MEET the giant pitbull family! Rasit Kaplan and his wife Jenny live in Rotterdam, Netherlands, with their three children - and their army of XL American bullies. Rasit and Jenny run Giant Bully Pitbulls, the home of some of Europe's most powerful dogs. "When I was young my mother told me, you will have a zoo with your own animals," Rasit said. "It's not quite a zoo, but I have my own kennel. I like big dogs, strong dogs, who are also disciplined." The couple got their first bully, Tyson, in 2009, although he sadly passed away at the end of 2019. Rasit said: "Tyson was my first XL dog. Before that time pitbulls were banned in the Netherlands. He was the father or grandfather to all of my dogs, he was very special." Tyson's legacy lives on in dogs like his son Magnum, a 150lb colossus who commands a 3,500 euros stud fee and Rasit says is "priceless". The company's latest breakout stars include Magnum's son Bokito the Silverback, who weighs in at 120lb despite only recently celebrating his first birthday and Rasit's "million dollar girl" Mystique - an all-black XL female who Rasit was offered 30,000 euros for when she was only a week old. Jenny said: "What makes her special is that she's fully black like a panther, not a single white hair on her body. She's one of the most rare dogs in Europe, maybe even the world." Rasit and Jenny spend an incredible 12,000 euros a year on dog food. The couple walk their pack 12 times a day and say that they feel entirely comfortable with their dogs around their children, aged 3, 10 and 13, and that the breed's reputation for aggression is unfounded. Rasit said: "These dogs, if you raise them well, they have the best character, they are so sweet. We are one big giant pitbull family!"

THIS DAREDEVIL family own more than 1,000 reptiles - including a 20ft anaconda. Meet the Barczyks, owners of The Reptarium facility in Michigan. YouTuber, and proud dad, Brian Barczyk, has been obsessed with reptiles since a young age and has been professionally handling them for over 30 years. Now working alongside his wife and son, Brian's animal collection includes a two-headed snake, a 20-foot anaconda, pythons, bearded dragons, chameleons, iguanas, tortoises and frogs. And Brian admitted to Beastly: "I've been bitten probably 100 thousand times by snakes". Brian runs a successful YouTube channel with over 2.5 million subscribers, in which he shares the family's daily life with their precious reptiles. The Reptarium is a properly run family business, as Brian works daily with his wife and son, splitting the tasks between them. Wife Lori was actually afraid of reptiles before meeting Brian but is now an integral part of The Reptarium. Brian's son Noah is learning the ropes of the business and Truly filmed one of his first attempts at handling alligators. The Barczyks are looking forward to a successful future as they recently moved their biggest reptiles into brand new $15,000 enclosures.

MEET the team behind Confidential Kennels - the fourth-generation breeders of the colossal Cane Corso dog breed. These dogs can weigh over 150lbs and sell for up to $10,000. The mostly-female crew is at the forefront of resurrecting the ancient breed that was used for fighting in wars in Ancient Roman times. Confidential Kennel owners Angela and Jesse have been breeding and training these dogs for over a decade. They even run a program called 'Reuniting Warriors With Warriors', which sees them donating trained Cane Corsos to wounded war veterans. Jesse told Truly: "We do not make a cent on it, it costs us a lot of money to actually operate it". Angela is proud to have put together an all-female crew at Confidential Kennels, making them stand out in the male-dominated dog breeding industry. She said: "I want women to feel safe and secure and empowered, them being a part of preserving the Cane Corso makes them feel strong".

MEET Wally - the 5ft, 60lb, federally-licensed emotional support alligator. Owned by Joie Henney, from Pennsylvania, Joie's house boasts a variety of reptiles, ranging from bearded dragons to ball pythons. The reptile that steals the show, however, is the four-year-old Wally, who has a special place in Joie's heart. Joie told Truly: "He's far from a typical alligator, he loves cuddling and he loves giving kisses". As well as having full run of the house, Wally is regularly taken out for walks to parks, malls and even restaurants. Joie, who refused to take medication when going through depression, found great relief in interacting with Wally the alligator. With a solid fan-base, Joie works with volunteers daily to show Wally in schools, birthday parties and other events.

