Arcade Heroes - Old video coming to Bitchute. Aiming for the high end of amusement is Cesys, a new division of motion simulator company Cruden. They are focused on creating realistic simulators that can be used in the amusement industry (particularly theme parks). Here is their 'Motorbike' simulator that also incorporates VR HMDs to further involve the player in the race. NOTE: While the view on the monitors was in 3rd person, the view inside of the HMDs is first person. - For the 13th birthday of, we took the occasion to poll the readers as to their pick for the Video Arcade games and pinball machines of the decade. While the vote count wasn't super massive, the readers that bothered to participate have picked the top games, so here I'll talk about them:

Video Games
#3 - Mario Kart Arcade GP DX (Bandai Namco)
#2 - Jurassic Park Arcade (Raw Thrills)
#1 - Dariusburst Another Chronicle (Taito)

#3 - Jurassic Park (Stern Pinball)
#2 - Dialed In! (Jersey Jack Pinball)
#1 - GhostBusters (Stern Pinball)

Thanks for voting and congrats to the winners! - It's time for another review and full playthrough, this time of Raw Thrills' 2018 release, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This was licensed from Nickelodeon and it exclusive to arcades.

Includes a full DIRECT CAPTURE from the real arcade machine, playing from start to finish. - IAAPA Expos have a strong focus on all things tech and out-of-home entertainment related. This includes a large number of Virtual Reality products. With 85 companies being involved in VR in one way or another at IAAPA Expo 2019, I was simply unable to capture footage or play all of them, but here are a few that I saw. Apologies to those that I missed!

Music - The 1st song is available via my Bitchute exclusive game music channel, Bits N' Synths:

#1 - Warpstar Alpha -
#2 - "Limaverse" - Tempest 4000

IF THE VIDEO IS NOT SHOWING, JUST GIVE IT TIME AND TRY AGAIN LATER. - The indie-made mulitplayer space combat game Cosmotrons made an appearance at IAAPA Expo 2019, with two models setup to play at the PrimeTime Amusements booth. Battle your friends alone or team up in this unique gravity based shooter. - It's been a while since the Big Buck Hunter series got an overhaul, so with Reloaded, it's delivering changes in spades. Features new animals, UI system, scoring system, and two complete new games to join the pre-existing titles, Terminator Salvation: Delta Mission and In Case of Monsters: Lost Island. This video features the first stage of Lost Island; I'll post the full thing (direct) once available in January 2020. - With 2019 behind us, we can now look at all of the real arcade & pinball games that were released through the calendar year. You should be able to find many of these games out there in the wild, or if you run an arcade, know that you can buy many of them (excepting exclusives and super limited releases). This version features some titles that were missed on the YouTube version, so this marks the more complete one!

Stay tuned for 2020, as many more games are coming out way! - American Pinball's first release was Houdini: Master of Mystery, a game that started out life as a John Popadiuk game before making it's way over to Joe Balcer. It's a very solid game for a first release, with a lot of fun details, cool mechanical features, video modes and more. It has been available since 2017 and is still one you can pick up as of Dec. 2019. - The full track for SwitzerBlitz Alpine Track on the 2019/2020 arcade exclusive release Nitro Trucks, developed by Play Mechanix and Raw Thrills. Footage captured at the IAAPA Expo 2019 event. - The arcade remake of Atari's classic Centipede is now available in two cabinet styles, the deluxe that launched earlier this year and now this more compact standard version. Works for either redemption or amusement (only score) play. Developed by Play Mechanix for ICE; Atari only licensed the name for them to make. - It's way past time to get into arcade game reviews again, so with the lauch of the final Star Wars Skywalker saga film, let's take a look at the biggest Star Wars arcade release in recent memory, Bandai Namco's Star Wars Battle Pod. This is a DIRECT capture, no emulation.

