I Saw The Light Ministries has been predicting Russian war/invasion in Europe ever since 2008! People laughed and mocked. But now on the date of 2-22-2022 in Ukraine and Russian time zones, not so many people are laughing.

Watch this video for updated information and how to get additional important updates in the near prophetic future.

The war in Ukraine won't be limited to Ukraine. It will soon expand into Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, the UK and beyond. Also Iran and Syria will ignite very soon. Then China, USA, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, etc.

Huge developments in Belarus, a Russian ally, concerning NATO and World War 3, also known in Ezekiel 38 as the Gog Magog war.

Also huge development in Syria concerning Iran, Russian and Israel, again connected with WW3.

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Brief sermon notes: Leaders of True Church Lead Also in Persecution & Suffering

June 25, 2021 (16th of 3rd month)

Deut. 14:28-29 Ministers devote their lives to God

They have no land appointed to them like the other tribes do.

Every 3rd year of every 7 year cycle after baptism, the church members commanded by God to give an extra tithe just only for the purpose of helping the orphans, widows and ministers. Notice how that the ministers are among the same group of needy people as the widows and orphans. That is because they are not supposed to be working outside of the ministry. Their life is supposed to be the work of God.
Many people try to claim that we can't use scriptures about Levites to apply to ministers today, since the Levite priesthood is done away with. But that would be ignoring the spiritual point of the law, the spirit of the law, the principal of the law. We absolutely can and should apply this scripture to true ministers of Jesus today.

My main point about this verse today, is that the true ministers suffer poverty and are considered by Jesus to be among the needy (poor).

They are leaders in poverty.

Matt. 8:18-22 Jesus had no place to lay his head. Comfort was not his #1 priority but rather the distribution of the gospel of the coming Kingdom and of baptism and repentance.

He was a leader in suffering of persecution and poverty and traveling and homelessness. He was even born out of town and had no place in the hotel for him and his family.

Matt. 10:6-25 Servants are not above their masters. If the masters (Jesus and the apostles and prophets suffered, and suffer) then so will the church members also. But the leaders of the true church suffer the most, being on the front lines of battle and the main target of the enemy.

(Military technique is to always try to destroy leaders first.)

Jesus and Paul never said that pastors should work a full time job in the world. Instead, Jesus instructed the church administration, the apostles, to depend upon the people. Read it for yourself in these verses!

Truly serving Jesus involves much suffering, because we deny ourselves, we crucify the old self, we are greatly hated and persecuted by the wicked world, we don't go along with the world to appease the world. When necessary, we offend and we rebuke evil. We expose evil. This makes us all targets, but especially the leaders of the true church, as it is the responsibility/duty of the church leaders to be the primary/main people responsible for rebuking and correcting other people.

2 Cor. 11:16-33 Paul was ship wrecked, beaten, stoned, without much clothing, without much food. He led in suffering.

Consider also John the Baptizer and also the fate of all of the bible prophets and apostles. They were mostly all arrested and martyred.

TV evangelists, and other famous preachers of the world are mostly millionaires, billionaires. They don't know what it's like to suffer. They have multiple homes and much money and they own their own airplanes. They have millions of followers. They do not lead in suffering.

Church leaders suffering poverty or homelessness does not automatically equal judgment/condemnation from GOD or punishment or the consequences of sin.

But rather, some times, is a positive indication/sign of a true leader of the true church. Remember Job!

Additional bible verse found after the sermon: Luke 7:24-25 This is amazing scripture!

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In 2018, Dr. Charles Morgan, an expert on neurobiology, spoke at West Point Academy about the ability to edit DNA for the purpose of mind control. They can also use it to erase or even change your memory. CRISPR technology can be used to kill only certain races of people via DNA editing.

The COVID vaccine is a mRNA vaccine which is a brand new kind which has never before been approved and licensed and distributed on a wide scale. It alters DNA in your body and replicates and controls your body. It's extremely dangerous in many ways.

