No Fear Forgiveness

- Friday the 13th episode

Jesse shows off his new White History Month t-shirt from Chris Castillo (thank you, Chris!), then talks about fear. The worst thing you can have in your life is fear. Many whites are afraid to stand up, speak the truth, defend themselves, or celebrate White History. So the children of the lie are able to convince the people of color, as well as many whites, that white people haven't done anything good, that America is a "racist" country, and other nonsense. Jesse tells stories of telling everyone, "Happy White History Month!" — at banks, gas station convenience stores, and everywhere. Some people laugh, shocked about it, while others deny or get upset. Some say that they thought white history was every day or every month. But that's not true — when's the last time you heard something good about white people being taught? Some friends have warned him not to do that, that he might get beat up. This is smart advice, to be wary of possible physical attacks and assaults from evil people. But if we're children of God, we should not have fear. The supposed children of good are afraid of the children of the lie. People of good are afraid to admit they voted for Trump! Meanwhile children of the lie are loud and proud in talking about who they voted for, and blaring their hatred for good white people, and others. This is serious. But don't freak out about it. White people, you better overcome fear and start speaking up, or we'll lose the country. We'll become like South Africa, where the people of color are attacking whites, taking their land, raping, robbing, torturing, and murdering whites, all over a lie of "racism" which does not exist and has never existed. Men are afraid of their wives! Men and women are afraid of their mothers! They can't handle the anger. If you are a child of God, you cannot have fear. Perfect love drives out fear. There is no fear in the nature of God, no anger, nor any of the children of anger: Worry, doubt, fear, insecurity, depression, etc. So go and forgive your parents, especially your mothers, and go free.


Originally aired Fri, Jul 13, Hour 2, segment 1-2

MINDS: @nofearforgiveness

EPISODE 1: Jesse Lee Peterson explains No Fear Forgiveness

Judgement swells the ego and intellect then corrupts the heart and spirit. We must forgive that which brings anger to achieve peace and virtue. This approach must be done without fear of the retaliation from the hordes of evil that stands against the light.

Speak truth with no intention of persuasion, but to lead by example. For truth seekers will sense the reality of your position, and realize the anger and fear they hold themselves.

This channel will seek to extend forgiveness to the tyrants, crazies, traitors, degenerates, false narrative propagandist, non citizen saboteurs and others, plus achieve virtue with no anger or fear. Inspired by The Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, and the will of God.

Forgiveness does not mean bend to the will of their father the devil. But to stare into the face of evil and achieve virtue despite their faults. For a time may come which you will have to defend yourself and all that is innocent and righteous. Until that moment, stand fast and firm.

Listen, as Jesse explains how you may stand alone against the children of the lie, who will attack you with anger and try to use intimidation to break your will and make you believe you are all alone. He explains how speaking the truth, combined with no anger and no fear will set you free.

MINDS: @nofearforgiveness

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