Arcade Heroes - It's been a bit since I looked at something arcade-related for consoles, but with the recent "Recharged" releases by Atari, it's a good opportunity to do so. This video offers a quick look at Asteroids Recharged on the Nintendo Switch (it's also available on the PC/PS4/XBox) but also briefly compares it with:

-Asteroids (1979)
-Space Duel (1982)
-Blasteroids (1987)

As it says in the video, do NOT take the captures of Asteroids and Space Duel as "gospel." These were designed for vector monitors, which produce a unique glow & contrast effect that does not get passed along on modern monitors; Even when you point a camera at a vector monitor it loses some of it's look. It's one of those cool things you have to see in person.

This game is also available on the Atari VCS but that's just an Atari branded PC so nothing special. If you already have a decent PC or laptop, or one of the major consoles, you might as well grab it there.

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Another oddity from Chinese developer Huatai Games. I would never consider one for my arcade, but for an axe throwing business this sort of thing could make sense. I also can give them props for actually trying something original instead of just pirating someone else's work - It's been a few weeks since we first learned about FURIOUS, a new racing arcade game from Raw Thrills, and now we have an indication of some of the new additions to the gameplay, including the return of virtual cash winnings, and new stuff like missions, power-ups and takedowns.
A location test is essentially a public beta test for the arcade business and it's how the arcade industry has always gauged the worthiness of a concept prior to production. Some games fail to earn well enough to reach "gold" status and get canned, sometimes the concepts get reworked enough until they do earn well.

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Or interact on Discord: - News broke today about Sega and arcades, but some of the information is either incomplete or wrong. Let someone who actually works in the arcade industry lay out the info - I promise it's not as bad as it sounds!

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Or interact on Discord: - Sega Amusements generally has avoided Virtual Reality, but they're giving it a shot now with VRAgent, developed by 3MindWave. This is a blend of light-gun rail shooter and first person shooter; It has multiple levels and supports linking up to four units at once. Available for arcades soon.

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Or interact on Discord: - I got my hands on a drone camera, so now it's time to justify its expense by filming arcade things with it :P This is my first "screen test" of a sort, using it to film my playing a terrible round of basketball on ICE's NBA Hoops. If you have ideas for things you'd like to see me try with the drone, let me know! - Since more footage of this game was requested, here you go - another match from the arcade & exA-Arcadia exclusive fighting game, Axel City 2. Filmed at the IAAPA 2021 trade show. Input lag on this game is much lower than found on any game console; Built using the same engine that is being used for Dynamite Bomb (another exA exclusive fighting game coming next year)

I do have one additional clip of Axel City 2 that hasn't been published yet, so stay tuned ;)

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Or interact on Discord: - Happy October! What better way to end the month than with a complete capture of Sega's House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn? Released exclusively to arcades in 2018, this is the longest and most featured HOTD in the franchise, although how it stacks up on a gameplay level to the likes of HOTD2 is something that is up for debate.
Time Codes:
Intro & Cabinet Overview: 0:10
Credit Up & Game Start: 6:43
As Night Falls: 7:30
Chapter 0 Gameplay: 8:20
The Annex: 15:03
Chapter 1 Kate & Ryan: 15:50
BOSS BATTLE The Chariot: 21:59
The Laboratory: 26:02
Chapter 2 Homo Sapiens: 26:50
BOSS BATTLE The High Priestess: 33:45
Elevator Lobby: 37:31
Chapter 3 Pandora's Box: 38:45
BOSS BATTLE The Hanged Man: 47:17
Manor Depths: 50:40
Chapter 4 A Glimmer of Hope: 51:31
FINAL BOSS The Moon: 57:57
Credits: 1:02:52
High Score Entry: 1:04:04 - Time for another full, direct game capture of real arcade game, this time it's Luigi's Mansion Arcade by Capcom, Sega & Nintendo! Based upon Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon for the Nintendo 3DS, this title has been changed significantly from that version to provide a unique and exclusive arcade experience. A great game to play for the month of October - or any month of the year, really! - Here's something a little different from the norm for Arcade Heroes - a review of a new console game! Of course, it's not just any game, but a port of the coin-op arcade game Cruis'n Blast that was released in 2017. This review also heavily covers the arcade version and demonstrates the two games, side-by-side. I will upload a more complete side-by-side soon. - Wield the dark side of the Force as you train to become Darth Vader's apprentice in Vader Immortal Lightsaber Dojo by Lucasfilm Ltd. and VRSenal. Available for arcades in this 80" screen, giant format Virtual Reality game. - A direct capture from a real Minecraft Dungeons Arcade machine (2021, by Play Mechanix/Raw Thrills), played with 3-4 players. My kids were happy to come in and play. NOTE ON VIDEO QUALITY: The arcade machine shows a much crisper 4K image, but my capture device captured in 1080p & introduces some compression artifacts. You also get cards from the real thing, so as always, that's what I recommend that you play ;)

