Extreme Narcissism TV: Man Without A Culture

Hang out with me... You get: SEX-BOTS. Baphomet in still Arkansas? Can't talk about the news or weather. We live in Blade Runner already! Dan Harmon and his leg fetish. Universal Basic Income. Movies Hate The Audience is part of small scale never-ending conflicts... in your flippin' brain! Bill & Melinda's Global Mcschool program. Women should be men. Chelsea is evil. Food tiers. Circumcision and clitorectomy for all brave new children. Pink P*ssy fly fishing hats with real clits! and more stuff about movies and social engineering!

White mon bad, only white women can fix, free da skrulls, make da skrull goyim da white womans purse puppy biotch. I-rieeeeeeee.

Does Pepsico know that fetal flavorings can cross the blood/brain barrier and that's expressly why they use aborted fetus kidneys under the guise of flavoring enhancers? Why do they use it? Is it weird that Pepsico buys abortions and you eat them? This one is a mess. And it's has monogamy propaganda in it too.

SJW's are pigs in the sack and you can totally fcuk 'em, but they do smell like summer garbage year round. Brie Larson hates white dudes, I am not attracted to black chicks and nothing is wrong with that! Anime must be destroyed to suit the authority. why not just ask them nicely in Kanji? They'll do it! I go after Cal Arts trained bio-robot animation lgtbtards that are making programming for your daughters and gran kids. They are sick and mental, let them play with crayons in the looney bin, where they can make merry melodies and stay away from children's minds! More Social engineering Bolshevik! Are you still reading this? Why? Thank you! And Michael Jackson

I use this episode to advocate that I be allowed to be "raciss" till the end of my life for performance purposes because I am a historical endangered species. I am one of the last Caucasoids! I also talk about social engineering children through cartoons and the Cal Arts animation "training" mindset.

You know it's bullsh*t right?... Okay let's fugg with it. No Norm Mcdonald, Dave Atell, Joe Rogan, Jeff Ross, Jay Leno, Doug Stanhope etc? Comedy IS dead, comedians killed it and the Rolling Stone was always sh*t since it's inception.

Go fly a kite with your body double Jack, because your son will not fly a kite with you. Jack needs to get baked and do a drive-through foodie show instead of grooming junior high school boys to touch his squibbley pip and his squiddley deet...

This is a movie review of the 2018 telling of the story from HBO pictures.

Hand it over pops... the future is female, and it smells yeasty and sour.
The princess b*tch has arrived. Be programed! Down with the protecting males! End the womb!

They still tell you who to like... I don't like Tim. Then I sh*t on everybody else you probably still like, because they kiss the maakiesass.

Plug into the Matrix... for life. One of the weirdest animated films ever.
Take da soma!

They made six Resident Evil-ish movies all about the same chick... Alice In Zombieland! Captain Marvel, Brie Lantern is a lowercase c.

Before the rise of the machines there was the peep-shows starring Ruby-lith, Amber-lith and the photo-stat machine....

Star Wars laser guns are real! House-bots and robot legs are ready to help create Blade Runner, where the air and weather sucks there's too many tv screens everywhere, many things are questionably synthetic and everybody kinda feels sick all the time and can't afford real food or good body parts.

Lions Club International is out of touch and a bit "touched" in da head. Grandpa went to the thrift store and bought crappy fishing lures and crummy valentines for "next" year. Thanks Gramps! Sit and Spin... you chachi.

Tales of wisdom from one of our elders, your Great Grandfather.

Take a sh*t with me down memory lame... Old People Chow! Thank you. This episode sponsored by aging, ailing friends and Costa's Candies! You got da *sugah! *(diabetes)

Stephen Crowder knew About FB de-boosting and settled out of court without telling "the world" about de-boosting! Forget "doing" anything, get baked and hang out with Joe, Alex and Eddie and BE The Lebowski! It's a IRL lifestyle choice now.

Alex Jones is a Tool. Fcuk Tim Poole! Fcuk Red Ice Tv! Fcuk Know More News! Fcuk Ben Shapiro! Fcuk Titus Frost! Fcuk Aubrey Marcus! Fcuk Graham Hancock! Fcuk Em All! And Many More...

You know you look better without make-up even though you are kinda funny lookin' ? It's true.

Stop watching fictional characters do anything. And just try to be more like Donald Glover or Paul Rudd and hold my purse b*tch.

Like your FIRST broken record.

Yer kids Easter candy is occult exoteric magickal poop and it's filled with the emanations of the great white eagle! PLUS: Battle Angel Beta Dream-girl Lolita, Twilight & Stephanie Meyers, IRL Battle Royale & Hunger Games districts, pleasure-zoos, Real Vampires, 50 Shades, Shinto-Occult-Pagan Japan's history and how it's helped create the sentient programmable A.I pleasure-bots that lonely Otaku shut-ins of all genders want to program for a lifetime of programmed abuse. This episode gets weeeeiiiird. But it's about the Future and boning objects and Blade Runner 2049 and how it would stink to live there... still. And run on sentences.

Also this episode; NEWS and WEATHER and evil. And we got, Owen Benjamin, Jesse Smollet, Baphomet, The Wall, heads on pikes, raper gangs, collectible selling advice, Netflix movies and praying to Dad for one small natural disaster to smite a titty-goat-man statue that shouldn't be playing with kids. This episode is fun and jam packed full of cool stuff.

A big, nut roast is what you get in this one. I forgot to make fun of his animal abuse and how he makes you watch his old boring videos etc. Owen is the tallest boy in school and has the highest Hi-Q in the class (because he is taller.) Owen is a giant boy and he doesn't have bitch hips, he needs a diaper change Owen is a giant, Baby Huey. "Owen is a chicken nugget scooner and he eats corn chochitoes... alone on the back porch." ~ Sam Hyde Quote.


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