MEET the world's toughest guard dogs worth up to £100,000. Leedor Borlant is the owner and lead trainer of Hull-based 'Protection Dogs Worldwide'. With over 10 years of experience training protection dogs, his animals are not ones you want to mess with. Specialising in dobermans, cane corsos and german shepherds, Protection Dogs Worldwide is at the forefront of training some of the toughest and most obedient protection dogs in the world. They offer four levels of training, with the director's dog being the highest level - this is a dog that's been brought up by Leedor himself and only one is available every two years. Leedor's dogs sell from anything between £20,000 and £100,000. Leedor lives at the kennels 24/7 with his family to be able to fully dedicate himself to raising and training the dogs.

‘LION KING’ Shandor Larenty has turned his attention to training hyenas – so they can appear in HOLLYWOOD movies. The dedicated 24-year-old recently spent time with his top hyena student, ‘Stinky’, in order to improve her capacity to take on new instructions and be able to achieve those perfect shots for the camera. Shandor made use of two effective methods; first, putting red meat on the end of a stick to entice the hungry hyena to jump higher, and second, attaching a mop to the end of a rope to capture shots of her running. Of course, there is always a high level of danger attached to Shandor’s work – and with raw meat and hyenas involved, he was certainly increasing the stakes. But after a successful training session, Shandor is now hoping his beloved hyenas can make a name for themselves in the movies as they have done in the past. Shandor remains thankful that he can still perform his ‘dream job’ each day – working to preserve the conservation of species and spread his animal-loving positivity to the world.

TWO giant bullies are vying for the top spot at one of Mississippi’s most prestigious pit bull breeding businesses. Renee Castleman made the news in 2018 with her family-run breeding business GatorHead Bullies – home to the 120-pound pit bull Buster. Now, 130-pound Chop is proving to be a hit with Renee’s high-end clients – including NBA and NFL stars who are wowed by Chop’s bulk and unique, tri-colour ‘merle’ coat. Renee told Barcroft Studios: “Chop is one of the upcoming biggest dogs on our yard. Of course, Buster is always going to be one of our favorites, but right now Chop is what people are wanting.” Chop’s ‘merle’ appearance means his coat is a combination of black, brown, and white and his eyes are a striking, almost red hue – making him quite the attraction for prospective clients. At 130 pounds he’s also reaching gigantic proportions, and at just 15 months old, still has a lot of growing to do. But it’s Buster, whose stud fee currently stands at $8,000, who remains the leader of the pack – even though Chop’s stud fee is currently higher. As Renee puts it: “Because right now merle tri-colours are so expensive, Chop’s stud fee is at 10 grand. But despite Chop being the upcoming biggest dog in our yard, Buster is still the king.” The 17-acre farm in rural Mississippi currently boasts 18 XL American Bullies as part of its breeding program, alongside three French Bulldogs and one English Bulldog.

BRAVE animal ranger, Shandor Larenty, is back – and this time, he’s taming WILD cheetahs. The 24-year-old recently re-homed four brand new cats from captivity where they had never interacted with humans before. Helping them to settle into their new home at the Lion And Safari Park, in South Africa, Shandor still approaches with great caution and has been working on enrichment activities in order to strengthen their relationship. Shandor has become an expert in the wildlife department; interacting with lions, hyenas, giraffes and African wild dogs, to name a few, every day - and he was overjoyed with the success of his latest mission. He remains thankful that he can still perform his ‘dream job’ – working to preserve the conservation of species and spread his animal-loving positivity to the world. This is the second episode in Barcroft TV's brand new three-part series: 'Big Cat Life', that airs on the Beastly YouTube channel, with a new episode being released each week.

