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For my mates in my daughter's country - Australia.

Every Australian Must Listen:

In 2009 I produced an Iinterview with David Icke, with my former Aussie wife conducting the interview. What Icke said ELEVEN years ago was shockingly spot on regarding these terrible lockdowns, virus, digital currency, globalization. Ghost Radio Australia (c2009).

Producer: John Victor Ramses for the Ghost Radio Network / Underworld Show, Perth, Western Australia, 2009.

How many will die during Victoria's unecessary draconian "Phase 4" Lockdown? How many more small / family businesses will never return?
John Williamson wrote it best. This is my remake of his video "Hey True Blue".
Remember who you ARE, and NOT what they want you to become.
You're not subjects of a distance crown nor the UN.
You're Australians, all.....

America's Front Line Doctors give riveting, informative Q&A regarding the truth of C*V*D 19.
Screen Captured from Vimeo, which was recently removed. Uploader credit unknown.

End the age of False Allegations... Before You're Next.

Expose False Accusers.
Demand Accountability.

"The Resistance" by Jo Wandrini

TenTen Productions

Trailer for my upcoming series, "Journals from the Prison Years". In this series I will read my journals in consecutive order, which I had kept while in Acacia Prison between 2012 to the end of 2017. Raw, Emotional, Insightful, Un-edited. Coming in December 2019.

I began writing "Salem's Ghost: The New 'Witch' and the Return to the Age of Accusation" in 2014 while unlawfully incarcerated in Acacia Prison following an exceedingly unjust trial where I was refused legal counsel. Half-way through that unlawful trial I had come to realize that our legal process had returned back to the era of witch trials, when an accused person was afforded no right to counsel, no witnesses, no evidence and no fundamental due process. With the advent of the #MeToo hysteria in 2017, the sinister 'proceedings' of old had returned full force. Today's new 'witch' is the merely accused Sex Offender. The treatment of those accused of a sex offence is identical to the treatment of those once accused of being 'witches'. It was political then, and it's political now.

Pay attention to how those in Salem were treated, and compare it with the treatment of Justice Bret Kavanaugh, et al. The mindset, policy and proceedings are identical - whose origins can be traced back to a notorious book on prosecuting 'mere accusation cases', called the 'Malleus Maleficarum' (Part III).

The Roman Catholic Church persecuted the Cathars for not bowing to the Church's authority. It took 40 years, but they were eventually wiped out. Today, Conservatives, Men, Fathers, Families, Heterosexual....anything 'natural', is the new 'Cathars.. And the Church is the United Nations.

Enjoy and contemplate this reading of the Salem Witch Trials.

Every father (and sometimes mother) imprisoned on a False Allegation will identify with the last words of Johannes Junius in a desperate letter to his daughter, Veronica. Although such torture devices as used during the age of witch trials are no more (as far as is known), the psychological torture is commensurate with the physical pain. Being threatened, intimidated, frightened to plea guilty to a crime one did not commit is still commonplace in our modern police interrogation room, in secret.

Torture on Johannes Junius began June 30 (1628).
I last saw my precious daughter on June 30 (2010) after kissing her good night. That's when my torture began.

The new 'witch' is the merely accused 'sex offender', who is guilty until proven innocent, which will never be allowed to happen. We have returned back to the Age of Accusation - a most dangerous time in our modern history.
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In Western Australia (perhaps nationwide now) the government created a sinister "treatment" program for men 'convicted' after trial on a charge of a sex offense. This program was developed in 2008 in conjunction with WA's controversial "Redress Scheme", which was poised to bring many hundreds of accusations of sex abuse against men, fathers, male-oriented organizations and Christian churches in literally all sectors of Australian society, which began the War On Men / Patriarchy one decade ago.

The Denier's Treatment Program was designed to ensure that no man convicted on a sexual allegation could successfully appeal the conviction, due to it creating a perceived admission of guilt by merely participating in the program. This draconian program is at once unlawful and discriminatory whereas it is forced upon ONLY men convicted of ONLY sex offenses. It is not required for women convicted of a sex offense, nor is it required for men who are convicted in trial on any other class of offense.

This program has all but been hidden from the public, but is a matter which should be brought to public attention with intent to abolish it, and all those who were made to participate in it be acquitted of any and all perceived admission of guilt.

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Letter from Inspector of Custodial Services (Western Australia) stating the 'Denier's Program' is not mandatory (Download for proof against participating):

Cover FAX to US Consulate in Perth Western Australia:




FINDING AMANRAYA (Video Letters To MY Daughter)

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Response to video segment regarding attacks on Senator Pauline Hanson's remarks on False Allegations. (Uploaded to YouTube on 7 October 2019).

