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My Concerns with this fragrant cover-up of of the abusive use of force demonstrated by the Archuleta County sheriff's department, under the supervision of the Sheriff Richie Valdez and his new undersheriff. Sadly, this hasn't been an isolated incident. Numerous cases similar to this have been ignored by this sheriff's department, and this one - because, it was recorded and widely distributed - resulted in an investigation and subsequently thrown out by the local District Attorney (Christian Champaigne).

At the recent February 8, 2022, a good amount of people, including me, were kicked out of the Archuleta County Women's Republican Meeting because - as Archuleta Board of County Commissioner District 3 candidate Veronica Medina informed us that both Sheriff Richie Valdez and County Administrator Derek Woodman were uncomfortable with our presence there. Read more here:

We have seen America succumb to tyranny and our Founding Fathers mandated that we do everything within our power to defend our God-Given Constitutional Rights.

Do we truly, and so easily, want to give up these hard fought-for Freedoms? NO! I can no longer stand by and be a witness to our enslavement.

I'm Wayne Bryant, and I'm running for Archuleta County Sheriff. This is our last chance to take our Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness back.

Will you stand with us and fight for our Freedoms?


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