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This is 3 minutes long, with 14 victims, covering March 2021 to August 2021. This just shows the increase since the rollout effect took hold. We didn't really know what we were in for.. Since October 2021 I've struggled to keep the Young Hearts videos under 15 minutes long, (some over 20 mins) with between 110 -140 victims every 3 or so weeks. Thanks to those who have been there from the start and joined in the journey along the way. Your invaluable support has encouraged and energized me to keep going. Thanks to those who have posted and shared my vids, which boosted the views 1,000 + fold.
Sixth Sense, World Orders Reviews, Understanding the Lies, The Kurgan Report, Hugo Talks, Smoke and Mirrors, Jim Crenshaw, Kim Osbøl, OH MY GOD, DNA12, FM8, Mark Alan King, Mark Steele, NEM721, AllTheWorldsAStage, Amazing Polly, OurVoicesMatter, Frank Ploegman, Amalek International V5.0, The Irish Sentinel, mRNA DEATH TOLL, Disclosure Library, A_Walk_To_The_Beach, The White Rose Ireland, Good Vs Evil, Wade-X, UnmaskMaine, @Big_Brother, Ian Bell, Truth Archive 2030, Loch Agape, DarknessToLight.111, Worldonfirenews, The Green Glow , Brought_To_You_By_Pfizer, NancyDrewberry, Riccardo Bosi, Americas Frontline Doctors, Stew Peters Network and many others on Rumble, Telegram, Odysee, Gab etc. Some vids were even translated into Arabic and went viral in the Middle East. I’m sure I missed quite a few. But you know who you are.
Thanks to everyone who has posted the links onto other platforms and shared with family and friends, a lot of times out of despair and frustration.
And thanks to all those who regularly comment on the vids. Different types and personalities. Some funny buggers. Many of us are angry, outraged and jaded, but in my opinion is the proper response to what has gone on in the last 4 (or 40) years. I’m certain many of us be good friends if we’d met in person. Such a great community. And as Kurgan recently mentioned, something along the lines of; ‘at this stage of the game, we’re probably not waking up that many, but our platforms are a vital place to find support and freely speak our mind.’ To connect with likeminded souls who seek justice and righteousness.
Also a thanks to David A. Hughes Senior Lecturer in International Relations, University of Lincoln, England who refenced Young Hearts videos in International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research 2(1), February 11, 2022 - The “Young Hearts” series curated by checkur6 on Bitchute from August 2021, by January 2022 provides a clear indication that the number of otherwise fit and healthy young people (typically sportsmen and women) maimed or killed by the “COVID-19 vaccines” are far higher than reasonably expected.
To those who have lost someone, have family injured or are injured yourself from the bio-weapons, I’m sorry this happened.
I also understand it’s a multi-pronged attack, via injections, bio-metric surveillance, 5G Radiation, spraying the skies and putting all sorts of shit in our food and water. Dumbing us down and making us sick for decades.
Re-reading this sounds like a farewell. But it’s not. I just thought I’d say all this while I think of it. However, saying that, I may be posting less frequently over the coming months as there are a few things I need to take care of in my personal and business life, to keep the wheels turning and bread on the table. I’ll have to gauge it as I go, but I doubt I can ever stop gathering info and posting while this shitshow continues. Cheers. checkur6.

A 3 year documentation of 2,400 athletes (average age of 26) - collapsing, dying, heart problems, blood clots, sudden onset illnesses, cancers, mystery illnesses and more - all at an extraordinarily higher rate than prior to those injections which have heart inflammation and blood clot warnings on the label.

Julian Gillespie is a lawyer and former barrister in Australia, known for his Covid-19 research and advocacy. His work includes seeking to have the provisional approval of Covid-19 vaccines declared legally invalid due to failures to meet regulatory standards. Julian is also a director of Children's Health Defense, Australia.

- 30 Kids who made the News

Last year Adrian Lehmann became Swiss champion at the Zurich Marathon. He has now died at the age of 34 after a heart attack during training.

Odysee link for this vid: - a HD version for mirroring/sharing (200Mb)

At the age of 22, Anna Shackley has been forced to retire from professional cycling, diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia.

Nathan Templeton, a propaganda agent with Seven’s morning show Sunrise, has been found dead in a park near the Barwon River in Geelong. The 44-year-old is reported to have suffered a medical episode while walking his dog.

Thanks to Covid BC and others

Odysee link for this vid: - a HD version for mirroring/sharing (200Mb)


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