EX-MMA FIGHTER Craig Fields is the founder of The New York Bully Crew - a non-profit dog rescue that operates in Long Island. Founded in 2010, The New York Bully has saved hundreds of dogs in their years of activity. Craig told Barcroft TV: “Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and adopt out abused and neglected mostly pit bulls”. The New York Bully Crew hosts over 150 dogs in their rescue facilities at any given time and works hard to get each dog adopted by loving families. The name ‘Bully Crew’ refers to the fact that they specialise in rescuing pit bulls, especially ones that have been forced into the dog fighting world. “Because there’s so many pit bull dogs out there that’s why they’re abused more than any other dog, but we do rescue any breed that needs help,” explained Craig. With a background in MMA fighting, to some degree, Craig relates to the pit bulls that are used in dog fighting. “I think I have an attachment to pit bulls because I’m a lot like a pit bull - someone would look at me and think I look mean but really I’m not,” said Craig. The crew goes out on rescue missions almost daily and will go to any lengths to save a dog. “I’ve had multiple altercations on rescues, I will do anything to save a dog and if I have to beat someone, I will beat someone,” said Craig. The rest of the New York Bully Crew has a past in MMA or martial arts fighting too. Craig said: "My whole crew is all fighters; everyone I travel with is a fighter."

A DARING animal ranger has spent an ENTIRE day living with a pride of lions – hoping to form an unbreakable bond with their new-born cubs. 24-year-old, Shandor Larenty, took it upon himself to be the first human to try and interact with the three cubs on site at the Lion And Safari Park in South Africa. With the cub’s mom, Rialda, and 250kg dad, George, rarely leaving their side, Shandor was faced with the potentially deadly task of not forcing his approach and upsetting the protective parents. Shandor, who is sometimes dubbed the ‘Lion King’, has formed an incredible bond with George over the past eight years that allows him to be able to hand-feed the apex predator. He has become an expert in the wildlife department; interacting with lions, cheetahs, hyenas, giraffes and African wild dogs, to name a few, every day. But he knew the stakes were different this time around with cubs involved. After spending more than five hours immersing himself and getting in closer proximity with the feisty younglings, Shandor was able to make his very first connection with one of them licking his outstretched hand. Shandor was overjoyed with the success of his mission and can’t wait to continue solidifying his bond with the cubs going forward. He remains thankful that he can still perform his ‘dream job’ each day – working to preserve the conservation of species and spread his animal-loving positivity to the world. This is the first episode in Barcroft TV's brand new three-part series: 'Big Cat Life', that airs on the Beastly YouTube channel, with a new episode being released each week.

THIS FAMILY OF FOUR are making a name for themselves in the dog breeding world – specialising in GINORMOUS Neapolitan Mastiffs. Inland Empire Mastinos, in California, breed these huge guard dogs that have been used to intimidate intruders since the days of Ancient Rome and have been increasing in popularity in recent years. Co-owner Albert told Barcroft TV: “The defining features that make a top-quality Neapolitan Mastiff are big bones, big block heads, good girth on the whole body itself”. A top-quality Neapolitan Mastiff puppy from these guys can cost up to $8000 dollars. Over the years, Inland Empire Mastinos have been perfecting their pack through careful breeding and currently own six grown mastiffs. Albert introduced us to their mastiffs: “We have Mary Shaw, she’s weighing in at 120 pounds, very active; Clyde, he is three years old and always on guard; we have Bonnie weighing in at 135 pounds and she always tried to be the Alpha female”. Baby Face Nelson tends to be the laziest one; Mystery is about 120 pounds and Ambush is our biggest dog.” Ambush weighs a whopping 180lbs.

A FEROCIOUS battle between a hungry jaguar and a family of protective otters has been caught on camera. Wildlife photographer Alexander Ley, 27, was on hand to record the rare confrontation deep in the floodplains of the Pantanal, the largest tropical wetland on the planet. The giant otters decided to move into a new den - otters are highly sociable animals that live in extended family groups of up to eight. But little did they know, a jaguar was on the hunt right next to them. Jaguars possess the strongest jaws of all big cats, allowing them to kill their prey with a bite through the skull, ambushing with quick pounces. These opportunistic hunters would normally feast on caimans and capybaras, but it looked as though something different was on the menu this time round. Male jaguars can weigh up to 100kg, over four times the size of a giant otter. Although an otter is no match for a jaguar, together, otters will aggressively defend their territory. The jaguar noticed the giant otters and slowly approached them - its eyes fixated on one of the youngest members of the family. As the jaguar decided to plunge, it managed to grab its small prey with a swift bite – and despite the otter family’s best efforts, that was enough to end its life.

