BREAKING NEWS: Pfizer Covid Vaccine vial contents exposed by WHO whistleblower. It contains graphene oxide, parasites, RFID, metals and nano circuitry. DARPA and Bill Gates developed these non biological synthetic injections to control the minds and bodies of the population. Professor states in front of lawyers anyone who administers these Pfizer mRNA Covid Vaccines is committing crimes against humanity and is a criminal. Dr. Charles Morgan formerly with the CIA in a 2018 DARPA meeting talking to the U.S. Military about mRNA CRISPR gene editing technology says they can engineer a "unique thing" to kill only one person in the world. In this case they used this mRNA technology to kill millions of innocent people in the world. This is why through the PCR test they took everyone's DNA and put it in a database in order to target specific people and races in the future, not only to kill them, but to control their thoughts and actions. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) refers to a wireless system comprised of two components: tags and readers. This RFID is in the Pfizer mRNA injections which are found in dead bodies and in the cemeteries. Scientists through autopsies show there is a parasite in the vaccine that lays an egg that bursts out and something comes out with tentacles. Experts through evidence confirm the mRNA injections are synthetic injection nano circuits that work with 5G. It's beyond what doctors know and what normal scientists know. We have to get every engineer and every military veteran who knows about nanoparticles, nanotechnology to help us understand this, because we have to know how to detach this from the body.

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