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YouTube: “Media often ‘Pretend’ Pauline Hanson is wrong”

John Ramses:
(Video): LETTER TO JULE BISHOP - 15 FEB 2015


FINDING AMANRAYA (Video Letters To MY Daughter)

Salem's Ghost (Ramses' Website)

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This is an example of the harsh, cruel, unjust and unlawful trial I was subjected to in Perth, Western Australia during the week of 8 August to 12 August 2011 - which lead to a 'conviction' and 6 1/2 years in an Australian prison.

Australia has no right to a lawyer. Indeed, no Bill of Rights whatsoever. No lawyer would take my case without $35-50,000 up front, which was impossible for me in the midst of a divorce. Legal Aid rejected my applications for legal assistance -- unless I pleaded guilty first.

I had pleaded with the US Consulate and Ambassador on numerous occasions for help with ensuring I had a fair trial through legal representation, but was effectively ignored. This forced me to at last face trial utterly alone without a lawyer, legal advice nor any legal knowledge whatsoever, which lead to an easy conviction for the prosecution (who had seen the evidence proving my innocence, but withheld it from trial).

What I read here in this video is from my trial transcript, demonstrating the impossible, unlawful condition I was forced to face for five days completely alone.

This was not only a gross miscarriage of justice, but was deliberate on the part of the State of Western Australia to ensure a conviction for the sole purpose of keeping me, a father, from my daughter in the midst of a divorce. The sentence given was just enough time to allow my daughter to turn 18.

The United States cannot recognize this trial, which occurred in a foreign country, as being fair and adequate to any degree whatsoever, according to our Constitution and legal requirements.

***Warning: Some explicit language as read verbatim from the trial transcript.***

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About DEDICATION: For Mr. Stuart William Dugan.

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Uintah Mountains, Utah. For Amy....wherever you are.
Love Daddy.

For you, Amy - wherever you are.... A Love Story, Part 1.

20 years ago before flying to Australia to marry your future mother, I had carved our names on a stone on a low wind-swept hill in Manti Utah, among colosal stones once likely set in place by Giants in an age before the whole earth had been flooded. Now, 20 years and one day after carving mine and your mum's name on a stone, I set out to try and find it again.... as part of the love story of how you came to be born.

Research, Credits:

History of the Manti Temple by Glen R Stubbs, july 1960

Graham Hancock - Megalithic Structures of Yonaguni, Japan

Megalithic Structures in Russia:

Megalithic Structures in Montana

The Treasures Of Utah

Manti Temple Wikipedia:

Also (not shown in video): Praveen Mohan, Phenomenal Travels -

Music from Epidemic Sound:

Short Film by John Victor Ramses: "Ten Ten" - (Moment of Birth), Ten-Ten Productions.

Your mum probably gave you a card.
I made you a film....
Happy 19th Birthday, Amy. Wherever you are.
I miss you so much.
Find Me.

(What a father feels who loses his child in divorce)

***The video time length, 10 minutes, 10 seconds, was not deliberate. Interestingly, the video simply ended there***

"Over The Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole
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"Absolute Lies" by Lalo Brickman
Epidemic Sound
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Salem's Ghost:

"Prison Years" is a special segment of Salem's Ghost series where I share my experiences in Acacia Prison, Western Australia, from 2012 to the end of 2017. This includes excerpts from my journals, and of course, the men I came to know well and some whom I came to call friend.

One such man became my best friend through those rough years. His name was Stuart William Dugan, or just "Stewy", as we called him. This video is about my friend Stewy, and the terrible injustice done to him first by his own children in collusion with their mother (his second wife) for money; and then by the prison medical who allowed him to suffer without medical attention for weeks, ultimately leading to his death.

Salem's Ghost - first in book format but now in video format - is dedicated to Stuart William Dugan.

This is Part 1 of my story of "Stewy" Dugan.

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John Victor Ramses reads emotional letter written to Australian Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, on 15 February 2015 while in Acacia Prison, Western Australia.
This letter most encompasses what Ramses endured under the Western Australia Legal System.


Peter Greste – Release From Egypt / Defends Colleagues Still in Prison

Odd Thank You from Greste to Julie Bishop

Julie Bishop on Peter Greste Case and Return To Australia.

Copy of Original Letter to Julie Bishop

First Request to speak to US Consulate due to bail fiasco

Book – “Not On My Life” – draft manuscript, written while in Acacia Prison

Letter to US Consulate (Perth) - - One of many letters to Consulate.

Letter to Consulate thanking officers, first responders, after 27 July 2012 Heart Attack

Letter Home on 4th of July (handwritten July 4, 2014)

Invoice for $11,000 cost for deportation from Australia to USA

Trial Transcript Segments showing extreme hardship in attempting to self-represent.

My Paintings while in Acacia Prison:

Reference to Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, executed in Indonesia. Google article list.


About DEDICATION: For Mr. Stuart William Dugan.


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