Dan Lyman Europe correspondent visits.

Greg Reese, reporter for, and his report on the continuing controversy surrounding vaccines.

Viewer Discretion Advised: Anyone affected by watching mental patients wielding Federal power should leave the room.

Dane Wigington has been fighting the fight against geoengineering for many years. Lots of information available at his website,

Although you won't hear much if anything about this from mainstream media, it is nonetheless happening.

They sell 10-20 million tons a year for use in geoengineering: it's an ideal material as long as you don't care about anything living on the Earth.

Matt Bracken and Alex Jones discuss the ongoing problems in Iran. Ron Paul video clip included.

Joel Skousen of visits and talks about the growing crisis in Iran

Mike Adams talks about Ebola, gender mutilation, and a lot more.

Someone is bringing in refugees from African countries that have had recent outbreaks of Ebola. Have you heard this news from any mainstream media outlet? What is the end game of whoever is perpetrating this evil?

Millie Weaver goes in disguised as one of them, gets interesting responses when they're presented with alternatives. Is wacko incorrectly derogatory? Am I out of touch? Is this the new status quo for normal behavior in America? Where did my country go?

Roger Stone joins Alex Jones for his first interview in three months.

Reality isn't allowed to be taught, but those in power have no qualms about trying to shove ludicrous "facts" into our brains. Dane Wigington has been researching geoengineering for many many year, lots more at

Hey, can't we all just get along?

Dane Wigington covers our slide from a Democratic Republic to a dictatorship. More grownup information available at Link to the report:

Mike Adams Alex Jones Show Hour Four 2019-06-05

Interesting concept from a doctor, Dr. Paul Thomas.

Interesting coincidence that our latest avowed enemy, Iran, is being besieged by floods. Understand this report and understand the entirety of the weather warfare being waged by the military industrial complex on all humanity. More at

Benghazi warrior John Tiegen visits Alex Jones.

Christianity is under attack worldwide, here's another example.

Dane Wigington report on vaccines. Much more information, mainly covering the assault on our environment by geoengineering, available at

They're coming to take me away...

Are you a victim of this extremely disturbing premise?

William Binney discusses how the software he developed has been bastardized, and how Trump's orders to his underlings are being ignored.


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