A YOUNG field biologist has fulfilled a lifetime ambition by venturing into the depths of the Amazon to spot a rare rainforest jaguar in the wild. Dan O'Neill, from Bristol in the UK, traveled hundreds of miles up the Rewa River in Guyana in an attempt to spot the jaguar, a journey littered with dangers from both predators and the unpredictable forces of the remote jungle. The journey saw the 27-year-old biologist encounter iconic wildlife including rare sightings of tapirs, capybara, and giant anacondas. This was his third attempt at trying to spot a jaguar, having already completed previous expeditions in Guyana and Mexico. His adventure into the wilds of Guyana is captured in Barcroft TV's new wildlife series, Beastly Encounters and ends with Dan realizing his ultimate dream - an incredibly rare sighting of the incredible beast. Dan says: "This was a journey into the unknown, attempting to reach the headwaters of the remote Rewa river in search of animals that had never seen people before. It was the most incredible experience of my life."

MEET Aftermath - one of the rarest dogs in the world, whose owner describes him as a “street legal snow leopard”.The four-year-old, 130lb giant was the world's first exotic XL merle bully and his puppies sell for upwards of $10,000. The canine colossus is owned by Eric Gray, 31, and wife Natasha, 30, who run Mega Built Bullies in British Columbia, Canada. Aftermath's unique, technicolor patterning is down to the fact he has the “merle” gene, which generates mottled patches of colour and can also create blue or odd-coloured eyes and affect skin pigment. Eric said: “Some of his photos have been shared over a million times on Instagram, he's produced huge 15 pup litters, his semen has been frozen and sent all over the world. His puppies sell for $10,000 and up and his stud fee is the same. We have had people offer us big money for Aftermath, but he’s too special to us, he’s literally priceless."

DEDICATING his life to caring for his beloved animals – Armand Gerber now has two leopards living INSIDE his house. Armand, 51, runs the Iron Throne Predator and Wildlife Park in South Africa, and just a few weeks ago, one of his adult female leopards gave birth to two cubs on site. The cubs now live in Armand’s home, being hand-fed with milk bottles and sleeping next to him in bed each night. Whilst Armand expects criticism for separating the mother and her babies at such a young age, he is adamant that this is the best way to raise the cubs in captivity – even with the increased level of danger that he is faced with when interacting with the vulnerable mother. In addition to keeping a very close eye on the cubs and parents, Armand has to maintain the well-being of his other animals at the park – including 10 lions, three tigers and a cheetah. Armand told Barcroft TV: “The cubs now live inside my house – in my mind, it’s the only way to raise them.” Armand admits that taking care of the cubs is like a full time job. They require feeding twice a day for the first six months and the temperature of the milk must be carefully monitored, in addition to the general hygiene of their living space. Armand was incredibly surprised when one of the cubs was born with black fur – this is an extremely rare occurrence with both of the parents having “normal” fur and no black genes whatsoever. Armand said: “The significance of this little guy is that black leopards are extremely, extremely rare. I’d say the ratio is one to 1,000.” Armand is now also making sure to interact with the mother each day. Armand started work at the sanctuary over a year ago and has always taken the cubs into his home in order to imprint them – he now shows no signs of slowing down in terms of the amount of animals he looks after.

OKLAHOMA-based company, Torchlight K-9 has been training super agile Belgian Malinois dogs for the US police force for over 35 years. Ted Summers, their main decoy, told BTV: “I jokingly say that I teach dogs to find stuff and bite people.” Having worked in the field for many years, Ted cannot even remember how many times he has been bit. He said: “These dogs bite people for a living, that’s what they do - I can’t count the number of times I’ve been bit.” Torchlight trains their dogs right from as soon as the puppies are able, as they also have a breeding programme. “We breed them and raise them then from the time they’re puppies, at about eight weeks old, we start preparing them for the job” explained Ted. The company breeds and trains Dutch and German shepherds, but their main breed is the super agile Belgian Malinois. “The breed originated in Belgium, and they are extremely fast and powerful,” said Ted. Due to their hyperactive and sometimes aggressive nature, these are not the type of dogs you would want in your home. “The things that make them great working dogs, and make them great at what they do, make them terrible pets - they tend to be a little extra than your average pet” warned Ted. The qualities that Ted looks for in a dog are sociability, environmental stability in dark rooms with loud noises, and health. “If we have a dog that doesn’t meet the standards, and if they don’t possess that drive, we will place them in pet homes where they can hang out in people’s backyards” said Ted. Governments have been trying to develop machines that can detect contraband, narcotics, explosives and people, but Ted claims these have never managed to match what dogs do. He said: “The government has spent a bazillion dollars on trying to make a machine that does it and they still can’t beat the dog’s nose.”