Ex-Pfizer employee and researcher Michael Yeadon, along with German doctor Wolfgang Wodard, recently sent a petition to the European Medicines Agency, asking the EMA to stop clinical trials of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine. They said the vaccine might block a protein that is crucial in the formation of a placenta, and the doctors claimed that could "result in vaccinated women essentially becoming infertile." Therefore there's a possibility that another purpose of the vaccine is to stop new white people (Israelite enemies of China and Iran) from being born, a goal that China, Bill Gates and George Soros are trying to achieve.

US National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe has said that China is creating a new generation of 'super soldiers' using 'gene editing' to make them 'stronger and more powerful'. "They want them to be the largest and they also want them to be the strongest which is why they're engaged in gene editing - literally trying to alter the DNA to make soldiers, sailors and airmen stronger and more powerful." "The intelligence is clear: Beijing intends to dominate the US and the rest of the planet economically, militarily and technologically." 'There are no ethical boundaries to Beijing's pursuit of power." "China poses the greatest threat to America and the rest of the free world since World War II." Mr. Ratcliffe said China has been using the gene-editing tool CRISPR (Clusters of Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) to modify human embryos to breed military personnel capable of fighting harder, longer, and more efficiently.

The Peoples Republic of China (PRC) has been collecting people’s DNA for years. China plans to use this information to create bioweapons designed to target specific ethnic groups (white people: USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Israelites). They have also found ways to obtain the DNA of Americans by buying American companies which have DNA profiles, subsidizing DNA analysis for ancestry companies, and also by hacking any organization that has DNA profiles. For example, in 2015 it was discovered that the PRC hacked Anthem, the second-largest insurance company in the U.S.

It's clear that this technology will be used in future warfare and is already being developed by China. Night vision, super strength, hive minds, mind control, super memory (hypermnesia, hyperthymesia), memory deletion, false memories, DNA encryption, covert spy animals and insects...

If you want to watch only the most important part, start at 25 minutes into the video.

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Filmed April 3, 1969.

- Color, Communism, and Common Sense (1958) M. Johnson

- Reds in America (1924) R M Whitney (Contains FBI and Communist documents from a 1922 raid on Communist Party)

“Stirring up race and class conflict is the basis of all discussion of the Communist Party’s work in the South. The evil genius, Stalin, and the other megalomaniacal leaders in Moscow ordered the use of all racial, economic and social differences, no matter how small or insignificant, to start local fires of discontent, conflict and revolt. “Who could tell which of these issues could start a general conflagration” that would sweep across the former Confederate States from Maryland to Texas?
Black rebellion was what Moscow wanted. Bloody racial conflict would split America. During the confusion, demoralization and panic would set in. Then finally, the reds say:
Workers stop work, many of them seize arms by attacking arsenals. Many had armed themselves before ... Street fights become frequent. Under the leadership of the Communist Party the workers organize Revolutionary Committees to be in command of the uprising. Armed workers ... seize the principal government offices, invade the residences of the President and his Cabinet members, arrest them, declare the old regime abolished, establish their own power....*
The only fear of the white Communist leaders was that as a result of their efforts this black rebellion would break out before they were ready in the decisive industrial cities of the North.
What if one or five million Negroes die in an abortive attempt to establish a Negro republic? Is not the advance of the cause worth it? A Communist is not a sentimentalist. He does not grieve over the loss of life in the advancement of Communism.
This plot to use the Negroes as the spearhead, or as expendables, was concocted by Stalin in 1928, nearly ten years after the formation of the world organization of Communism. Prior to this time, the periodic Moscow gatherings did little more than pass resolutions...
They were the ones who, again and again, begged their masters in Moscow to force the white leaders of the Communist Party in the United States to organize and use the Negroes. They were the ones who got in on the ground floor of the conspiracy. They are the ones that history may well record as the political Uncle Toms who plotted with a diabolical alien power the moral decay, physical slavery and spiritual death of their own race.
During the three decades which have elapsed since the Sixth World Congress in Moscow, the American Communist Party has conducted many campaigns and formed and infiltrated a large number of organizations among Negroes. From the bloody gun battles at Camp Hill, Alabama (1931), to the present integration madness, the heavy hand of communism has moved, stirring up racial strife, creating confusion, hate and bitterness so essential to the advancement of the red cause.
One may recall organizations formed, directed, controlled and led by Reds and fellow travellers such as: American Negro Labor Congress, League of Struggle for Negro Rights, International Labor Defense, National Negro Congress, Sharecroppers Union, the Civil Rights Congress, Negro Labor Victory Committee, Southern Negro Youth Congress, Negro Labor Councils, etc., ad infinitum, that exposed millions of Negroes to Communist ideas.
The list of sponsors, officers, and contributors reads like a Who’s Who in the Negro intellectual, professional, labor and religious circles.
Through the aforementioned organizations and many others, Negro institutions of higher education like Howard University were penetrated to subvert teachers and students and thus politically contaminate the intellectual stream of Negro life.
White leftists descended on Negro communities like locusts, posing as “friends” come to help “liberate” their black brothers. Along with these white communist missionaries came the Negro political Uncle Toms to allay the Negro’s distrust and fears of these strangers. Everything was inter-racial, an inter-racialism artificially created, cleverly devised as a camouflage of the red plot to use the Negro.” - M. Johnson (Chpt. 3)

