes the subject very deep into hypnosis and creates an inner world inside their mind, and brainwashes them through that world to worship me fully and completely

it will permanently change how your mind works so make sure you are willing before listening to this file

and as always, thankyou for giving your mind to Wizard Hypnosis

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Remember that you always listen at your own risk, Wizard Hypnosis is not responsible for anything that happens due to listening to our files

http://www.filedropper.com/wordsineedrecorded stuff for people to record if they want to be a part of the flash file

So some things happened, some of them cool, some of them not so cool, but files will be back really soon, along with VLOGS \o/

This is a fun bit of hypnotic identity destruction and generally making the subject feel like they are simply an object to be used, also with latex, I had some fun ideas from a friend of mine that I worked into it as well, if you enjoy the idea of being nothing but an object for me to use, you will love this file, though if you've come this far, of course you will~

In other news, I'm back!

As some of you may know, I had to take a short break for an operation, but everythings fine now and back to normal, or however normal sexy mind control shenanigans can be~

Thankyou for giving your mind to us~

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Script and recording by Andrew Morrison, or "The Wizard of Aus"

Disclaimer: by listening you take full responsibility for any effects caused by this file, Wizard Hypnosis is not responsible for your decisions

This is a test for a mirror of my youtube channel, more details soon


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