This video was originally made back in April 2020 and uploaded to Facebook before censorship reached it's highest. Although the statistics are completely wrong today, the calculations of the information are not. We are uploading to Bitchute incase this video is eventually removed on Facebook and so we can link it to a new blog article as an example. Please take note that these are old statistics.

I have bought a pulse oximeter and I am personally checking how masks affect our O2 sats. Come join me to see the results

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I am Shannon Andrews from I Matter Wellness ( I work as not only a Natural BioEnergetics Specialist, a health coach, A BioResonance Specialist and I am also a healthcare worker in Canada. I am a Believer (A Christian) and I want to share some vision I received years ago and correlate it with some events of the present. Please people, read it with an open mind. Be Cautious! and Research, Research and Research!

Here are the links to what I was referring to in this video;
- The Liberal Party's Plan for 2021 -
- Dr. Buttar's Reading of the same Plan -
- Toronto Sun's Column that featured Prime Minister Trudeau's Announcement of the Great Reset -
- Dr. Christiane Northrup's explanation of the Covid 19 Vaccination -

Other information to Check out that was not featured in this video:
- Dr. Hodkinson -
- MP Randy Hillier on Parliament Question Period on Internment camps -
- UN Agenda Soldiers moved into QUEBEC during peaceful protest -
- Canadian Military just ordered 36k units of Tear Gas -
- Toronto Sun - Covid 19 Numbers -
- Zia Nix - This one has been pulled several times in several places -

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This is a Natural BioEnergetics Example of a correction called an Inverted Structure. Glenda is going to demonstrate it with Shannon and talk about her experience afterwards.

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