The Rambling Recollector

A Classic Tale of Murder, by Edgar Allen Poe.

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My reading of H.P. Lovecraft's Dagon.

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My reading of Edmond Hamilton's, In The World's Dusk, Which appeared in the March 1936 edition of Weird Tales Magazine.

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A tale as old as time itself. Boy sees girl. Boy Kidnaps girl. The planet nearly dies...

Like many Greek legends, there are several versions of this story, so I went with an interpretation I thought best for the Video.

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A Mix of Legends concerning Athena. Brought to you by Alcohol...

Note: there are multiple versions of these stories throughout Greek mythology, and Athena is no exception, so I went with an interpretation I thought would be the most amusing.

Some more Mesopotamian madness featuring our favorite lady of love and war, Innana/Ishtar.

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A tale of an evil fox spirit.

My half-Lit recounting of Ishtar's descent into the Underworld.

The actual translated text:

A short overview of Clark Ashton Smith’s Zothique Cycle, for those new to his work.


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