Titch should unban everyone.

I find myself clicking on other websites to watch videos. Kind of sad but cool at the same time.

I dont know, I always hear bitchute is super political which makes it controversial. But I just like to write and draw and that's what I want to do on here.

When I was six or seven I dreamed something that always seemed to bother me. I don't understand why. Anyways, I really hope you enjoy.
Everything was illustrated by me using copic, micron, and prisma supplies.

Thanks for watching an outcast/pariah like me.
Degenerates have opinions too. Warning/Disclaimer: My YouTube videos may have flashes and cuts that may be sensitive to viewers, this video has some of those flashes.
All opinions are my own.

I recently learned to develop Black and White film. It's kind of new to me still, but I think I got the hang of it. I hope you enjoy.

I went to get fish food at PetSmart and I came across a dead black moor. Very sad.

I saw a cute bumblebee get stuck in a spider's web. I chose to document this incident. :)

I got this camera a week back to start taking photos. I'm going to develop film in a dark room, only thing, I don't know anything about cameras. I'm going to try my best and learn to work this thing.
Also: I don't know if I loaded this thing right. haha.


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