The common question is how can Jesus submit to, talk to, and pray to The Father if Jesus is The Father. How can Jesus pray to GOD if He is GOD? Please watch this short video to see how simple this really is.

While filming live on Feb.3, 2011 6:27am Egyptian time, a MSNBC camera had what is called a "lens flare". It is an upside down reflection of the fire and lights in the background. The reflection has the appearance of the pale green horse man of Revelations chapter 6. Since it is a lens flare, does that mean that it has NO spiritual meaning? NO. It is still a sign from GOD! What is happening in Egypt is a reflection of what is happening across the world. The antichrist spirit is rising. The image of the beast is a reflection of the beast/antichrist. Christians should be a reflection of Christ. 666 is a reflection of the antichrist. Please see to see how 666 is also a mirror reflection of communist islam. Green is the sacred color of islam! Rev.6 Greek word for "pale" is G5515 which means GREEN. Guess what the very NEXT number in Strong's concordance is? G5516=666!

Please also watch

Also: Brian Williams says "very blurry camera, we trying the very best we can to give you a clear shot, we been watching them chase each other down". Bible says Hell follows him! we can see little lights following him in the video! He didn't say this in the other video clips! wow! GOD is trying to show us. John said he looked and he saw! are you looking? are you listening? good slow motion up close has it appeared on euronews. with major explosion after horseman disappears! This didn't happen on any other video! Another reflection! But not by accident! There is a reason! Wake up!

Original video is at

The world is being turned upside down by islam in cooperation with Communism of China and Russia! The Beast is Rising! Repent TODAY!
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Gulf Oil Spill Related to Japan Nuke Crisis
Pre-warned in 2009 Movie "Knowing"!
In the DVD, at the opening credits it states "In association with MYSTERY CLOCK CINEMA".
Nickola Cage in sitting on his couch and the time is 11:59 pm at night. Nearing Midnight.
The time turns to 12:00 Midnight and his clock says "Japan"!
Then Breaking News on his TV that the Gulf Oil Spill explosion just happened.
Notice the words on the tv "malfunction in the cooling system".
Notice the first time Nickolas looks at the clock, He sees a book beside or behind the clock that is named "French Relations".
The news reporter says "Oct 15, 81". Nick looks at a paper with numbers on it.
81 for 1981.
what I can find on Oct 15, 1981,%201981.pdf
"The U.S. will dispatch two AWACS
surveillance planes to Egypt. They'll
provide early warning of any air
attacks against Egypt, particularly in
view of threats made by Libya.
The Senate Foreign Relations
Committee votes 9-8 to kill the
proposed sale of AWACS radar surveillance planes to Saudi Arabia. The concern
was secret military technology falling into Saudi hands. President Reagan
believes the move will hurt his Middle East peace process."

