Extreme Narcissism TV: Man Without A Culture

Extreme Narcissism TV: Man Without A Pop Culture

A tale of Porno Apop-calypse! John is an old pervert who makes funny/evil comedies mocking the break-down of humanity and he hangs out with Marina Abromovich and James Franco. Disney Star Wars is a psy-op.

There are NO good role models for people looking for them on social media. Stop playing games! Cartoon Avatars are not role models for anything and don't live in the real world! Stop pretending to be cartoon sh*t!

The Bears already have a community Bearjamin! You otter know that! You miss Rogan's thumb up yer ass! Bear hunting season is on!

Louie CK pulls his thing out in front of your; girlfriend, wife, mom, or sister, etc. What do you do? It's always a horrible imposition to anyone Louie, nobody wants you do do that in front of them. And... Fcuk Benjamin, Rogan & friends, Bill Burr etc.... Don't watch 'em, don't trust 'em. They lead you to dead ends.

Video games are wasting your actual life in virtual reality. Everything hate on video games and how they invaded our world and changed it.

Bird Box is another predictive programming, revelation of the method programming tool from Netflix. It stars Sandra Babydickfacecreme and John Horrible Gay Miscastovich. It's a rip-off of Stephen King's Cell, starring John Cusack and Samuel Jackson. Netflix is evil.

Netflix is evil cancel your subscription and stop watching. I talk about why. Also discussed, are Bird Box, Sabrina the Teenage witch & Gaurdians of the galaxy 2, ritual sacrifice, 13 Reasons, Dear White People, Death Note, Satanism and state capitals, Stephen King's Cell, 5G, tv frame rates, The Walking Dead, false idols, Mark Devlin and music, social engineering and ..." just stop watching tv and movies and no more pop music okay???"

Psychedelic, Marxist, saturated day-glow drug-colors, soma, washed-out, faded music. Vapor-Wave is warm and fuzzy, sick-day Nick-jr, codeine-nostalgia from shell-shock studies in the ole' UK. Be... "The Dude." Make vapor-wave lifestyle choices... and J-Dilla the heck out Man! Lo-fi chillax my brotha!
It's a dream, a memory, it's so very....... LED, RGB spectrum.
I forgot to talk about EDM, clubbing, Tavistock and all that Dj programming party sh*t. Also: Mf Doom, Thundercat, Lone, Dobie, old video-game graphics, Blade Runner 2049 and more stuff related to vapor wave music and all the other waves.

I talk about Kashi 69 grains the tattoo-faced Share-rapper. Also nostalgic smells and Louie CK's comeback. How you have no heroes on YouTube and I talk sh*t on Rogan and all his friends, Bearjamin, Shroyer, Jones Jordon Peterson and all the rest of the father/brother surrogates they offer you. I dis all pop-culture by the end of this episode, even video games... Fcuk everything you like.

You didn't want it, you never asked for it, and yet, here it is! Vintage new in the box, never been opened, sweet virgin product... you sick, insatiable, unboxing fiend!

All your idols are false idols stop buying cool merch.

Keanu will not return for Bird Box two, but Bullock and Mcconaughey will be back! The Floor Is Lava Challenge! ...That one... "dat's mine!

sweet dreams

Stop eating! Cut out the middle-man... Buy, Dump... and Flush! The height of elitism is the new food flushing fetish!

Chill with me and the missus in the neon near-future, outside the Smart cities, retired and still very much alive in the Shadowlands Realm Of The Shadow-banned on the porch and watch fireflies. This time the red flies are out! " Look mother."

Chill with me and the missus in the neon near-future, outside the Smart cities, retired and still very much alive in the Shadowlands Realm Of The Shadow-banned on the porch and watch fireflies.

A cool episode about vampires and rock star stuff like you neva hoid before.

Wanna impress a cool amputee deviant art single mom?

Acrylic paint demo. White, gets red, beaten blue and then it all gets turned into brown mush in the end.


The hounds are out an New Years Eve, and that means Scott's inside MUKBANGin'. you must be desperate for a smoke to watch this episode... or like prison cooking shows etc.... Warning: This is episode is NOT a Life-Hack!

2018 was the Year of Revelation of the Method. I talk about some prognostications for 2019, the ongoing pop-culture wars revelation of the method, failing transformer movements, drinking blood for health, global stuff, celebrity Hollywood melt-down, dating, Sci-Fi, personal revelation, mgtow stuff and more!


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