A FAMILY of wildlife enthusiasts have taken animal conservation into their own hands – by caring for more than 13 lions and cheetahs. Barry Kerr runs the Wildlife Animal Rescue programme in Gauteng, South Africa, assisted by his wife Gretel and daughter, Kristen. The three of them spend their days interacting with animals that have previously been mistreated or injured, including the likes of cheetahs, caracals, hyenas, wildebeest and meerkats. Barry, as the ‘leader of the pride’, is the only person on site who works with the lions due to their size and potential danger – with the largest male, Sam, weighing just under 600lbs. Barry has to be extra careful and considerate when reading Sam’s body language, but most of the time, that doesn’t hamper his objective of making sure his animals are enriched and well looked after. Barry started work at the sanctuary around four years ago, rescuing his first species. Barry now spends most of his days cuddling, bathing and petting the animals on site, getting up close with a strong level of interaction. But more recently, he has passed a number of day-to-day responsibilities to his daughter, Kristen. Life on the sanctuary has quickly become second nature to Kristen who has been surrounded by wildlife since she was a little girl. Barry understands the danger that faces them all each day, and is more than aware of when they should and shouldn’t approach their animals. Despite the inevitable danger, Barry is always keen to carry on their mission and continue to develop the bond with his ‘family’.

Who needs Rudolph when you have a HULK? With Christmas fast approaching at DDK HQ, it’s time to get festive. Marlon and Lisa assemble the family and top dogs Hulk, Kobe and Kong together to try and take a killer family Christmas photograph – if they can get the children and the dogs to sit still for long enough. Marlon channels his inner Santa as he presents Hulk with an early Christmas present, before he and Kareena attempt to demonstrate just how heavy Hulk really is by lifting him up for a final picture.
Merry Christmas from the Dog Dynasty cast and crew!

A BRAVE 10-year-old boy is aiming to become the next Steve Irwin – taking care of more than 12 REPTILES in his bedroom. Carson is ‘obsessed’ with animals and is now sharing his passion with others around the world by holding educational classes and vlogging online. Adopting the nickname ‘Crocodile Carson’, the young daredevil shares his family home with lizards, frogs, turtles and a variety of snakes – including a 5’ 6” albino corn snake that’s much bigger than him. Despite being bitten numerous times, including a bite to the face, Carson loves his animals and has high hopes of replicating the work of his idol, Steve Irwin, in the future. Carson, who resides in Mississippi, told Barcroft TV: “I really love to play with big snakes and reptiles. My favourite animal to play with is definitely snakes. All of my reptiles are a lot to handle, but I do it each day because I love it!” Carson interacted with his first snake when he was just four years old. Over the years, Carson has had his fair share of bites and scratches from his beloved pets. He said: “I would say my most dangerous pet is definitely the alligator snapping turtle, because they get so big and they have such a powerful bite force.” Amber, Carson’s mother, continued: “He got bit in the face by a gecko one time.” Carson has now built up a following online with more than 1,000 people watching his content on Facebook - and he admits that he’s also quite the hit amongst his friends. Amber and Carson’s father, Andy, couldn’t be more proud of their son and hope he carries on in his quest to help educate the animal world. And Carson is now looking to the future, himself. “I want to either make a zoo or have one somewhere”, he said. “Or I want to be like Steve [Irwin]. I want to go around the world and do documentaries about different types of reptiles and mammals.”