The White House fires Maj Gen. Robert Schweitzer -- the top
military officer on the National Security Council staff. The reason? In a speech,
he said that the "Soviets are on the move, they are going to strike."

French Relations:
France sent huge nuclear fuel shipment to Japan
Mar 1, 2009
CHERBOURG, France (AFP) — France is set to send recycled nuclear fuel to Japan in what environmentalists say is the biggest ever plutonium shipment and one that increases the chance of nuclear proliferation.

Someone is claiming they have eye-witnessed 10,000 Chinese Military armored vehicles in Mexico
near Texas border. Now, the source of this report is reported to be on Steve Quayle website which has had
tons of false reports in the pass. However, there is a POSSIBILITY that this report could be true considering
the times we are now in and are now entering. so i don't completely discount it at all.

Doomsday Clock of Mecca Saudi Arabia

Remember those numbers in the movie
Japan Postal CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Additional Proof Japan Earthquake/Nuke Event was Planned:

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Coming American (NATO) strike/attack on Damascus, Syria will start World War 3. Antichrist son of perdition proven from Holy Bible to be king of syria, bashar assad.
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Why you do NOT need to be looking for the building of a Third Temple on the Temple Mount for the Great Tribulation to start. See proof from SCRIPTURE. So you can think this video is incorrect all you want to due to your long held traditional beliefs, but one day soon it will become very clear that The Great Tribulation will have started and the Son of Perdition will be standing on the Temple Mount, and there will NOT be any Temple! Then you will remember when you rejected what the Scriptures say.
See more Proof at
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World War 3 is about to break out in Heaven and on Earth in Syria and Israel. According to the Bible, the Son of Perdition (the one that Christians call the "antichrist") will wage war in Heaven to sit in the Seat of GOD in the Temple of GOD in Heaven, whereas there is no place (throne or temple) on the Temple Mount on Earth.
It's time to understand what the bible really says about the Gog Magog war and the Temple and Son of Perdition, antichrist. Come out of traditional denominational doctrines of man. Please examine these Scriptures before making your final judgment. Prove all Things.
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2 Thes. 2 Strong Delusion. The antichrist will actually be seen in Heaven in a fake Battle of Armageddon, thereby deceiving the world. You must be prepared to see this & warn everyone! Indeed, this will be a very STRONG deception. It will appear as Christ Coming!!!

Assad's Alawi sect of Islam teaches that God has manifested himself several times in history as a trinity of 3 men on Earth, & that it will occur again. They say that the Mahdi, the end time islamic world ruler, will stand beside his 2 prophets who are also part of the Assyrian trinity god. The bible declares 3 antichrists who will claim to be god.

See more detailed proof that Bashar Assad, the president of Syria, is who Christians call "the Antichrist", and who the bible calls "The Son of Perdition", at
You don't have to believe what I say, but you should believe what the bible says. It's very clear in the bible and if you were to fully examine the evidence, you would not be able to deny this truth. Don't go by your opinion, nor by what other websites and people have taught you. GO BY THE BIBLE!

The media made it look like democracy had risen in Egypt. NOTHING could be further from the Truth! What arose in Egypt was the Green horseman of radical Islam via the Muslim Brotherhood.
In this video, there is an image of the 4th horseman of Revelations chapter 6. Green is the sacred color of Islam! People wake up!!!! This was NOT a democracy! This is an overthrow of an important American ally! Obama is a jihadist! He helped Iran and he overthrew the government of Egypt! Why was Obama happy about what happened on Feb.11, 2011 when Iran was ALSO happy! Why were they both happy? Does that make sense? Only if they are both of the same purpose! To invade Israel!

What happened in Egypt is a reflection of what is happening across the world. The antichrist spirit is rising. The image of the beast is a reflection of the beast/antichrist. Christians should be a reflection of Christ. 666 is a reflection of the antichrist. Green is the sacred color of Islam! Rev.6 Greek word for "pale" is G5515 which means GREEN. Guess what the very NEXT number in Strong's concordance is? G5516=666!