Jump to 05:48 for the direct footage to begin

Pros of the game:
-Great use of the original Trilogy license
-Impressive cabinet with great tech that stops people in their tracks, blocks outside noise with the enclosed cockpit style
-Sharp 60fps graphics powered by Unreal Engine 3
-Great sound quality (surround)
-Good action
-Fun Darth Vader level unique to the game
-Arcade exclusive

Cons of the game:
-Doesn't use all of the tech that came with it (camera)
-Leaderboard setup is poorly handled
- No consequence for Mission Success or Mission Failed, you have to pay to continue regardless
-Gameplay sometimes feels like a glorified roller coaster, with weird physics
-Dismal attract mode that has too many moments of just black, no leaderboard, no Star Wars crawl - I really enjoyed Speed Driver 5 by IGS and Wahlap, a 4K racing game that was at IAAPA 2019. I filmed more driving action, although this was the first run I did on the game, so I took some corners poorly. Hopefully some locations in the US/CAN will be picking this up! - This is Zombie Jam by The Really Big Crane company, a new player on the market that is looking to do some unique things for street operators. IT is similar in style to a game known as Connect4Hoops. While prototype footage, this one will probably be ready to go by Spring 2020. - Offering an alternative to Super Bikes, Speed Rider 3 and 3DX provide their take on the arcade motorcycle racing genre. Like most racing games nowadays, they have a camera & wind blower, but the rubber banding effect doesn't really exist here like it does on Super Bikes. It does have fewer tracks though, only 4 by the looks of it. - Soccer fans can finally look forward to finding a video soccer game in arcades again with Fantasy Soccer by UNIS. The software has been polished up since we saw it last and it is available in both 2-player and 4-player models. This overview provides insight into how this one plays. The 2p model lacks the camera, larger screen, extra monitor+commentary and of course the two player stations, but the core of the game (arcadified soccer) is still there. - Now you can celebrate Oktoberfest at any time of the year with Oktoberfest: Pinball On Tap by American Pinball. This was the first time that the company had appeared at the IAAPA Expo, where they also showed off Houdini pinball and a new redemption piece called The Flying Dutchman. Oktoberfest for it's part does appeal a little more to bar/arcades than your standard arcade venue; it also is a little more appealing to seasoned pinballers, but it's still fun for noobs like myself. These games are available for arcades and other venues to purchase now. - Taking a look at Jersey Jack Pinball & Pat Lawlor's latest creation, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. This game was released earlier in 2019 and is shipping now. This video shows the game as seen at the IAAPA Expo 2019 event that took place the week before Thanksgiving in Orlando, FL. You "tour" the Wonka factory, unlocking modes, collecting characters and just aiming for that high score in this vibrant playfield design.Available in 3 models, the Limited Edition (middle tier) is the one mainly shown in this video. - I've heard (and written about) the Polycade before, but IAAPA 2019 was the first time I had the opportunity to check these guys out. They offer something akin to Steam in an arcade cabinet, but with curated, licensed content that can be just for home or for commercial use. Available now in three different varieties! - There is always a ton of VR products at IAAPA, some are more arcade machines than not, such as this motorcycle racing game by UNIS that let's you enjoy the game without the headset if you so choose. That said, the calibration on that portion needs a little work. Otherwise, it's a solid racer. Filmed at the IAAPA Expo 2019 event in Orlando, FL - Vying for the longest name in arcade gaming, Sega is back with something different than the norm - sports! Having released a Mario & Sonic Olympics game in 2016, the company is keen to jump onto the Summer 2020 Olympics bandwagon with this game, which is also available as an update to 2016 units. NOTE: This is prototype software and will change before the final release. - Covering two more of Touch Magix's IAAPA 2019 videmption debut titles, this video showcases Drift 'N' Thrift & Carnival Cups. Both are simple games of skill where you play for tickets, the first being a drift driving game, the latter being a timeless classic imagined as a video title. Both games (as well as their other videmption piece, SpaceWarp 66) are available now. - Elvira's House of Horrors is the 3rd game to Elvira's name, featuring the actress(Cassandra Peterson) guiding you through the bad movies & monsters that you are fighting back against. The base model for these starts as a Limited Edition, coming in at a higher cost than your typical "Pro" pinball table. - One video game that was at IAAPA 2019 that wasn't expected to be throwing it's hat into the ring of pistol shooting games was Wild West Shootout. Hunt down and arrest 5 different bad guys after traversing through the levels. Shoot offscreen to reload and redemption are options. Headed to arcades in early 2020 via Coastal Amusements in the USA; it is already available in the UK/Europe through UDC. - Not many games have tried to recreate Crazy Taxi, but that's what Crazy Ride attempts to do, with a modern ride share app flare and some other hardware bells & whistles. Filmed at the IAAPA Expo 2019 event.


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