LEGENDARY internet star Hulk brought traffic to a standstill as he went for a spin in a red Corvette through the streets of Martha’s Vineyard. The 170lb pit bull rode in the passenger’s seat of owner Marlon Grennan’s $100,000 supercar as he drove down Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs. The chaotic scenes feature in episode one of the fifth season of the smash-hit show Dog Dynasty, which has racked up hundreds of millions of views across YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat. “I was a homeless kid on Martha’s Vineyard, and now I can return home with a famous dog and it’s special,” Grennan, 32, said. “Hulk is the most famous dog in the world. My fascination with dogs started on Martha’s Vineyard, Dark Dynasty K9s started on Martha’s Vineyard, although it was Dog Dynasty Kennels back then, so it’s only right to go back and pay homage to where it began.”

A YOUNG woman takes care of more than 70 reptiles – and they live with her at home. 21-year-old, Savi Serrott, has been dubbed the ‘Reptile Queen’ for her work with giant snakes and lizards. Savi even goes out hunting for Burmese pythons in the Everglades during her spare time, something she chooses to do for the ‘conservation of the ecosystem’. Savi, who resides in Miami, acknowledges that most of her pets have the potential to be deadly, but that is something that has never phased her. She told Barcroft TV: “I’ve never been scared to interact with my animals because I trust myself pretty well. Yes I share my house with more than 70 reptiles, but why wouldn’t I want to keep them in my house? It’s the same reason you’d do that with your dog or cat – they’re my pets and they need to be taken care of.” Savi got her first reptile when she was just six years old. Her mother, Michelle Serrott, said: “Savi has had a passion for reptiles since she was in diapers.” Savi added: “People are always scared when they visit my house. Very few people even come into the reptile room. Savi’s largest snake at home is Cookie, her eight-foot Argentine Boa constrictor. “Cookie is really beautiful,” Savi said. “Overall, I have two Argentine Boa constrictors, a Colombian Boa, Tree Boas, Ball pythons, Hognose snakes, turtles, tortoises, red-foot tortoises, iguanas, monitors – the list is endless. I spend roughly $350 a month to feed them all. All these reptiles are a lot to take care of sometimes, but it’s my passion and I wouldn’t trade it.” Savi has amassed a large following online, with more than 23,000 followers on Instagram loving her work. Savi is now focusing her attention to adding to her reptile family and she can’t wait to see what her future holds in the animal world. She added: “Look, I like animals more than I like people.”

A MONSTER-sized 218lb English Mastiff named Ringo is keeping the spirit of the Fab Four alive – after siring a puppy named Hey Jude. Ringo is one of the ‘fur Beatles’, owned by father-of-two Joe Thompson, 39, of Duluth, Minnesota. Together with Harrison and Paul, the trio collectively weigh close to 700lbs, and command stud fees of between $2,500 and $3,000. The puppy, a beautiful reverse brindle, was born by c-section at the Family Friends Vet Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, weighing 12oz. “This is a breeding we’ve talked about for a very, very long time,” Joe said. “It’s about more than puppies – it’s about legacy. Deb was my mentor, she was the one that found the female that produced Ringo’s son Harrison.”

A DAD of three keeps over 100 native animals in his private zoo home in Mount Egerton, Australia. Michael founded wildlife education company, The Rookeepers, in 2012. Since then The Rookeepers have grown to become a recognised name in ecological learning across Melbourne and regional Victoria. Michael’s goal is to connect children and adults alike with nature and encourage more sustainable ways of living. Michael told Barcroft TV: “My main mission for this business is to go out and just inspire as many people as possible - whether it's students or adults just looking after our ecosystem and our habitats and just really caring for these animals.” The mobile zoo is home to a wide range of Australian native animals including reptiles, birds, mammals and marine life. Michael said: “We've got dingoes, crocodiles, snakes, koalas, turtles, frogs, lizards, anything you name Australia can throw at us. Our zoo is also home to a few endangered animals; we’ve got the polar bears, we’ve got the koala there… We’re pretty lucky to have them and we try and breed them and ensure their population for future generations.” And Michael’s partner, Tegan Waterhouse, told Barcroft TV: “Michael is really good with animals. He just loves and adores them. I think every little step that he takes is going to make a difference.” Michael believes it is vital for kids to learn about wildlife. His daughters, zookeepers Yarra, 2, and Zali, 3, are huge wildlife enthusiasts and help their dad to look after the animals. Michael said: “They're always a part of it and I try to get them as involved as possible.” He continued: “We are out there, educating the future biologists and conservationists and zoologists. Hopefully one day they can pick the passion up and go out and follow in their footsteps.”

