This is an old video he did claiming he has many body doubles.

Dr William Thompson is now trying to right his wrongs.

Mr Thompson is protected under The National Whistle Blowers Act. He felt guilty about his participation and tried to kill himself. That failed so he's exposing the CDC

Trump was telling the truth.

Go figure

I have much respect for this man. It's not just talk. You will see eventually. Liberate the children.

You can't make this up.

This book Explains the ancient Kmt (Egyptians) Creation myth of how RE/Ra created everything. This book provides the scientific evidence. Visit Fineninenews.com

Chinese are everywhere

Learn how nano technology is using your own body to replicate the virus and spread it to others using your pores. The body becomes its own factory by tricking the immune system.

I know you all remember this correct? These are Biden supportors and Soros employees.

After watching this anyone who died from this China Virus should be very concerned about the ones pushing vaccines and lockdowns.

This disturbing Democrat really added more shame by saying thanks to his being killed for their Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Goals by 2022/2013/2935/2045/2063 depopulation.

Rest in Power


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