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Queensland is experiencing a youth crime crisis and current laws have failed us. It’s time for a change.

We need to introduce mandatory minimum life sentences for murder, introduce new self-defence (stand your ground laws/castle doctrine) and legalise Pepper spray for self-defence.

It is clear that importing Third World people has given rise to third-world problems. It’s time to stop mass immigration. And it’s time to make Queensland safe again nothing will change unless we vote out Labor at the next Queensland state election.

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Thirsty Thursday is going live tonight at 8 o’clock Brisbane time.

The boys (John Lawson, Gabriel Mare and Dusty Bogan )will be talking about the Ipswich stabbing of a 70-year-old Nanna (Vyleen White) by a Sudanese youth. The boys will be talking about practical laws that could be changed to ensure that this never happens again. Tune in tonight.

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Ipswich grandmother Vyleen White dies from stabbing at shopping centre.

Dusty talks to locals at the crime scene. The local are terrified of the current crime crisis. The full episode coming to

Five African young adults have now been arrested over the fatal stabbing of a Queensland grandmother.

Ipswich community is demanding a crackdown on youth crime and an increase in self-defence deterrents laws e.g pepper spray and mandatory life minimum sentence for murder.

The current Labour government has failed to keep Queenslanders safe. Recognise and VOTE 🫵

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A grandmother has been stabbed to death at an Ipswich shopping centre. This is such a ‘cowardly’ attack! It is believed a man, described as African appearance, left the scene prior to the arrival of the emergency services.

Dusty talks to the family and friends of the victim at the crime scene.

Queenslanders are currently experiencing a crime crisis and things need to change.

Queensland police say they "will not stop" until they arrest the man responsible for the "abhorrent" murder of Ipswich grandmother.

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Jump on the Australia month bandwagon 🇦🇺🫡🇦🇺🫡🇦🇺Only one more week to go till Australia Day.

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We have to start getting out there with our cricket bats and smashing cane toads.

They are just going to keep growing and growing, and it will get to the point that they will take over this country. So I'm calling on all Aussies to get amongst it and go on a cane toad hunt. Happy #AustraliaMonth 🏏🫵🇦🇺🏏🫵🇦🇺🏏🫵🇦🇺

Don't miss the Dusty Bogan live with Elijah Schaffer today at 2:00PM NSW time on Rumble. They will be discussing everything Australia Month. Tune in! 🇦🇺🫡🇦🇺🫡🇦🇺#AustraliaMonth

Slightly Offensive rumble


Dusty found a wombat hanging around the skate park. Check out our Australia month banter 🇦🇺🛹🇦🇺🛹🇦🇺

The wombat didn't even know when Australia Day was! LOL

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We smashed out a heap of #AustraliaMonth flyers on foot, skateboard and car 🇦🇺🫡🇦🇺🫡🇦🇺🫡

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Happy Australia
Federation day Jan 1
Australia Day Jan 26

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In this interesting speech Bob goes through some amazing statistic about the month of January 🦘🏏🏖️🥩🥧🇦🇺

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Queensland Muslims say they are fearful and have requested police protection after a scheduled pro-Israel protest in Brisbane.

The ANZACS rally is being organised by Brian Tamaki, who is the founder of Destiny Church/Man-Up mens group.

Dusty Bogan banters with Brian Tamaki about the dangers of radical Islam/socialist activists and rise of masculinity in the christian church.

“The Western world is waking up and is going to see God put the power of masculinity back in men and his church”

- Brian Tamaki

Amen 🇦🇺🇳🇿


The war on Natural Israel is the trigger for spiritual Israel to Rise. Australia and NZ are Christian Countries, not Muslim/Islamic Countries. This is the ANZAC Spirit we must uphold. God bless Man-up and everyone who rallied in faith today in Brisbane city⚡️

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Hundreds gather in Brisbane for a Voice for Victims rally, demanding action on youth crime crisis.

If the Australian /QLD government can't look after our own backyard then we should vote them out. It's time to give Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk the boot.


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Dusty talks about Jordan Petersons ARk think tank and Joe Rogans interview with Elon Musk.

Tonights guest: LOTUS the sailor moon of cyberbullying. Dusty is keen hear LOTUS story. She also has a big announcement 🚨Going live at 8:30 Aus EST.

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Going LIVE Aus 8:40 EST guest: Chriscoveries the master of streaming protests. Dusty is keen hear Chris's story🚨

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One Bogan and Hundreds of pro-Palestine protestors rally in Brisbane⚡️

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