Recently the internet has called me g̶a̶y̶ feminine and now it's my time to be straight

THIS VIDEO MIGHT BE CONTROVERSIAL [ if you don't understand what context means :o) ] IT STILL DOES NOT VIOLATE THE TERMS OF USE
My Twitter got banned because I am a 🍞

In this video I try to explain that banning words out of context is BAD ;^/

Being a racist is no fun ;^(
But is it still racist when the context isn't?
What about white kiddies today using this word as a synonym for friend or buddy?

Is it really good for us to divide people into racial groups as we currently are?

What can we really do to end racism?

All of these questions will be addressed in this video!

P.S.: If you have somehow watched this video and did not understand my position: I am obviously not a racist. I think the method of banning slurs by groups is not helping the problem

P.P.S: Yes I know the music is way too loud. I'll try to fix that sometime in the future, hope you still #enjoy


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Welcome to Retoarded Transies TV!
I care about facts and science!
All doctrines of any kind will be toasted to a crisp on this channel!
Especially the doctrines of the all so lovely LGBT community!
Hope you enjoy!!!:3