For the original source article on the ministry website, please visit:

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The city of Rome was not part of the Babylonian Empire of the head of gold in Daniel 2. That's fact! And Rome was built on 7 hills, but not 7 mountains. But Neom, Saudi Arabia fits all of the description of Babylon in the bible. NEOM is the end time city of Babylon. See the proof in this video. Also, read the entire article at:

What should be our focus? What should we return to? Should we look to our fruits, our branches, our roots, our feet? Or Jesus? Why did Peter begin to sink? What is your focus? Should we be a Torah Ministry? Or a Full-Gospel Ministry? Minister of the Torah? Or a Jesus Ministry? A Torah Minister OR a Minister of Christ?
Also read the article at
Written and Produced by Pastor Tim, a 10 Commandment observant Servant of Jesus the Christ.

Proof Yeshua, Yahshua, Yah, Yahweh, YHWH are NOT Hebrew names but rather they are Assyrian Aramaic. The apostles and prophets NEVER wrote those names. Proof that JESUS is a Hebrew Name and is the name of the Messiah/Christ.
More Proof at
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Where do these words/names originate? What do they mean? Are they Hebrew names of the Creator? Do they come from Israel? FACTS that are very rarely told.
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SOLID PROOF that The Alpha & Omega Bible is FAR more accurate than the KJV, even more than NIV, NASB & others.
For more documentation, free download, etc., please visit:

Does John 3:16 overrule all other bible scriptures? Will every person on Earth on who believes in Jesus inherit eternal life? Is it enough to only believe, but not obey and not bear fruit, and not keep His Commandments?
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Let's Fast and Pray on this evil holiday of the witches, pagans and satanist. People die every year due to halloween occult rituals. Through Prayer and Fasting, I believe God will spare a life or more.
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URGENT: The sky is going to split open & people are going to think that it's the rapture & go outside & worship the antichrist as he comes in the sky. I prove this in the bible. The video is short, please give me time to give you the total solid proof in the scriptures. Please also see my other videos and website for even more proof. Please subscribe to my channel to stay up to date.

This is very very urgent and is one of the most important news stories of our generation.
This will affect every person and every family. This proves that the antichrist is MUSLIM, not catholic!
This proves the beast is NOT Europe. This proves that the mark of the beast has NOTHING to do with Sunday law.
Daniel 7:25 has been fulfilled and it's time we realize it and start really warning the people to wake up.
The mark of the beast is here, it is sharia law.
This is not a plan for the future. It's ticking right now!
It is already built and started ticking in August 2010.
Their goal is to change GMT to Mecca time in 2012.
The new Mecca Clock will send electronic signals worldwide.
These signals will be broadcast on all TV stations and radio stations worldwide!
The clock face lights up Green at night, which is the sacred color of islam.
(see Green horse man of islam )
The long hand is over 72 feet long.
It is the largest clock in the world.
The crescent moon on top of the clock is the largest man made moon.
Notice how they even put a crescent moon in the background in the below video.
allah is NOT GOD. he is the moon god or actually the devil, satan.
The name of allah (which is the middle symbol of 666) and the muslim brotherhood cross swords are on the clock.
The people worshipping the black stone of mecca rotate around the image of the beast like a clock.
The clock overlooks the black stone.
You can save this video to your computer using "Real Player" which is Free. Save to your computer and burn onto CD's and DVD's and share with your family, friends, neighbors, pastors and churches! They must be warned!
To learn more about the mecca clock please visit

To learn more about the beast and the mark of the beast please read and study

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The bible gives us details on the coming great earthquake and flood (tsunami) that is related to when the church is flown (in airplanes) into the Place of Safety (on earth), completely opposite of man's tradition of the rapture theory. More information can be found here: Please also see our other YouTube Videos. God Bless You. Please subscribe to be notified of any new video uploads.


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