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Made by @moneyl from the official Red Faction Discord server. Instructions as quoted:

There is a way on re-mars-tered for PC with the script loader, but it has some caveats since I never finished it. It flies like a lubed up boat in space (very slidey, no air friction / movement dampening), and there's multiple steps to it. I'll post the steps to make it work, just a sec
1. You'll want to install two things, the re-mars-tered mod manager: and the RSL (I broke automated builds, so here's the latest working build): you only need the zip file with the RSL, not the pdb.
Next, you'll want this. Replace the safehouse vehicle selector mod that comes with the mod manager with this one. The RSL can't spawn vehicles yet, so you need to use this mod to do it.
2. Open the mod manager and find the safehouse vehicle selector mod, add the flyer to one/all of the safehouses, flyers are the "EDF_AAXAir_xx" vehicles. Once you've picked where the flyers should spawn, install the mod, and run the game like normal.
3. You'll need this script to enter the flyers spawned at the safehouse:
Place the script into your RSL/Scripts folder, and once in game (load a save, not at the main menu) press F1, and open the script editor to run the script. Once run, you can press 'f' to teleport yourself into vehicles. It doesn't kick out the driver, so make sure it's empty.
4. Finally, here's the script that lets you control the flyers. You run it once, and then once you're in a flyer, press v to enable flyer control. Controls:
Shift - Move up
Ctrl - Move down
WASD - Move forward, left, back, right, respectively.
z - decrease movement force
x - increase movement force
Like I said, it's controls need a lot of work:
So yeah, very much an experimental thing :P

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