Meet Frozen – the canine internet star leading a new line of muscular, all-white designer Pitbulls. The 130lbs American Pitbull and his owner Jose Jimenez, aged 30, make for an impressive sight in their neighbourhood park in Florida. The giant all white dog, nicknamed “Polar Bear”, is twice the size of a normal Pitbull, which generally weigh up to around 60lbs.Jose has been working with Pitbulls for over ten years, but it was the now five-year-old Frozen who took his interest in breeding to the next level. Whilst attending dog shows with the impressive canine, Jose was often asked to breed puppies, being offered good money for a junior “Polar Bear”. Jose told Barcroft TV: “I started to attend shows and make videos of him socialising with my children, and people liked it. When I started doing shows people started to ask for the puppies of our dogs.” Together with their other dogs including Joker and Barbie, Jose and his wife Diana are now creating a breed line of extra muscular Pitbulls called “Jimenez Whiteline”, based on the predominantly white dogs. Jose said: “As I only have white dogs, that’s where the name Whiteline comes from. What I want to do with Frozen is to make a breed line. A dog that has more muscles than Frozen.” Their goal is to breed a dog that has even more muscles than Frozen, yet as Jose explains; “It’s not about the size of the dog, it’s much more about proportion which makes a dog look beautiful”. But Jose admits that Frozen can be quite a handful. He said: “Frozen is powerful. One day he tore off the leash, escaped the yard and broke two fences. I have no idea how he did it. He does have a lot of strength.” But Jose is quick to defend Frozen against any suggestions that he might be a danger to anyone. He said: “Oh no, not at all. Frozen is not dangerous to other people. Frozen enjoys being petted and touched. He’s got zero aggression with other people. Frozen has a good temperament with people. If you have a chihuahua and you raise it in an aggressive way, it’s going to be aggressive.” But it’s not just about the bulk and power of the dogs in Jose and Diana‘s kennel, they are very much part of the Jimenez Family and offers up to $70.000 for Frozen have been kindly declined. Jose said: “For me it’s not an option to sell Frozen.”

INTERNET sensation Yuki the giant wolf dog is fighting cancer. Giant wolf dog Yuki resides in the Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Florida. The wolf dog currently weighs over 120lbs and his DNA is a mix of Gray Wolf, Siberian Husky and German Shepherd. With his striking looks, Yuki has been building up a social media following. He has over 100K followers on Instagram and his previous contribution to the Beastly channel has amassed nearly 2 million views on YouTube. Game of Thrones fans often compare Yuki to the fantasy drama’s popular dire wolves. Sanctuary Director Jeremy Albrecht agrees that Yuki has been a wonderful public ambassador for the sanctuary. However, it’s this shot to fame that might have gotten to Yuki’s head a little. The temperamental wolf dog used to accept a mix of male and female carers into his enclosure, he has recently become a bit pickier. Volunteer Judy explained: “To watch Yuki kick somebody out of his enclosure, it's not a good thing. He will show those big pearly whites and growl and let you know that you need to back up and leave the enclosure.” Slowly the star decided which of the Shy Wolf Sanctuary volunteers have the X-factor, and Yuki seems to prefer the female kind. Despite this, each and every volunteer at Shy Wolf have a special place in their heart for Yuki. Which made it all the more difficult when they found out the animal is terminally ill. Jeremy explained: “Yuki has a form of blood cancer that we've seen before, where it manifests as a nerve sheet tumour on the leg. And so we had a large lump removed from his leg, that’s when we found out that he was ill in a way that we weren't going to be able to fix.” Since his diagnosis a year ago the team monitor Yuki closely, making sure he’s not limping or showing any other signs of worsening of his illness. Surprisingly, Jeremy actually thinks Yuki looks healthier now than he did ten months ago.


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