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Man is left beaten after Black Lives Matter claims he ran over a woman from their group #Riots2021

Black Panthers march in Minneapolis at a "Stop Murdering Our Children Rally" against black on black violence

Fights between black lives matter "protesters" #Riots2021


Fight breaks out between the feds and people attending an Ashli Babbitt memorial #Riots2021

Feds fight people at an Ashli Babbitt memorial #Riots2021

Multiple fires lit at riot in Minneapolis after gun wielding criminal was shot and killed this week #Riots2021

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Brief clip of a man getting jumped in the street by Black Lives Matter

rekt #Riots2021

Jacksonville cop gets jumped by group of blacks #Riots2021

Geniuses throw fireworks at a gas station in Minneapolis #Riots2021

Looting at T-Mobile after an officer involved shooting earlier today #Riots2021


Just another night in Minneapolis #Riots2021

Damage from looting at the CVS in Minneapolis after officer involved shooting

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Officers push and deploy flash bangs after Antifa lit multiple in the street near the scene of an officer involved shooting earlier today #Riots2021

Black Lives Matter blocks woman in her vehicle, shines flashlights in her face, and climbs on top of her car. Police eventually come and let the lady through the intersection. #Riots2021

Officer CHAD shield snatch #Riots2021

"Protesters" a dumpster fire after a homicide suspect that was shot and killed by authorities today #Riots2021

(alternate video) Andy Ngo assaulted and chased into local business by Portland Antifa on 5.28.2021 #Riots2021

Andy Ngo assaulted and chased into a hotel by crowd of Portland Antifa on 5.28.2021 #Riots2021

Seattle Police move in on Antifa and make some arrests #Riots2021

Black militia in Tulsa, OK seemingly calling for the killing of whites
"Death to white supremacy. Death to capitalism. Death to Imperialism. Death to Fascism ... and when we defend ourselves, once they die we must understand that we can never give them the pain that they gave us ... So once they are buried we must bury 'em, dig 'em up, and kill them again. Bury them, dig them up, and kill them again." #Riots2021

Black militia in Tulsa, OK openly calls for the killing of White people #Riots2021
"When that time has come for rat-a-tat-tat, cracker we will kill everything white in sight"
"White has beginning, and an ending. And your ending time has been up since 1914 no-good-cracker boy"

Black militias discuss how much they've done for society in Tulsa, OK
"We ain't never asked this country for nothin. We ain't never asked this country for one thing. We have given this country ev-er-y-thang. Over 500 years. And we're still asking for what we deserve. A black man or black woman shouldn't ax for a job. They should be given us a job. Our ancestors' blood, sweat, and tears. Every time this country give us a task, we complete it. We have skylars, lawyers, doctors, we have proven ourselves to be civil people. What else does it take?" #Riots2021

Black militias mourn the loss of thousands of black brothers and sisters killed at the hands of the White devil in Tulsa, OK #Riots2021


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