My oldest is an avid Minecraft player, who has also played Minecraft Dungeons on console; He noticed that there are some unique enemies in this that show up during the boss fights, but as we didn't play through the entire 9 chapters of the game, not sure if there's more than that which was made just for this. - Here is the long-awaited interview with the Arcade Hero himself, Eugene Jarvis, about the Cruis'n USA franchise. He originally proposed the game as an OutRun style piece, and it went from there. We talk Cruis'n USA, a little about World, a bit about Cruis'n Exotica, and of course Cruis'n Blast for both the arcade and the upcoming Nintendo Switch port.

My apologies for instances where my web camera goes out of focus...but at least Eugene's camera is always solid!
Intro: 0:10
How did Cruis'n USA get started? 1:04
Digitized textures/graphics, Dev process: 4:46
Motion version of Cruis'n USA: 16:55
Cruis'n's game structure: 18:00
How many Cruis'n's sold? 21:32
Talking about Cruis'n Exotica's cabinet: 23:07
Mentioning the Ultra 64: 24:44
How do you approach developing a sequel to a popular game?: 26:24
Eugene talks about visiting Japan for Cruis'n Exotica: 28:02
Where did the name Exotica come from? 30:07
Talking about Cruis'n's humor: 31:48
What led to the development of Cruis'n Blast?: 33:13
Cruis'n Blast's cabinet: 38:37
What happened to Cruis'n Blast's card system?: 43:48
The Switch port & console ports in general: 45:40
What's the future of the Cruis'n franchise?: 52:47 - Time for another brief unboxing as I've added another fighter to my exA-Arcadia system, FK Digital's Chaos Code Exact Xeno Attack. This was FK Digital's last video game (although I've heard they may get back into the biz soon), released in February 2020. It serves as the Final Director's Cut of the game, making for the ultimate version of the game. - Golden Tee has finally gone 4K and added the coveted PGA Tour license, so let's take a look at what it offers.The game still looks fairly ancient by graphics standards, but that's never really held the game back from any success. - The last time that I saw this game it was in a very, very early state, but now it's out on the market as Raw Thrills' first foray into the world of Virtual Reality. It's an interactive motion ride, using cameras that correctly sense your hand movement, although there are times where it's hard to gauge the depth of the virtual enemies vs where your hands are at/can reach. - Based upon the hit streaming show of the same name, The Mandalorian brings more Star Wars-based excitement to arcades, all while starring everyone's favorite little green friend, Baby Yoda (Grogu if you must). This game is available now in Pro, Premium and Limited Edition models. - Available for arcades since 2020, Fight of Gods Arcade Edition provides exactly what the name says: arcade-style fights between deities of different world religions. Available through the exA-Arcadia system, this also has some exclusive content such as the Belial character and gameplay balancing that better fits with the requirements of arcade play. Video taken at Amusement Expo 2021 in Las Vegas, NV. - While there are many fighters headed to the exA-Arcadia system, it has a lot of shoot 'em ups (shmups or STGs) too. Here's one that will be exclusive to the system, a remake/major update to Jaelco's P-47 Aces. It supports up to 4-players and has adaptive difficulty to work for the needs of FECs while satisfying core players. - Checking out two new 1v1 arcade fighting games for the exA-Arcadia platform: Bayani & Chaos Code Exact Xeno Attack. The former hasn't been released as of this moment but the latter has (Feb. 2020). Both are very solid fighting games, tailored to the wants of the FGC and made for the platform where fighters used to call home, the arcade. - Footage of the attract mode and some gameplay from the upcoming fighting game on exA-Arcadia coin-op arcade systems. This one features 40 characters and is reminiscent of fighting games like World Heroes. Coming 2021. - For my last video from Amusement Expo 2021, I take a look at some booths where they might not have had anything new, or I only had a brief look at what they offered. Thanks for watching all of the AEI videos and stay tuned for more coin-op arcade-related content until the next show! Apologies to anyone I missed (like ICE). - Here is the 2nd official English trailer for IGS/Gameloft/Wahlap's Asphalt 9 Legends Arcade DX; Trailer created by Wahlap and given to us to share with the rest of you.

More info on this game:

Here is the official trailer for the app-to-arcade port of Asphalt 9 Legends, developed by IGS, Gameloft & Wahlap. Launching in China this year; TBA on the USA and elsewhere. - Here is a capture of the P-47 Aces Kai (also called P-47 Aces Mk. II) announcement from Japan on Youtube, early Sunday morning. P-47 Aces was released to arcades back in 1995; Now it's coming home with a remake just for exA-Arcadia coin-op arcade systems (aka, this will not be coming to consoles, just arcades).


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