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By Author Thomas Sheridan
A Truly fascinating and brilliant depiction of A forbidden history not known to many.

Clips of Robert Sepehr on the divine white Goddess and a profound interview with John Lash

By Thomas Sheridan

Beautiful in-depth analysis review of author Dennis Wheatley books by Thomas Sheridan

Campfire 🔥 with Thomas Sheridan

John Lash
(Spoiler Alert)

John Lash

John Lash

Thomas Sheridan crafts out a brilliant documentary you don’t want to miss.
(Channel on YouTube Beyond 313 for more incredible content) This Gem is for the Vault.

John Lash

Thomas Sheridan aka “Merlin”

John Lash

John Lash

Mythology 101 John Lash

A trip to the underworld and back.
By John Lash

John Lash saga continues
The Hebrew file

John Lash

Mythology 101 John Lash saga continued

Mythology 101
Continuation John Lash

JLL Continuation 5,6

“Zarathustra implored, to stand in naked awareness in the presence of the earth, in silent knowing, this is awesome”

John lash lectures discourse the best of

JLL continuation

Watchers from Orion Nebula, Sofia myth and legend of the gender rift. By John Lash Lamb

John Lash Lamb delivers another priceless Gem. A another glimpse into the mysteries seldom heard or read
Don’t let the picture fool you, it’s not nearly worth Mystery found in the title book "not in his image" book released this month remastered


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