If you have watched our live show in the last several months you have seen this.
if not thank the awesome people who keep asking to have it as a standalone video.
Stax will have his computer problems sorted soon and we will be back with the high quality vocal providings.

Tonight we metaphorically face the first batch of Mask People of 2013.
we have some really funny stuff to go through tonight.
OK, here’s another that just had to get made rapidly and STAX has too much going on to be further distracted by a spy balloon considering he likely recorded video of it 2 weeks ago:)
anyway, this is nowhere near as good as something like: or
but i hope you enjoy it :)

Trying again after a brief Safety Meeting. lets see what develops.

Party PPEople!
I know, i know. i really should leave the singing to STAX but this popped in my head and wouldn't freaking go away and i knew i could do it with a corny country voice so i took a stab at it :)
Thanks to EVERYONE who has ever sent in pics/video for our "I Saw Mask People" challenge!
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Lets get safe.

Lets discuss the way forward.

We are joined by Scott and Christy from Flip City Magazine to chat and scrutinize the pics.


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