Arcade_Heroes - With 2019 upon us, it's time to look back at 2018 to see what new arcade machines were released to the thriving market. Quick footage of each game plus a little preview of 2019! - It's time for a VLOG, where I discuss a possible new trend in "fighting pinball" machines that we're starting to see out of Japan. Space Invaders Pinball Jam and Super Panic Ball are discussed! Also includes footage of the elusive I-Hockey game by Imply. - Time for some more House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn, as filmed at IAAPA 2018 in November 2018. My brother and I continue the journey into the House and fight a nasty squid-like abomination in the process. - Separating out about 5 minutes of VR attractions that were at the IAAPA 2018 expo, just to make part 1 not quite so long (or as big a file, given it's in 4K). This shows titles such as Total Recoil, Virtual Rabbids, VRcade, We Play VR and more. - Now for something a little bit different, a cash/money blower machine. Designed by LR Money Machines, these have been around since the 1990s as a way for out-of-home entertainment venues to draw some attention to their businesses. - Sega Amusements and Hollywood Gaming had a new videmption game to show at IAAPA 2018, a licensed candy game where you catch Jelly Bellies to win tickets. - Jockeying is back, with Derby Champion Club. This is a sequel to Derby Championships by UNIS from a few years back, but in a more elaborate cabinet with better game graphics. This is the kind of game that shows what arcades can do that consoles and phones just can't - let you ride on an almost life-sized motion horse ;) - Continuing with the Wahlap content, the headlining driving games for the company was Overtake. The game itself was designed by IGS back in 2011, but they've been updating both the hardware and the software since. The latest versions both use a motion base, while the VR version takes it a step further with a virtual girlfriend companion. - The popular web/mobile game is making the jump to arcades and in a way that is unique to the format. 1-3 players collects the glowing dots, grow, get power-ups and win tickets. Coming soon. - And now for something different...and for the ladies. The Lipstick Challenge is an interactive merchandiser where the user attempts to win make-up items by playing a simple touchscreen game. - American game maker Coastal Amusements had another large booth area this year, and as always, they had some new videmption pieces to show off. Following their success with Ice Man, they are importing many similar games; here we have Dragon Hunter, Zombie Land Battle and Bug Cruncher. - Checking out the Pro version of Deadpool, designed by George Gomez for Stern Pinball. The classic Midway/Williams sounds were a very nice touch for this one. - We've already shown you the 2-player deluxe model of Halo: Fireteam Raven, so let's check out the much bigger brother, the Super Deluxe. This one supports up to 4 players and has slightly different software. - Hitting on a couple more videmption arcade games here, Indian company Touch Magix just keeps on swinging with more releases to their name. These two were introduced at IAAPA 2018, boosting their coin-op game offerings up to five. Both of these games involve jumping to progress. - Now for another "different" product that was seen at IAAPA 2018, some Carnival-centric games by a Canadian company called Aquaventronics. Simple games for midways, carnivals, theme parks and so on, using the wonder of modern LED lighting. - Chinese arcade game maker Wahlap was at IAAPA 2018 with a good sized booth, showcasing their Overtake racers and this new co-op shooter, Bounty Ranger. It's a motion seat game that certainly grabs attention with the size of the overall cabinet and Old West theme.

Video available in 4K - After 10 years of being a smashing success on the arcade market, Trio-Tech's Typhoon machines are getting a 4K upgrade. - Another odd surprise to be found at IAAPA 2018 was Poogie Race, a strange, kid-friendly racing game by Capcom. Andamiro said they were selling it "internationally," but not exactly focusing on the US market. Reminds me of Armadillo Racing by Namco. - Among the interesting oddities found on the IAAPA 2018 show floor was this 4-player sniping game called Sniper Strike. Developed by a Chinese company called Hua Tai Bai Shun, the setup drew a lot of attention, being played every time I walked past it. Another fine example of Augmented Reality. - Released in early 2018 to coincide with the movie, Rampage is a a casualized version of the Midway classic that still involves destroying cities as a mutant creature, just much faster paced and chaotic to fit with redemption style play. - Checking out the latest edition of Andamiro's dancing stage arcade series, Pump It Up 20th Anniversary Edition. This features new songs, celebrating 20 years of the hit game. - Checking out the production LE model of Pirates of the Caribbean pinball, by American manufacturer Jersey Jack Pinball. Choose from 22 characters to enhance your bonus as you seek out hidden treasures and collect gold. - 1st shown at the International Bowl Expo 2018 event in Vegas, the finalized and improved version of Mystery Island was on hand at IAAPA 2018 for players to enjoy. The game makes amazing use of projection mapping (for TRUE Mixed Reality) to show an island that the player must climb to reach the golden skull at the top. While mainly designed for tickets, it will work just for points/amusement. Available now. - Here are the new arcade & gaming support technologies that were on display at the IAAPA 2018 trade show. This includes:

The Luxehedron display
RFPay card system
Arcade drop-in lighting
PC Classic game console

Check for more details! - Checking out the prototype of Super Bikes 3 as seen at IAAPA 2018. The show model only featured three levels, but other features are intact, such as wind, camera, and controls. The cabinet really stands out for this one.


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