Arcade Heroes - A Bitchute exclusive! Comparing the multiplayer arcade game King of the Road with the original prototype that was placed at the Two Bit Circus in LA, and the eventual release version which uses the Hot Wheels license. Both games were developed by Coin Crew, which was co-founded by one of Nolan Bushnell's (of Atari and Chuck E Cheeses fame) sons. Prototype model is larger and supports up to 8 players, while the version that will be manufactured by Adrenaline Amusements is six players, smaller screen and Hot Wheels themed tracks. - Official trailer provided to us by Raw Thrills, showing the biggest update to the Big Buck Hunter franchise since the series was completely revamped in 2012 with Big Buck HD.

Coming to bars and arcades in 2020 - Direct capture footage of the arcade exclusive title, Black Emperor, by BumbleBear Games. This marks the second game for the company, after the popular release of Killer Queen Arcade.

This footage was provided to help with an indie arcade sizzle reel that I've been working on. Since that reel only will use about 20 seconds per game, I figure why not show you all of what was sent. Enjoy! - Here's something a little different - a podcast/webcast style video that focuses on an arcade subject. Here we are talking about video game/computer graphics, specifically those that are used in arcades. Here are pertinent links:

For the removed graphics history section, check out this page:

Time codes:

00:00 - Discussion start
2:45 - Why talk graphics instead of gameplay?
5:08 - Poll question: How do graphics affect your approach to arcade games?
7:58- When graphics matter in a game, and when do they not?
13:29 - What makes graphics "good?"
15:42 - Do bits matter (is there such a thing as "16-bit graphics)?
18:43 - Graphics concepts (sprites, polygons, ray tracing, etc.)
38:16 - What was the first graphics effect that you saw in arcades that impressed you the most?
52:22 - Little talk about vector monitors and LCD updates

Thanks to user Basildoomhd for allowing me to use a bunch of his ray trace RTX captured game footage - Video that is accompanying a story on Arcade Heroes that dives into many more details about how this app works. Outnumbered is available in SouthEast Asia right now, with a North American release taking place Q4 2019. - You won't see an unboxing quite like what we do anywhere else, as I unbox real, full-sized arcade games & pinball machines! This time it's Stern Pinball's take on the classic Jurassic Park film from the early 90's, with gameplay at the end. Unboxed at my arcade, Game Grid Arcade, West Valley City, UT. - We've been talking about it for almost two years, and today, the Exa-Arcadia company began shipping the first production units to locations in Japan. Next up: The World. - Tetris has been in arcades before, and it's back again with Tetris Dimensions by Play Mechanix and ICE. Find out all we know about the game in this video.

Trying out a new format for the VLOG, let me know what you think. Also may try and do a livestream here soon ;) - Posted to the official Mario & Sonic 2020 website, I've modified this video with additional details as to what we know about the game so far. This will be an arcade exclusive rendition of the game. This is early PROTOTYPE footage and will likely change between now (July 2019) and release this Winter. [REUPLOAD for BitChute to customize some back end things] - Here's another VLOG about games that aren't in production yet, but are on test! We've got the World's Largest Frogger and Star Trek Battleground, both by Raw Thrills. - When arcade machines are not being played, they run in "attract mode." Here is a direct capture of the video that plays during the attract mode for Raw Thrills' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, an arcade exclusive release launched in April 2018. This does not include certain screens that will show up in-between, such as game tips, leaderboards, logos, etc. - Continuing to catch up on Bitchute with some older content, here is Tomb Raider Arcade deluxe by Adrenaline Amusements & Square Enix. You can find this at many arcade locations right now, being an arcade exclusive take on Shadow of the Tomb Raider that had been released in 2013. The game is for 1-4 players and uses light-guns with gyroscopic sensor tech. One other unique thing about this title compared to other arcade games out there is that it has around 60 minutes worth of gameplay; most light-gun games can be finished in 25-30 minutes (or 12-15 minutes if you look at a Namco shooter like Crisis Zone :P ).

