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The first tornado warning has just been announced for Southern New Hampshire this storm season. With possible sustainable winds of up to 70 MPH, we are standing by to loose power for a somewhat lengthy time if power transmission lines are taken down during this storm season.
Here's a quick checklist for your use in preparing for this type of weather activity:
1. Flashlights with plenty of batteries for it kept in a location easy to access.
2. Good quality FIRST AIR KIT with enough supplies to care for any injury not needing hospitalization.
3. 72 HOUR FOOD SUPPLY that can be prepared easily without a complete kitchen environment to make the meals from it.
4. FRESH DRINKING WATER. Enough for 5 gallons per person per day.
7. TARPS OF VARIOUS SIZES. To cover buildings, structures and other outdoor items.
8. Local Area Meeting Place if out and about during a warning.
9. DOWNED TREE REMOVAL TOOLS and SUPPLIES if in a wooded environment.

As more and more states start to reopen their economies, a warning of caution should be felt all over those who are reopening it. Acts of stupidity can destroy the efforts of the recent past causing more death and expense.

This is my satirical impression of waiting for a stimulus check from Uncle Love Me. How long is too long?

Uncle Love Me gave me some of YOUR money so I could stimulate the economy. Well, I used it to partially purchase a Medium Sized Harvest Right Home Food Freeze Dryer. After the second round of stimulus money makes it my way, I will make the last payment toward it and it will arrive shortly here at our homestead.

There is some learning to do before it arrives so the nice folks at Harvest Right sent ahead the owners manual for me to get ahead of the learning curve on this machine. There is some maintenance required so it operates at highest operating efficiency during its life. It also requires a DEDICATED 20 amp grounded circuit for it to properly operate in the home environment which can be accomplished by either a licenced electrician or by the home owner depending on their ability and understanding of home electrical circuits and their local building codes allow for it. I highly recommend an electrician to at least examine your work to ensure your homeowners insurance coverage is not violated and building codes as well are not violated if you have to install a dedicated 20 amp circuit in your home or business.

I'm so happy I pulled the trigger and bought one. I may lead to a future career / job for my adult son who has autism if all the cards fall in the right places.

Thank you TAXPAYERS!!

Congress needs to investigate how this insect got here after it NEVER has been seen here ever before! Oh wait! That's right.....The liberal house congress people are cowering in their mansions eating $12 dollar a pint of ice cream while the rest of us suffer.....And worry where their next meal is coming from.

I hope you are filling your hours while hunkered down wisely.......

The forgotten people are those who are homeless anywhere they are during an emergency or crisis such as what we are now living through today when it comes to dealing out money.

What makes no sense to anyone with knowledge of the homeless find some states helping illegals and forgetting about their homeless American citizens population.

As COVID-19 storms across this great nation, the largest meat packers are being hit hard and being forced to close until time passes. Anyone can put two and two together knows this was bound to happen. I'm not saying make a run to you local grocer and buy up all of the meat you can.......I'm saying that when you find it missing, have an alternate source of protein at your disposal during this crisis.

IF PROPERLY STORED, and I MEAN PROPERLY STORED, most canned goods can last well past their best by date.

As time ticks on, this problem will eventually make its way to your town. It is just a matter of time. Take all of the precautions you can possibly take to avoid contracting this illness. Follow all CDC guidelines.
There are all kinds of things you can do to occupy yourself while sheltering in place. Please feel free to submit your suggestions in the comments section of this video.

A business sent me toilet paper for free to me today.....

During the Great Depression, Sears would send potential customers a catalog of their wares for them to look through and order at their leisure..... These catalogs were used as entertainment and as toilet paper.......


The US stock market reacted to oil price plunge and current medical situation unfavorably this morning. Could a world recession be in the horizon? We shall see. BE PREPARED FOR THIS.

As we all know, spot consumer goods shortages on every day products will be occurring around you. Know what to buy and what not to buy. Please follow my channel and watch some of my past 101 videos for a comprehensive tutorial of what to stock up on and what to pass on while you are preparing for in the unforeseen future.

HORMEL has done it again with another delicious shelf stable meal. This time, in a XL portion for those who wish to have more that they can store for long term emergency preparedness plans.
This meal tasted exactly what I expected coming from HORMEL!

(Feel free to pause the video to inspect the nutrition label.)

Remember the microwave safe bowl can be reused over and over again. I reuse mine for my morning cereal. Perfect portioning so I do not overeat while sheltering in place.

Always include your furry family members while you prepare for the unexpected.

A "RECOMMENDATION" can be turned into a "DEMAND" by local authorities as the situation escalates in this county in Washington state. My major concern with it is what do you do about the hundreds of thousands of citizens who live "pay check to paycheck"?
What do they do when they cannot telecommute? Do you assume they can afford to shelter in place or do you immediately set up a method for them to be funded at no cost the them while they are staying home? This is needed to be addressed now!

Here's something you can watch while sheltering in place to ease your worries.......... (sarcasm)

There was a change made and many of my earlier videos have been demonetized for reasons unknown to me and there were many. Even some from my very first days here on U Tube. I've gone back and requested a review of each video they now deem unable to create income for the channel.



I just visited a business who mainly caters to the lower income residents here and OMG! That place was picked over on some items that will become more scarce as the China Syndrome advances in my location in this country.
You can expect this same thing in other cities all across this nation and not one politician is addressing that. What happens when the less blessed, monetarily disadvantaged, i.e. POOR and are forced to shelter in place with small children and the elderly??? That could be catastrophic.


The incubation period is what causes this to be the most worrisome of all the viruses out there. It can be spread by an infected person and they do not show symptoms. A worst case for humans all around the planet.

Regardless of what you think, this could be just the tip of an iceburg we need to be ready for here.....

Grape Jelly with a Best By Date of June 2013 Taste Test.

Just because it has a Best By Date, does not mean it needs to be thrown into the bin when that date is reached. Here is another example of what we call Long Term Foods. This plastic bottle of Grape Jelly has been kept in a dark, dry and cool basement since 2012. Today, I opened it and it tastes just like the day it was packaged. The flavor, consistency texture and smell are equal to a brand new produced bottle of this product.

All channel supporting contributions will always be greatly appreciated. Contributions can be sent via this website link:

Politics is something we all have to address at one time or another in our movement about this planet. Time to start the discussion here. Painful as it may be, it has to be done. What do the words at the bottom of the presentations screen mean to YOU?
Please fell free to produce a video and let me know it is out there for all to see. We need to talk America. Stay on this channel for that opportunity. LIVE FEEDS COMING SOON!!!!

OK folks, I started getting things organized as requested by a viewer. I am not in any hurry but when I get going, I will not stop until I get tired for the day. And I make make several trips down to move things during the days ahead. But, since there is so much stuff down there being personal items and food, the place will never look like anything as orderly as some food storage bunkers (basements) out there on You Tube. I will be purchasing more metal (some assembly required) shelves as my income allows.....

A yard sale would also help dispose of some of the household items needing a new home. I may create a virtual yard sale for you, my viewers. Let me know if you would be interested in seeing my stuff and possibly taking it off my hands for a small donation.

Not much to say about this video. If you know where I can find the part needed or you want this vac sealer that needs a part, please feel free to make me an acceptable offer including shipping and it may be yours!!! Send me an email and we can negotiate that.


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