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We got clowns, jesters, and "mad love" through-out the pop-culture over the last 30 years or so. We got: Pennywise From IT, The Batman Joker, The ICP, the Great Milenko, Pan, Puck, Loki, Jim Carrey The Mask, The Purge, Killer Clowns From Outer Space, Clockwork Orange, David Lynch Creepy Clown Time, Picasso and The Pierrot paintings, The Riddler, The Scarecrow, The Watchmen, The Comedian, Rorschach, Batman, The Three Stooges, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson and many more!

This episode is fun, it really gets going. More global pop-culture news!

Yup... then China will make all the movies for everybody and that's it.

I have a great wifu connection! How about you? What will bring you Joi?

I taught my dog one trick, he can review a movie, one movie... Joker, so I let him talk about it again and they I lay down the whole meaning of life and what it's all about for Men and Women and people confused about that. I will teach my hound to review other movies... the movies are for the dogs now anyways. Phooey!


We got: Gross stuff for youths, eating guts, dissecting aliens, bloody bento boxes, Star Wars Episode 9, the death of comic books from stories about characters with character to the new-age of avatars with no character and no story... and so much more pop-culture fun!

Wanna hang-out with me? I got a list! It's lo-fi chill hangs with commercials!

I have spoiler-e, oily, greasy, sticky thoughts about the Joker movie. Then I review RAMBO: Last Blood and it all ends with some Cage Rage.

Is "critical thinking" on that new-fangled list of words you're not supposed to use anymore? forget about that...Let me talk to you about movies and tv and you watching all of that stuff.

More talk about the future of movies, tv and streaming and why all of will suck. Fun times!

Social Media Overload!!!! I'm goin' to bed. Nuthin' funny is on anyway... ever again.

Do Women just want Men to do everything, and why can't they just admit it? Why do some women think they wanna do crummy Man work for, huh? We used to do that for you, so you can stay home and chop the carrots and peel the babies.

Famous people have weird back stories. and sometimes it gets really weird before they become famous, or before they become famous-er.
It's 3 to 5 am... The world is ours alone!

All the new stuff comin' down the pike stinks... but why? My agenda itches too. Maybe it's an infection.

Jordan Peterson is a lost puppy and now all men need mental help. We got; 12 Star Wars Endings, Patreon has to go back to his mom's... forever, Our Kids are being weaponized, comic shops are ending, movies keep replacing men, PS 5 got woke and went green, Ugly woman Hulk, Female Lord of The Rings, The global mental help techno rave community and Lady Mormont is back from the dead, The new cavalier spirit is The Walking Meth inspired and all this and so much more pop-culture stuffs in an hour!

I don't have pearls of wisdom, but I got oysters full of protein powder. Wanna hang-out and lo-fi chill jam? The frogs WILL turn g*y... when they drown in my bro-teins! Mark My Squirts!

Childhood Trauma can become comfort food when you get old, or a deviant romantical fetish when you grow up. The power is yours... to do what they want you to! The Circle Of Life! The Lion King!

Comedy is dead. Nobody even tells new jokes. The future of laughs is in Sci-fi Dystopian Comedy. I diss the top Netflix Brand comedians cuz I just don't like 'em.

Did you ever want to have the whole world to yourself? You can... for a time.

Why do you wanna like famous people? Everybody else already likes likes them too! I don't get celebrity crushes and I don't like you havin' 'em either! It's bad for ya. I also review Nightbreed a movie about the biblical Midianites and their persecution in trying to find a new home for themselves and their fallen god... The Living Embodiment of Baphomet, and his name in the movie is... "Baphomet". That's my dvd review segment, and then I talk about comedy again.

No Restaurants,
No Strangers making my food,
No going to concerts,
No Drum circles,
No Going To the Movies,
No Trips or Vacations,
No Festivals,
No Museums,
No Art Shows or Galleries,
No Hiking,
No Van Life,
No Camping,
I don't wanna do nuthin'.
I'm gettin' too old fo' dis sh*t!

Let's talk about our favorite apathetic slobs from movies and tv with one-liners. What is going on with this Man-Baby thing? There are Woman-Babys too you know! Get ready for more pop-culture entertainment talk about all your favorite movies, tv and streaming series, shows & movies.


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