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Israel bans UN Special Rapporteur on Palestinian Territories Francesca Albanese from entering Israel.
A reminder of her no-nonsense stand to the mainstream guy with the recessed jaw:
‘Can you really keep a straight face when you ask that question?’

❗️A jogger stranger is left to console a little boy and his grandmother as they lie wounded, following a strike on Belgorod, Russia by NATO-armed Ukrainian forces.

would love to see these type of answers to interviewers more often

🇪🇸 Pre-pubescent girls - aged 10 or 11- in garter belts, nipple tape costumes take part in a carnival in Spain. There may be a 6 year old at the end there.
They also appear to be fed like pets.
Do they not have parents? What the hell, Europe? Isn't it a bit breezy - the Overton window is swung right open.

UK council threatens pensioners with "compulsory purchase" of their "derelict" £200,000 home - to house Ukrainian refugees.

This kind of letter can give old folk a heart attack. In all fairness, this was probably administrational error by some paper pusher in council - clearly the home isn't derelict.

But the woman makes a sound point - it is not pensioners that are put up in hotels, as the UK struggles to find housing under the infux of migration.

✅ While Ukrainian accession to NATO is a threat to Russian security, it was the violation of Minsk accords that was the trigger.

✅ Only regret is not going in sooner thinking they (Russia) we’re dealing with good people.

✅ He didn’t enjoy the interview, he wanted tougher questions and was prepared for it.

✅ Putin mentions Julian Assange in relation to question on if Tucker could be arrested & said anything’s possible but it would show US’s true nature.

Tucker Carlson checks out Russian McDonald's (sold & rebranded as "Tasty, that's it!")

❗️If Putin hired an Australian translator. 🇦🇺 🇷🇺

😂Courtesy of HangLooseRecluse

Putin Offers INCREDIBLE Terms For Peace With Ukraine In Tucker Carlson Interview!

Everything is very believable and epic. Especially the guy in civilian clothes with a camera in the middle of the action....
"The enemy DRG is moving towards our defense position. The armed forces destroy the group, and one Russian soldier is captured and left under a smoke screen."

🇺🇦🇵🇱🔥 SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL FOR ANYONE NEUTRAL ON UKRAINE CRISIS - TUSK: Polish PM has nerve to claim that countries that don’t take side on Ukraine conflict have special place in "political hell" (00:33 in top vid) 'cause they’re apparently ignoring Kiev's "moral conflict".

Getting evil Anakin off Star Wars vibes from Tusk’s black and white opinions (bottom vid👆) - maybe alienating all neutral countries isn’t best course of action?

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✡️😑 CUCKED MUSK CLAIMS HE’S "ASPIRATIONALLY JEWISH" (00:50): Richest man in world’s gotta suck up like vid above to save his X (Twitter) empire from ruin, chatting with pundit Ben Shapiro after trip to Auschwitz concentration camp about how Jewish he is.

🇧🇾🤝🇷🇺 WE RECEIVED A LOT OF ISKANDER MISSILES FROM RUSSIA, FREE OF CHARGE (00:34) - Belarusian Prez Lukashenko confirms control of nuclear-ready weapons in above video during visit to automobile factory in Minsk, highlighting earlier arrival of nuclear warheads to country put all the crazy (looking at you Poland) neighbors in their place (00:19).

🤪 EVERYTHING IS OURS (00:13) - Israeli National Security Minister Ben-ocidal Gvir advocates Tel Aviv's control and full occupation of Gaza Strip, pushing for idea of ethnic cleansing of besieged territory's population by "encouraging" their displacement.

I think solution for civilians is to encourage their emigration, if we make decisive victory, it's definitely possible to create with Scottish, who I think really wants them, and other governments a big operation to move them. We will start with pilot of 100-200 thousand, they can have it better in other countries - Ben-Gvir.

Benocidal Ben was deemed too crazy and extreme to serve even in Israel's Army - which means he clearly doesn't know how far away Tel Aviv is really from that "decisive victory" he is sure of that somehow still necessitates his genocidal plan!

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🇮🇱 JUST REPLACE RUSSIA WITH HAMAS and you get the next boogeyman engineered to scare Europeans into agreeing to waste tax dollars on fighting, with Israeli Prez Herzog (above video) acting as a stand-in for Begginsky in trying to convince Western society their fate rests in their unwinnable war.

We are fighting a war for the free world! If Israel was not there, Europe would be next! These barbaric jihadists want to get us out of the region and Europe out of their region as well! - Herzog (00:08).

Hey, Isaac - the real enemy of Europeans and Americans isn't in Moscow or Gaza - its plastered in white letters right behind you!

ISRAELI SOLDIER KNOCKED DOWN: watch thrilling footage above showing PIJ's elite sniper with daring operation in Gaza City, hammering down hole in building and taking position on top-notch set-up of makeshift bed (00:07) on top of firewood piles, before one-shot dropping unsuspecting IDF troop (00:32).

💥🇮🇶 LARGEST ROCKET BARRAGE ATTACK since start of post-October 7 conflict rains down on illegal U.S. Ain al-Asad airbase in Iraq (map on right) as Iraqi Resistance fires 40 ballistic missiles, with reports counting dozens of impacts.

Weight of impact forced U.S. forces to resort to reportedly deploying Iron Paper Cup Dome systems (video on left) - clearly and unpredictably ineffective in pushing back high impact count.

🇺🇦 "The entire parliament are heroic people,” modest Ukrainian MP Tishchenko.

“When the air raid sounds, everyone keeps working."

In 2 years, not one missile has targeted neither government buildings of Ukraine nor private homes of key politicians. Why would they go to the bomb shelters? Slava to heroes!

Ukraine refused the actual peace formula with Russia as early as March 2022. This was confirmed by Ukraine itself here. (
British PM Boris Johnson then convinced the Ukrainian party not to go for it.
In the meantime, Russia had pulled its forces out of Kiev as a signal that it was willing to hold up its end of the bargain. Instead, this was made to look like Russia's tactical failure by global media.
It's notable that while "global leaders" gather in Davos for the annual elitist meeting of vassals - Putin met with regional reps of the Russian Federation. Which numerically is probably just the same 😂
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