Two cabinet designs for Tomb Raider Arcade are produced, one with a 120" screen, the other with a 65" screen and a more attractive cabinet design. - In another of our "unboxing" series, here is the unboxing and installation of a full set of Bandai Namco Amusements' Maximum Tune 5 racing arcade game. This arcade exclusive title comes in either a set of two or four, along with a "Banapassport" card & car maintenance kiosk. This machine was purchased brand new via PrimeTime Amusements. The game itself is the American version of Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5, but unfortuantely the US version has not enjoyed the software updates known as 5DX & 5DX+ at the time of this upload (July 2019). - The reboot of Centipede can be played as a proper arcade game (no tickets, just points/score), as shown here with the production model that was setup at the International Bowl Expo. This game is shipping now. - It's a "New Season" for Sega's Daytona Championship USA, a major software update launched earlier in 2019 that brings the following to the table:

-Improved handling
-Improved graphics, including new damage models & enhanced lighting effects
-New car liveries
-Updated camera functions
-Top 3 racer highlights

The update was made available for free for owners of Daytona units to add to their game. Filmed at the International Bowl Expo 2019 in Las Vegas (only one cabinet was available). - I was at the International Bowl Expo in Las Vegas this week and filmed a couple of newer things that happened to be there, including the new update to Virtual Rabbids the Big Ride. The best of the three new films is the one in space, as it adds an interactive element to it. - Finally, after years of procrastination, I made the pilgrimage to the Pinball Hall of Fame and it was awesome. I shall make the visit there again every time I find myself in the city. Sorry for any shaky cam... - Here is the attract mode for the arcade exclusive title, Super Bikes 3, which was released in May 2019 to arcades around the world. - Fans of the classic dome or bubble soccer can rejoice as there's a new, modernized version of the mechanical concept here with Super Kixx Pro by ICE. Same basic game - it's arcade soccer, with the hand-painted figurines moving around kind of like in foosball - just not 90 minutes long. The Pro models feature new age electronics, LED lighting, LCD screens and a variety of world teams to pick from. - Another 2018 video, showing 10 minutes of play from the arcade exclusive shooter Night Hunter by UNIS. This one is a bit odd, borrowing from Van Helsing a bit for the aesthetic. You are a demon hunter with the terror-inducing name Glenn, bent on...hunting demons. There's not a whole lot of story and it has incredibly bad voice acting and such, which sometimes is part of the charm to these games. Pull the lever on your gun to switch ammo types, which have different efficacy depending on the enemy. - Another catch up on videos that didn't make the transport from YT to BitChute, here's the Taiwanese-made arcade exclusive, Monster Eye 2 by IGS & Wahlap. Primarily a gun game, this also features a Kinect sensor that allows the player to interact by punching enemies or swimming. This is available in US/Europe, but in limited quantities. - Playing the brand new arcade reboot of Atari's classic game, Centipede Chaos. This game is now shipping to arcades around the world, but the version shown here is a few months early. Now the game only goes through four boss battles then it's over - if you're in redemption mode. It also has a longer, more in-depth amusement mode to play - Check out the many new arcade games coming to the market in 2019/2020 thanks to Exa-Arcadia multi-game platform that has seen a soft launch in Japan and should soon be available worldwide. This does NOT show all games that are currently in development for the EXA. When launched, games will be made available on cartridge that can be easily changed out, just like the Neo Geo MVS.

While these games are available on other platforms, Exa-Arcadia developer guidelines require that each title includes unique content & features that are not found on other versions of the game. Titles shown in this sizzle reel:

-Aka & Blue Type-R (Tanoshimatsu)
-Akyrios EXA (Daragon)
-Nippon Marathon Turbo (Onion Soup)
-Infinos Exa (Picorinne Soft)
-Strania EX (G.Rev)
-Super Hydorah AC (Abylight Studios)
-The Kung Fu Vs. Karate Champ (Jae Lee)
-Blazing Chrome (Joymasher)
-Devil Engine (Protoculture Games)
-Fights of the Gods (Digital Crafter)
-Lightning Knights (Tikipod)
-Psyvariar Delta (Clarice Games)
-Rival Megagun XE (Spacewave Software)
-Shikhondo Red Purgatory (Deer Farm)
-Vritra Hexa (Neotro) - Not all of the videos I upload to Youtube seem to make it to BitChute, so let's fix that! Here's a video that was captured from the Twitch stream that Exa-Arcadia put out at the JAEPO 2019 event in Japan. It's from a horizontal scrolling shooter called Vritria, where you play as a dragon fighting against hordes of gruesome enemies.

Previously released on mobile and PC, the arcade version will have 2 player support, a new soundtrack and more. - Checking out a new video of Outnumbered that was posted to Facebook but nowhere else (until now)


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