Exercise that I do and help me lose weight. From 170 lbs to 113 lbs. Try this exercise at least 3X a week and you will see the resulta like I do🤗

9 Exercises to Build Unstoppable Upper Body Strength. Nine exercises to build power, muscle and upper body strength and ultimately help you carry yourself through life.
Each exercise (10-12) reps X3 sets in total -- 20 seconds rest between sets.

Beef Sausage Dinner is one of my favorite plates.
Jalapenos (Depending on how spicy you like it)
1 can Bush Pinto Beans
1/2 cube Knorr
1/2 cup chopped onion
Garlic Salt
1 can Green Beans
Black Pepper
Beef Sausage

How to Make It:
Stir everything except the Green Beans and Sausage and let it cook in Low for 15-18 minutes.
Boil the Sausage in water until the Sausage is fork-tender.
Boil Green Beans in water with Garlic Salt and Black Pepper.

Caldo de Res is a Mexican beef soup, is a healthy and comforting soup made with beef and filled with lots of vegetables such as squash, corn, carrots, cabbage and potatoes. The way the broth is prepared and the vegetables that are used varies from region to region in Mexico, but the cut of meat that is typically used is eye of round roast. Perfect to help you lose weight.

At the beginning of a tire flip, you are essentially doing a deadlift. It exercises primarily your back, glutes and hamstrings. By the end of the flip, and to a lesser degree you use your biceps, triceps, pectorals and even abdominals.
The rest of my workout is more than enough to help you lose weight fast.
Each exercise (x 12-reps 2)

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