This short video explains everything you need to know about how our "weather" is being totally manipulated.

Dane Wigington has devoted the later part of his life to informing us about geoengineering. His site, explains in detail what is occurring around us every day. Go there, learn about geoengineering, inform others.

Dr. Nick Begich in an abbreviated Hour 4.

Millie Weaver Bot Farm Expose and More

More analysis of New Zealand Shooting. John Abiskaron calls in.

Analysis of shooting in New Zealand.

Lots of questions about the New Zealand Mosque shooting - what's the end game? Syrian Girl visits and discusses.

No matter how good we are, President Trump, the social media giants are working overtime to make our views irrelevant. James O'Keefe reports.

Matt Bracken with news and commentary.

This is happening now whether you know it or not. Listen to a number of experts give specifics.

Robert Barnes is an accomplished lawyer and a great person to have on our side. See him on the Rubin Report.

Since all the left's attacks on President Trump have failed, attacking Trump supporter Tucker Carlson is the next best thing. The authoritarian left cannot argue their positions, since they don't have any that support basic American values, so banning anyone with an opposing view is their only recourse.

Mike Adams with views on current and future events affecting our country.

Leo Zagami visits with religious news.

Topics mainly focus on this: if you're an idealistic young person planning to tour Islamic countries to show how loving the world is --- don't.

...Octavia Partial-Cortex sure makes it easy.

And if you don't agree, too bad, because social media is going to block your First Amendment free speech.

Dan Lyman tell Owen Shroyer he thinks it's only a matter of time until the EU disintegrates. Hope he's right!

Spending a few dollars on social media ads is one thing, importing and allowing illegal aliens to vote is another.

Fired from Filter for his political views, Patriot bassist Frank Cavanagh joined the Armed Forces. Hear him explain how the stance taken by his old band is coming back to bite them in the ass.

Joe Rogan had Twitter executives and lawyers on to try to justify the invented reasons for removal from the platform.

Not to make light at all of the recent airline crash tragedy, but every time one of this horrible accidents occurs, there's very little in common between the pictures they show and the pictures of the Pennsylvania 911 crash. Please see through the programming and use common sense and logic.

The MSM deception leading to our demise continues - another example.

Dane Wigington has devoted the later part of his life to informing us about geoengineering. His site, explains in detail what is occurring around us every day. Go there, learn, inform others. Here's an excerpt from his 03/09/2019 weekly radio broadcast; the entire broadcast is available at his site. Nick Begich hosts the fourth hour, talks corporate tax, student debt, and more.

Gabe Hoffman, producer of "An Open Secret", discusses more Mueller dirt, this time the whitewashing of the pedophilia cases of prominent people. If there's ever an investigation into the investigators, then we'll finally see some results.

Mike Adams on a variety of subjects.


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